Hello everyone Ak here with a fun idea I got from reading Diary of a wimpy kid some time ago where Greg and Rowley play a game called Dungeons and Dragons. Now I have an idea kind of similar to that but there will be differences. I think it's a really fun game and that you will enjoy!


So the point of this game is that there will be groups of 3 split into rooms.

There are 3 types of characters,

Titans: You are slow but extremely powerful fighters your armors are hard to penetrate and they can contain weapon attachments you earn as you go by.

Hunters:You are very nimble and fast and are hard to hit. You are good with knifes but also have excellent aim. You are also real good and smooth with the ladies. You also gather food well.

Warlocks: You are people who can cast powerful spells and heal your mates. All you need are various spellbooks.


  • You can choose one starting weapon and one spirit animal.
  • You can never change your spirit animal so choose wisely
  • There are levels the higher u go the more weapons and spells you will get.
  • The first person in each group to reach level 10 wins.
  • I will be the story teller.
  • Each Planet will have different stories

Room 1-Planet Orr Signups

Story Teller: Swasimcool

Titan: BNB

Hunter: Spyroclub1

Warlock: Obi-Wan

Room 2- Planet Cayde Signups

Story Teller: Moon Man


Hunter: TheYounglings

Warlock: Eddie

Room 3- Planet Zavala Signups

Story Teller: Ak

Titan: P-dog

Hunter: Wooden Board

Warlock: Zach

Room 1 Story

Titan Big Nate Baseball choose a spirit animal

Polar Bear, Horse, Wolf

BNB chooses Polar Bear on discord.

Choose your starter weapon BNB

Laser Cannon, Jetpack Legs, Ak-47 Arms

Warlock Obi Wan

Pls choose your spirit animal

Bison, Tiger, Gorilla

Obi-Wan: I choose Gorilla!

Choose your starter Spell Book

Heal, Attack,Speed

Hunter Spyro Choose your spirit animal

Leopard, Black Widow, Dragon

Choose your Weapon

Holy Blade, Red Knife, Bow And Arrow

Obi-Wan: I've always wanted to a doctor so heal and I will take the bow.

obi the bow is for spyro warlocks get spells

Obi-Wan: I knew that I was just testing you.

Obi-Wan: I start walking and leave my group behind.

Obi-Wan: I turn around and shout for my group to get going.

Obi-Wan: I look towards the sky and demand guidance (cough cough).

I'll start u until sway comes. -AK

Ur 3 princes who's fathers got killed by a non hero society ur now poor and are stuck in the woods what do you do?

Obi: I find a road and hide beside it and wait for someone to come.

You see a traveler in one of those rich people cabins now what?

Obi-wan: Since I have no attack spell I offer my services to them as a healer in exchange for a ride to the city.

He accepts.

Obi-Wan: I travel to the city and send a message to my group about whereabouts. I ask the man if he requires my assistance anymore. If not I go to a hospital to find a job.

You find a villager on the way to your job do u help him?

Obi-Wan: If he is not about to die I ask him what he has to offer. If he is about to die I will cast a healing spell.

He has no job but he has a book called fire spell he is old and weak do you steal it from him?

Obi-Wan: No I heal him but ask for the book and some jerky and water in return. If he refuses I will lower my deal to just the book. If he refuses that I will heal him and move on.

He asks you to come to his house and heal his daughter in exchange for the book.

Obi-Wan: I want the book first then I heal.

Spyroclub: Am I supposed to do anything lol

Yes so u realized obi has left you and bnb is sleeping ur house is surrounded By orcs what do you do?

Spyroclub: Wake up Bnb

He wakes up

Spyroclub: I say hi to Bnb

He says hi back

The Orcs Are coming in now what?

Spyroclub: I greet them cheerfully and offer food!

You don't have any and they're closing in on BNB do you protect him or leave?

Obi-Wan: I ask the man to answer my question so I can try to help Spyro and BNB

Spyroclub: I thought you left and weren't with us, Obi

He's running full speed back atm

Spyroclub: I wake up Bnb further so he can use his titan powers to fight the Orcs

BNB starts fighting the orcs so what do you do?

Spyroclub: Grab some popcorn and watch

You have none but I'll grant you some cause your creative.

Spyroclub: Can I have some salt with it?


Spyroclub: I eat the popcorn while watching the fight

BNB kills them all

Spyroclub: Is BNB an npc now lol


The Second Wave of Orcs start to come. Now what?

Spyroclub: Eat more popcorn

Sure would you like some Skittles to go with it?

Spyroclub: Nah I want mnms

Sure Mnms

BNB is really low now what?

Spyroclub: Give him some popcorn and mnms to boost his energy

Hmm Good Idea.

He is now energized

Spyroclub: Epic I continue watching the fight

BNB takes down all of them except one The Boss ORC!

