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  • Henry Hudson GC
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  • MingPineiroPineiro

          Goddangit, the polls are coming back. They are spawning with the excuse of them being "relevant polls", but there is a difference. A relevant poll is about the arc or what the comic is today, but that's not what people are doing. If you make an irrelevant poll but putting Big Nate in it, it's still an irrelevant poll. The main offender so far has been Oof_BigNate who has also been spamming at the exact same time.

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  • Lssj8520

    Political things start arguments and offend people, so lets ignore our differences and keep the wiki about Big Nate.

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


    - Participated in several battles/wars, such as the Third Poll War or the ToPhu31 crisis.' (not finished, will finish later)

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  • Henry Hudson GC


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  • Henry Hudson GC


    June 2, 2020 by Henry Hudson GC

    User:Henry Hudson GC


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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


    June 2, 2020 by PigLoverIsBackBois


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  • Spyroclub

    May Flowers Results

    June 1, 2020 by Spyroclub

    Unfortuantely Swasimcool and Henry Hudson were disqualified for not submitting a flower.


    Name- 5/10 (Not very creative, but fitting for the flower)

    Picture- 3/10 (There is none but a good excuse for not having it)

    Backstory- 9.5/10 (Amazing. Half a point off for this sentence- "I could hear the flower saying to me "I'm not a zebra." but i could not hear it over my chomping of the flower." ???)

    Total: 17.5/30 


    Name- 2/10 (Uncreative)

    Picture- 3/10 (At least you made it yourself but it doesn't look like a flower)

    Backstory- 1/10 (There's barely anything)

    Total: 6/30

    Christina Reynolds-

    Name: 7/10

    Picture- 7/10

    Backstory- 8/10 (Very emotional backstory)

    Total: 22/30


    Name: 8/10

    Picture- 8/10

    Backstory- 9/10 (;(    F)


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  • Legorobin6

    Yes. It's true. Super has made another person leave. Big deal. This supertalker101 stuff is stupid.come on. So, peace out to all of you. I am deleting this account on June 6th, so, goodbye to everyone on this wiki, nickipedia, Danny phantom wiki, and every other wiki I use.  I am still active in gocomics. I may return in a few months. MAYBE. It might not happen.I will miss you all. Every single one of you. BNB, GiantNate, p-dog, everyone. See you real soon!

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  • HappyTheApple

    Hi guys!

    You may or masy not know be since I'm since quite new to the comment section and the wiki, but anyway, I made my own profile page! Hooray

    My Profile Page :D

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  • MingPineiroPineiro

    Hey everybody, so I was on Gocomics, and I saw when I read it signed out I couldn't find any of my comments. Did I just get banned? Could everybody please check GoComics Big Nate and tell me if my comments are visible? If I did get banned, is there any way to get my account back?

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  • MingPineiroPineiro

    I have joined recently, and I just want to make sure I know everything I need to know.

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  • Henry Hudson GC

    Thank You

    May 29, 2020 by Henry Hudson GC

    I will be stepping down from admin on June 1st, 2020. This isn't my goodbye speech, but I'm sure one of those will come in the near future. 

    I will not lie, I've almost always thought of this wiki as a waste of time. Us users spend valuable time contributing to this wiki, for what purpose? To inform others? To build a community? Perhaps. However, despite being a waste of time, I cannot say that this wiki is completely useless. I have learned things from being on the wiki, and I've fun talking to people here. Maybe it's not a waste of time, after all. 

    As stated above, I have learned numerous things on this wiki, such as:

    I have used how to use the FANDOM website, which will help me in the future if I ever start contributing to other, larger w…

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  • ItsP-dog

    Hey. P-dog here. 

    I'm here to talk about Super, and its not really to diss him

    He just messaged me on discord, being the usual him, he was being a little b!tch

    You little b*tch

    Says you

    You think you're so cool

    No, I don't. Its just that I don't like your retarted choices

    You are a loser

    Right back atcha buddy

    You'll end up being a homeless man who lives on the side of the road

    No, I'll end up having a real job and USING it for life, and not posting p*on on websites that are for kids

    I hope you make it to university

    I will, and I'll use my knowledge for something USEFUL, unlike you, small brain.

