Hi, it's PET, and I'm here to show you how you can master the art of complex code.

Lesson 1: Simple Code

So, the first step to complex code is learning simple code.

Lesson 1.1: The <br> constraint

The simplest way to separate lines by using TWO lines, which creates spacing that is too hard for the perfectionist to look at.

How the simple method looks like:

First line of words

Second line of words
However, using the <br> constraint at the end of each line will make it look a lot better!


My name is Gargantuan.

How it looks:

My name is Gargantuan
By using this simple trick, you can put minimal distance in between the lines!

Lesson 1.2: Simple font styling

Using the <font> styling, customizing the font will be a cinch!

Code for color customization:

<font color=red>I am so hot.</font>

How it looks:

I am so hot.
However, you need to use slightly more complex codes to change the weight and size of the font.

Lesson 1.3: Italicizing

By using this built-in constraint by FANDOM, you can make the font italicized. This is especially useful if you need to emphasize specific words in a sentence.


<i>I am so weird</i>

How it looks:

I am so weird

Lesson 2: Styling

This stuff is slightly more complex, but it will be easy once you take the time to learn it.

Lesson 2.1: The <div>

This constraint is what you'll be using to style your text and boxes most of the time. If you bring up this word in conversation, please call it a "Division Constraint".

Code for simple and useless division:

<div>I am so plain</div>

How it looks:

I am so plain

So, as we can see here it's pretty useless without properties. However, you can use it to separate lines like the <br> constraint we just talked about, though I do not recommend that you use it just for separating lines.

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