The Third Pol(e)l War as Told by a Dumb Teen.

This is the story of the third poll war as told by BonkSlingr. Why? Because I saw other people do it and I thought it might be fun.

Where it Began to me

It all started on March 26th, when a waste of a GoComics user known as "Nathan's Creative Name" made a joke poking fun at polls. The joke was that he spelled poll

as "pole" and that there wasn't any poll, but just a pole standing there.

This joke didn't gain much traction for obvious reasons... (like it wasn't that funny) OR DID IT???
Unfunny joke


About 1 week later, the first major poll was posted into the comment section. Although unfortunately, the original comment was deleted and screenshots of it can't be found, the comment has been recreated by a user on this wiki. "pOle: Where country are you from?" - Jaiden Animations for Smash 2020. If you noticed, the iconic formula of putting the word "poll" before the question is present, but the spelling is off. The spelling is the same as how Nathan's bad joke. The common reader would probably come to the conclusion that J.A.F.S made a typo, and this has no relation to Nathan's comment. However, the very next day another commenter made a poll, and they made the same spelling error, almost as if it's intentional! coincidence? Probably...

XS9 nikeboy11 probably making a typo when spelling "poll"


This entire page is pointless (although I did add a good amount of dots here and there) and is nothing more than some child talking about how 2 typos are related to an unfunny joke they made a week before said typos happened. To leave thing off, there is going to be a pole in the style of the Big Nate comment section ones.

Pole: Did Nathan's Creative Name waste your time? (The answer is yes.)

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