    Otherwise, you can just settle in working at McDonalds

    Hey, thats better than your job you no life loser

    Good job, you've been demoted

    wtf from what


    Yep supe…

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  • Henry Hudson GC

    Bye Super

    May 26, 2020 by Henry Hudson GC

    Super, it's Henry Hudson, as you can see by the blog.

    By now, I imagine you're creating your 20th Fandom account to say hi to us kids again. I understand, it must be so hard for an adult to let go of a website where innocent kids talk and have fun. 

    I remember when you in the Summer of 2019. You participated in the Summer Cup, where you spammed to 900 points and then quit our team after Spyroclub badge gamed. After that, you disappeared, probably because of your studies at Waterloo (poor Waterloo). 

    You came back in the Winter, if I recall correctly. It wasn't until then people noticed you, most likely due to your habits of professionalism. At least that's what we thought, back then. It took months for everyone to realize that your professsio…

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois

    I'm not sure if people read discussion posts, but I want to pass the message that Spacepuppy was innocent.

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


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  • MS00o0DDD

    My Apology

    May 26, 2020 by MS00o0DDD

    This is sponsored by the Peace and Fun wiki. If you want to play games together, write stories and do whatever you want without being judged, then it is for you.

    I sincerely hope that this will stop the arguments and redundant insults that are being thrown at me.

    I would like to apologize for the things I have done. Specifically to the users on the BNCS, and to the staff team.

    I would like this to be as personal and specific as ever to signify hy remorse.

    To FancyPantsFan, although there were certain factors not in my control that caused this to happen, I do acknowledge the fact that what I said to you and your grandfather was innapropriate and unacceptable.

    To Swasimcool, I'm sorry for betraying your trust.

    To Henry Hudson GC........nope.

    To Lssj…

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  • Honehh

    Oh, come on.

    May 26, 2020 by Honehh

    I'm kinda sick of the wiki now. I mean, Supertalker posted p*rn on P-dog's server (I didn't see it luckily.) and now Supertalker did something that made Fancy burst.

    But the wiki is starting to get toxic rn. There's a lot of drama in the discussions, and, well, I don't really know what to say because I don't want to get involved. 

    I'm not blaming anyone except Supertalker. He did wrong and I don't think he did right.

    But there is something I need to say. Before Supertalker got admin, he was mature and talked formal. But it was wrong just to vandalize and then ask for admin, what a dirty trick. And then, after he was demoted he goofed off, I think it was because he wanted to hurt others.

    So this is Kelly signing out. I'll be leaving the BNCW fo…

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  • Lssj8520

    I have decided to take a break from this wiki but before I leave tommarow I need to make a point and clear somethings ups for you guys.

    1. The N-word. 

    This is what really happened. So there have been tiktok complications in my recommendations recently and ngl I have been watching them. Lots of them have the sound from a song named,SHUT UP by Dababy. I decided to use this in response to SuperTalker101. The only reason I censored that word is because I didn't want him to be called the n-word. Nobody deserves that. Everyone took this the wrong way an pointed out that censored word. This is one of the reasons I'm temporarily leaving. I cannot have the false reputation of a racist. 

    2. The Activity 

    This wiki requires you to constantly be active a…

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  • SuperT101


    May 25, 2020 by SuperT101

    No. no. no. no... no.

    I'm not that bad. I don't post pornographic pictures, and P-dog's evidence makes no sense.

    For one thing, I was going through Dank Memer's commands, and saw the pls brazzers command. I was testing through every command, (if you really wish to see evidence, go to the #dank-memer channel in P-dog's server) and you will see.

    I'm not sure what P-dog said about me linking the brazzer's link. I had no idea what Brazzers was before I did the pls brazzers command and got myself into this train wreck.

    Furthermore, I don't understand what you guys are saying about me insulting Indians. I don't recall doing that at all. Send me a screenshot via Discord if you think I'm wrong.

