Hey guys, Zach here! I was getting a bit bored of the wiki after doing a bunch of edit league and css stuff last week but then I thought of a good contest idea for Halloween!

So, we all know Nate and his friends go trick or treating every year, but what if YOU, yes you, could pick his costume? Well, now you have the chance to!

Introducing the Big Nate Halloween Costume Contest!

This will be a photo editing contest where you all (and me) will create our own Halloween costumes for Nate!

Info & Rules

The aim of the game is to just have fun and edit a picture of Nate to have a new Halloween costume of your choosing!

You will pick from a group of choices below for which to edit. Don't find your own Nate picture, use one of the ones provided here.

The picture choices will have transparent backgrounds so you can edit them however you like. The rules are that you are not allowed to use something that Mr. Pierce has already drawn for the costume. (Ex. Nate has gone as a genie. You can dress him up as a genie, but don't just use the one that already exists.) Also, do not steal other entries or art from elsewhere.

You can draw onto Nate, paste pictures, add a background, photoshop it in whatever way you like, as long as you don't use the actual past costumes he's had or steal art and use the provided starting images. You can use things from actual Big Nate that aren't his costume. For example, pasting in his friends or a plastic pumpkin, etc.

There will be no judges for this contest, the winner will be voted on by everyone. (Feel free to vote if you don't enter as well)

Voting has opened! You can vote just below!

Also, feel free to make as many as you want, but only one will be entered. There will be a section where you can post as many as you want for fun, but place your best/favorite in the submission heading!

Below will be:

Starting images, submissions, dates, voting, for-fun submissions area, results

Starting Images

The following images are the base images that you are allowed to edit and enter for the contest.

The images have transparent backgrounds. To keep this, right click and click 'save image as' instead of copying and pasting into your editor.


10/21/2020, 8:40pm EST - October 30th, 11:59pm EST


Add your REAL submissions for the contest under this heading WITH YOUR USERNAME.


Voting is now open! ANYONE CAN VOTE. You don't need to have submitted anything.

How Voting Works

Each contestant will have their own heading below. ANYONE can come onto this page and leave a rating (write your name next to your rating) under each contestant's heading out of 10 based on their actual entry (not for fun submissions).

Feel free to explain your rating, but you don't have to! Don't vote on your own and if you rate one you have to rate them all.


  • Zach - 8/10 - Definitely the scariest thing this year, nice touch to color the hair red.
  • Henry Hudson -9/10 - Does a good job of capturing the dreadful year of 2020.
  • Swasimcool - 7/10 - Doesn't really look good.
  • Hobbes the dragon - 9/10
  • Happy - 8/10 - I hate 2020, thanks for reminding me that.
  • Arcane - 8/10 - Coronavirus is a nightmare, So Nate is now a nightmare.
  • Monkey - you got a good pov of whats been happening 7/10
  • Eddie - 7.5/10 - Nate's costume is reminding me why this year sucks.
  • Ak-6/10

Average: 7.72/10

Hobbes The Dragon

  • Zach - 8.5/10 - I really like this one, fits with your username, really cute, good job.
  • Henry Hudson - 6/10 - It's a decent costume, but it could use more editing or layer styles.
  • GarfieldMN- 8/10- I like Hobbes so it’s good!
  • Swasimcool - 8/10 - I like it but editing could be better.
  • Happy - 7/10 - It's nice.
  • Arcane - 8/10 - Looks cool, and the idea is sick
  • Monkey - the creativity that you used to combine nate with your pfp is amazing. 9/10
  • Eddie - 9/10 - It looks so cute!
  • ak-8/10

Average: 7.94/10


  • Zach - 9/10 - Most creative entry, good editing, looks really good.
  • Henry Hudson - 10/10 - Does a good job of keeping the cartoony style of Nate while resembling Darth Plagueis well.
  • GarfieldMN- 8/10- I don’t really watch Star Wars, but it’s a really nice costume :D
  • Swasimcool - 10/10 - I love this.
  • Hobbes the dragon - 10/10
  • Happy - 9/10 - You did a great job editing this! The lightsaber, the hood thing, etc fits well with Nate. Plus, I like Star Wars, and the caption really adds a point to the image. I also like how you changed Nate's clothes to fit the hood. And oh my, the small wrinkles, pale skin, and the glowing eyes make it look like a cartoon replica of Palpatine! I loved it
  • Monkey - DarthPigious is cool 😎!1!1!1!!1!1!!! but fr i love the creativity. 10/10
  • Arcane - 10/10 - This is epic and I hope it wins.
  • Eddie - 10/10 - It's safe to say this will probably be the winning costume. I really like the editing you did to make Nate look like a Star Wars character. The lightsaber was also a nice touch.
  • Ak-10/10

Average: 9.6/10

Winner: DarthPigious!

For-Fun Submissions

Add any here that you want for fun! These will not be entered.

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