Big Nate Theory: Why doesn’t Nate have a Middle Name?

Feel free to branch off this.

Possibility 1: Qualities

Middle names often signify the good qualities of that person; so why might Nate not have one? It might be possible that Marty, or Nate’s father, didn’t believe there were any good qualities in Nate.

Possibility 2: Uniqueness

Another reason middle names are given is to distinguish the person from another with the same first name or surname. So, is Nate not unique?

Question 1: Why would Nate want one?

Does Nate even know why middle names are what they are? Nate might just want a middle name because of his identity. He says it just sounds cool, but... what if he’s jealous? What if he’s hiding his true identity, that he feels left out? (Note: this is very unlikely; hence “Butthurst” and “square root”.


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