    I'm not a rascist. I'm just a logical guy. Lssj called me …

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois

    I have been looking through some Canadian laws, and I have found out that Super has broken a huge law, here is the following law:

    "However, people on websites that depict sexual exploitation, violence, or nude images to children under 18 years old are almost always considered illegal in Canada. There are three main laws that attempt to protect children on the Internet: the Criminal Code, An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet pornography by persons who provide an Internet service, and the provincial Child Pornography Reporting Acts."

    Basically what the law says is that sending NSFW photos to a minor, which Super did to P-dog, who is a minor, meaning he is under 18, so Super has broken a law.

    And how long can he get jailed for?

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  • SuperTalker1011

    My Time is Up

    May 24, 2020 by SuperTalker1011

    Hello everyone. These are some bad times. And bad times call for desperate things.

    My time is up. I've done many horrible things to this wiki. 

    Unlike the other leavings, this one is probably one to celebrate about.

    But the fact is, this wiki is getting really boring. Admit it - everyone really wants something bad to happen. Whether it be MartySayz returning, or a vandalism attack. (BNB agrees)

    Now that I've been banned, my meaning has diminished. Having no more reason to hide things, here is a list of the things I have hidden:

    • Vandalism Attacks were by me (MartySayz imposters)
    • Apathetic.exe is... me
    • ThatShadow168 was me
    • I invited ToPhu to the staff chat on purpose. (P-dog was part of my attack force)
    • My plan to overthrow Swasimcool was completely …

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  • ItsP-dog

    Server Invites

    May 24, 2020 by ItsP-dog

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  • A guy with a very long name who is awesome

    Coming later

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  • GarfieldMN

    We are The World (COVID-19 Version)

    To thank all essential workers (but the song focuses on nurses)

    The song:

    There comes a time When we need certain call When the world must come together as one There are people dying (of COVID-19) Oh, and it's time to lend a hand to life. The greatest gift of all (the nurses) We can't go on Pretending day-by-day That someone, somewhere soon make a change We're all a part of God's great big family And the truth, you know, love is all we need We are the world We are the nurses They are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving There's a choice their making Family, or their jobs. It's true they make a better day, for you and me Oh, s…

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  • ComicRater

    My departure

    Yep, I'm taking a break.

    My motivation to stay on the wiki was because I would possibly become admin, but now that I'm overruled 2-1, I don't see a point. (No, im not desperate for admin, it's just that if I had a reason to stay I would.)

    The wiki is causing me a lot of stress too and I feel I need to take a break.

    I'm on day 57/60 of the dedicated badge, and I wanna get that so you might see some random edits, but that's all.

    I'll probably be active on discord, and maybe Roblox.

    So, goodbye, for now. -ComicRater

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  • Lssj8520

    Hey Guys

    May 23, 2020 by Lssj8520

    [[]]So, my summer goal is to build (not program) my own phone since I do not currently have one. I’m still doing research but I need to know one thing you like a phone to have. Thx for the help in advance!


    This and a some other few decisions I am making will result in me not being as active over the summer.  

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  • ComicsCreatorz

    Due to Henry's recent leaving, the Content Moderator spot is open due to ComicRater being given the Admin position. So, here is my opinion on the wiki users who are running.

    Wiki User My Opinion

    You probably expected this, as P-Dog is quite powerhungry, like I was in October, but he hasn't grown out of it. Honestly, he's a nice enough guy with thousands of edits. But the problem is, he hasn't really done much for the wiki in all honesty. My biggest point is that he's under 13, which is against the FANDOM Terms of Service, meaning that he's not old enough to become moderator, let alone have an account.

    I don't support P-Dog in this mod election.


    Although Neptune has tons of edits, been here for over a year and made a ton of pages, h…

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  • ItsP-dog
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  • GarfieldMN

    Here’s the grading system -> User blog:GarfieldMN/What I Think of Other Users Grading System

    Here are the grades...

    Pls mention your Name in the comments if your name isn’t on here.

    Ok here we go!

