Welcome to the first ever 2020 BNCS Awards Summer Edition! Today we are gonna be going over the results!

Thank you everyone for voting!

Bncs summer 2020 awards

Most Active: ItsP-dog

I think we all knew he would win this award

He got every single vote...

Chillest Commenter: TheAmazingCrafter

No surprises here either as TAC wins with 8 votes. RIP TAC

Best Villain: SuperTalker101

Another landslide win. Probably the most hated user ever on the wiki

Emerging Editor: Moonman

This one actually tied but we had a tiebreaker on the wiki.

Best Retired User: Neptune

Was also a tie until another wiki tie breaker. Neptune left the wiki pretty recently and is one of the most liked users on the wiki.

Funniest User: ZachOWott

This one was a bit of an upset as henry hudson and yoda have been know as the funniest users many times. Was a close one but Zach pulled it out and earns the title of Funniest Wiki User.

Best Admin: Swasimcool

I'm running out of things to say lol

Best Mod: ZachOWott

He has probably done the most as mod as anyone ever and he won in a landlside.

Best Profile Picture: ZachOWott

Jimmy with the back to back wins

Best Commenter: Salty Byleth Main

Has been a real trendsetter on this comment section. Anything she does the rest of the comment section follows suit.

Best Wiki Editor: Swasimcool

This was a close one with every single user nominated getting at least one vote. Swasimcool barely squeaked past ItsP-dog

Best War/Conflict: SuperTalker101 Crisis

Suprised this one was this close. Nothing to say.

Best Competition: 2020 Edit League by ItsP-dog

This competition was a blast. For the first day of this competition, everyone was editing so much and it was probably the most active the wiki ever had been This competition was an immediate hit.

Best Story: PLET by Henry Hudson GC

No surprises here as this story was so popular people were begging for more. A great job by Henry Hudson with this story

Best Story Protagonist: Jacob from PLET by Henry Hudson GC

ahem me

Best Story Antagonist: Super from Christina and Super: A Yandere Fan Fiction By Christina

This story was an immediate hit, and Super won this award. (lol no idea what to say)

Best Parody/Song: Super Song by Henry Hudson GC

This was a close racem, but it came down to the fact that one person sang their song and one person didn't. It was a pretty rocking song, lol.

Best Page: Poll War 3 in the perspective of ComicsCreatorz by ComicsCreatorz

ComicsCreatorz takes home what some call the biggest award. His captivating Poll War 3 story had everyone laughing and wanting more.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading and voting, and if you didn't get award there is always next time. (I had the best award descriptions ever, is there an award for that)

this is bnb uh going away

Most Awards Won

Henry Hudson GC: 3

ZachOWott: 3

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