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Hoi hoi! Today we are doing Favorites! Here you can put your favorite video, music, just anything that’s a video. As long as it’s apropriate. And people can rate it too. Yay. Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night. :)

P.S Please not judge people on what their tastes are, thank you. :D

P.P.S Headphones recommended for music.

User Type Video Rater Rating Rater’s Comment
ComedyProfessional Music, video game music specifically https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SGrGNTHeO8Q
Spyroclub1 Machima

Jinglehiemer's Candy Factory - Minecraft Mini Movie

Neptune_Ninja_Comics Trap/ dubstep music https://youtu.be/IfQTcD8U520
MartSays Techno and FNF
Awqua Idk Exo?
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