    • P-dog is a A-
    • ComicsCreatorz is a A
    • PigLover is a A-
    • PET is a A/A-
    • PUFFA gets a Z-
    • ZachOWott is a A
    • ToPhu is a C
    • BNB is a A
    • Haloluv is a Z— -
    • Carson YT is a F-
    • ComicComet is a B+
    • Super is a A- / B+
    • Neptune is a A-
    • A guy with a long username is a B
    • Swas is a A-
    • Spyro is a A
    • ComicRater is a A
    • Jimmy is a A ++
    • Oliver is a A++
    • Henry is a A
    • Yoda is a A-
    • Fancy is a B
    • Cross was a A (Haha)
    • Moothu is a B+
    • Salty is a B+
    • GiantNate is a A
    • Lssj is a B+
    • Golden is A-

    More coming soon.

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


    May 21, 2020 by PigLoverIsBackBois
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  • ComicRater

    Hey guys, Rater here. So, I have an idea to help the wiki.

    On wiki, there is a lot of conflict titles. "War, Crisis, Conflict, Argument, Battle, Flame War."

    But, these are often misused. "The Effja Crisis?" That was nowhere near a crisis. He was on the wiki for like, a month.

    So, I came to thinking, "How can we fix this?"

    My idea was to change the wiki conflict titles. I would want to make a criteria of what conflict fits into what category. Then, we would re-sort the wiki titles to make them more accurate.

    Example: For something to qualify as a war, it has to have gone on for over a month, somewhat affected the wiki, and is still bought up."

    And we could turn things like "The Effja Crisis" into "The Effja argument."

    And whenever a new conflict w…

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  • Henry Hudson GC

    Stepping Down

    May 19, 2020 by Henry Hudson GC

    I actually planned on doing this last month, but I guess I changed my mind.

    I will be stepping down from administrator in June. Most likely, I will keep Discussion Moderator rights, as that's a pretty fun place to hang around. I'm not going to leave the wiki altogether yet, but expect me to by August.

    I'm trying to become less active on the wiki. Summer is a great time to improve my math skills and stuff like that, and the wiki is only a distraction. Knowing me, I'll probably still go on the wiki daily, but not as often. 

    I will tell Swasimcool to demote me when the time comes. I want ComicRater to replace me as admin. He is mature and really liked by the community. I don't really care who replaces him as content mod, the staff team can decid…

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


    May 19, 2020 by PigLoverIsBackBois

    (I'm not nominating this, this is an automatic category.)

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  • Henry Hudson GC

    This includes the Comment Section and the wiki.

    When I joined the GoComics

    I didn't interact with anybody at this time, mainly due to the fact that I spent most of the time on GoComics reading old Big Nate strips.

    This guy was really funny and he was easy to get along with.

    Also pretty funny, we had similar opinions.

    I didn't really know anyone else. Plus, he fought with me against Sarwesh.

    We had a lot in common, plus I liked his trivia stuff

    At this time, I realized that he and Swayamplayz were the same person.

    Still pretty funny, but he wasn't on the wiki.

    Still Yoda

    He was cool, plus he likes math and grammar.

    Before DA BOSS and all that happened, he was a pretty cool guy.



    I started appreciating what this guy did for the wiki.

    Summer cup was f…

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  • Spyroclub


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  • Moon Man is gone

    idk don't ask me, maybe YOU can tell me

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  • Henry Hudson GC

    MartySays is defeated for now.

    I have asked Fandom to activiate a switch that only allows accounts that have been active for 4 days to edit the wiki. I have also blocked MartySays and his alts, for 4 days.

    This means that he won't be able to do anything on May 15th. GG

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  • ComicRater

    Hey guys! Rater here. Today I’m discussing least favorite wiki/discord/gocomics events. May do favorites in the future.

    5. PET arguing with PL + PET arguing with Zach.

    This isn't really an event but it annoyed me nonetheless. It was pretty annoying to see PET and PL going back and forth at each other, same with Zach and PET. It isn't fun to see it on the wiki, and most of the arguments are really petty and seem like they could easily be avoided. There is currently one going on right now between PET and PL too and not many people want to listen to it.

    4. BNB Snapping

    This happened on discord, and it always kind of annoyed me. Note: BNB apologized for all of this so don’t be going at him now for it. We're cool now too. Basically, Sway and I didn…

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  • MateRight

    MateRight speaking here, if you know me, then you probably know me from the Minor crisises of 2018 as such, Poll War 3? The comment section looks like from it's from Poll War 1 right now, someone who's known me since then, please fill me in on ALL the details! what happened to most of everyone? I know spyroclub is still around, what about everyone else?

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  • ZachOWott

    Hey guys! I'm staying pretty inactive at the moment, but I check in sometimes still. I saw Yoda's user ratings blog and I thought I'd make one too since I haven't in a while. I decided to not make one for a while because I was letting drama cool off. There will be certain people left off of this list for obvious reasons as I don't want to fight with anyone. I want everyone to know first that I don't HATE any of you, but there are many users that I would rather talk to than others, and some that I find hard to get along with. 

    The users aren't in a specific order, it's just who comes to mind first. 

    Let's begin! 

    Edit: 5/12/2020 4:56pm EST 

    This got really popular, already 40 comments and it hasn't been out for a day. Thanks guys! Go give some …

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    This is what PL calls "harrassment".

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois

    Stop trying to make it look like I contributed just as equally to this escalation. We both know that the original argument was based off of you blaming me for what other people did to hate on you.

    If anything, you did much more, you could have been a good person, let it go, not yell how you hate PL, you could have shown yourself as a great leader, but no, you didn't.

    What's even worse is that I have never even seen you directly confront the people who actually hated on you.

    ​​​​No, you have lmao, here you go:…

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  • ComicRater

    Please Stop

    May 10, 2020 by ComicRater

    Read this, please:

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    No, it was not out of 'nowhere', you know for a fact that this started with an argument we had, then it escalted, you were on the Anti-PL server, then I did a response, then you did, e.t.c, e.t.c?

    Stop trying to make it look like I contributed just as equally to this escalation. We both know that the original argument was based off of you blaming me for what other people did to hate on you. What's even worse is that I have never even seen you directly confront the people who actually hated on you.

    Actually, it's not really that laggy for me. Unless you have computer problems, then that's not really a good point, that's your problem, not mine.

    Stop trying to make me look bad just because I said that the page was sometimes laggy. That wasn't ev…

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  • PigLoverIsBackBois


    May 10, 2020 by PigLoverIsBackBois

    First of all, PL, I am not going to lift my grudge against you. It's already been hard to let go with the amount of bad you did, but now that you're trying to make me look bad for any reasons that you can get your muddy hands on, no matter how petty or stupid they are, it's been getting harder and harder and harder.

    The next thing is that while you have a problem with my grudge, you seemed hold quite a sizable grudge on me. I kept to myself for quite a while and then you go ahead and make your post seemingly out of nowhere. If anyone should be criticised for holding a petty grudge out of the two of us, it's you.

    No, it was not out of 'nowhere', you know for a fact that this started with an argument we had, then it escalted, you were on the A…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Ok, I'm going to be breaking this down into pieces.

    First of all, PL, I am not going to lift my grudge against you. It's already been hard to let go with the amount of bad you did, but now that you're trying to make me look bad for any reasons that you can get your muddy hands on, no matter how petty or stupid they are, it's been getting harder and harder and harder.

    The next thing is that while you have a problem with my grudge, you seemed hold quite a sizable grudge on me. I kept to myself for quite a while and then you go ahead and make your post seemingly out of nowhere. If anyone should be criticised for holding a petty grudge out of the two of us, it's you.

    Ok, let me explain something. When I say that my biggest accomplishment is worki…

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  • Swasimcool

    Bait for neptune

    May 9, 2020 by Swasimcool


    neptune -

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  • GiantNate91


    May 9, 2020 by GiantNate91


    (Note: Also, please tell me if you want to be rated.)

    ItsP-Dog: 7/10. He brags a little, has “outbreaks”, but overall his personality isn’t bad; he edits a lot, but maybe he should take jokes a little better in the future. 

    A guy who has a long name: 8/10. I haven’t seen much of him so far, but as of right now, he seems like a fun guy who does want to contribute.

    Yoda (ChemicalChaos): 11/10. Alright, let’s just put it this way. Yoda is my favorite user. What is there to say? He’s funny (dark humor, nonsense, etc.), weird in an amazing way… he has almost everything! He also can take a joke and also be serious.

    Swasimcool: 9.5/10. He’s a great bureaucrat, and is sensible.…

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