Do you help him?

Spyroclub: Yes, I will help by giving him a motivational pep talk

BNB is now really powerful

He starts fighting

Spyroclub: Epic I watch the fight

BNB is one shot and the orc is two shot do you help??

Spyroclub: I call a timeout and give BNB an even more motivational pep talk, and also give him some popcorn and mnms to fuel up

BNB kills the Orc

You're now going to the village to look for a job so you can build a spaceship.


Spyroclub: LETS GOOOOOO, what are my job offers?

None so far but you see a rich girl walking bye do you smooth talk her? Or grab her purse?

Spyroclub: Smooth talk

She gives you 5000 coins and asks you on a date.

Spyroclub: I accept

You go to the fanciest buffet in town. She's paying

Spyroclub: Epic

It's all you can eat. Plus she has premium so you get a private buffet

BNB is searching for you do you eat or go to him??

Spyroclub: I take BNB in as a third wheel

When he sits down he breaks the chair now what?

Spyroclub: I ask the waiter for a new chair

The Waiter brings a steel chair which BNB can't break

BNB disapproves of ur girl flirt now what?

Spyroclub: I sing him a lullaby to put him to sleep

He falls asleep and breaks the floor as he hits the ground

Spyroclub: I pay for the floor breaking and go back to my date

Your Date insists she will pay

Spyroclub: Cool

Orcs come in the buffet BNB is asleep and ur date is throwing cash. Do you try to get the cash and run??

Spyroclub: I wake Bnb up

BNB fights the orcs do you go collect the cash?(She dropped 10K)

Spyroclub: I tell her she dropped her money and collect the cash to give it to her

She says thanks and runs away

Spyroclub: Ok what now?

BNB is fighting and u have a buffet next to u....

Spyroclub: Ok

Are u gonna fight or watch while eating?

Spyroclub: Bnb seems to be doing well so I'll watch

You have all you can eat

Obi-Wan: I continue to wait for the old man's response.

He takes you to his house.

I repeat that I want the book first then I will heal.

Spyroclub: Instead of eating the buffet I make an epic food tower out of it!

What food do you use?

Spyroclub: All of the food there

How big will it be?

Spyroclub: As big as it would be if I used all the food

You start building while BNB is fighting but he is now very low what now?

Spyroclub: Toss him some food

He's now back to full health.

Spyroclub: Are the orcs dead yet





It isn't working she has made so that he can't digest.

Spyroclub: I shoot the orc with my bow in the eye

You miss and hit your food tower.

The food tower falls on her and kills her. Yay!

Spyroclub: Ez

Level Bot: Spyroclub has leveled up to Level 2

Good for you!

Spyroclub: Ayy what now

Do you leave the town alone or bring your date?

Didn't my date run away


Ok cool I bring her along.

She owns loads of money.

Btw because you leveled up you have gotten a red knife!

Spyroclub: Ayy, what now?

You encounter an elf with an Ak-47 what do you say to him?

I scream from the top of my lungs that I am still waiting for the man to give me my heeling book!!!! I am currently in a city miles away from bob and Spyro and am desperately trying to get back but this old man whenever I talk to him says nothing!!! ANSWER ME!!!!!! -obi

please -obi

He gives you the book.

I say "Howdy! How are you?" to the elf.

I cast a fire spell and burn the man's house down for being annoying then I race back to bnb and Spyro -obi

Ok the elf says I'm fine.

And gives u an ak-47 :)

Spyroclub: Didn't I encounter the elf with the ak-47?

Yes but for having good manners have an Ak-47.

Room 2 Story

zGG4L pick your spirit animal:

Elephant, Anteater, Giraffe

Younglings, pick your spirit animal:

tiger, lizard, frog

Eddie, pick your spirit animal

Turtle, Snake, horse

TheYounglings: Tiger, duh

GOLDEN: WHY DO I HAVE TRASH ANIMALS, Elephant cause I'm a tank tho

Eddie: Horse.

Golden, pick your starter weapon

Huge sword, thor's hammer (Can't fly though, yet), dual rifles (broken aim attachment, for now)

Younglings, pick your starter weapon:

thrust powered boomerang, wolverine claws, dual knives with fire enchantments.

eddie, pick your spell book:

heal, attack, defense

Golden: Obviously THORS HAMMER

e: defense

Young Things: Dual Knives

eddie, what spell do you want?

block (makes a wall that blocks the enemy's attacks) or thorns (theres a chance the enemy will take damage instead of you).

you all start your story in a barren wasteland and your first mission is to find civilization, remember that this wasteland is huge and filled with monsters, what do you do?

Younglings: Look for a river

GG: Yes

you find a swamp instead (i spun a wheel look at discussions to see your chances).

Golden: searches for swamp monster

You find a weak monster, what move do you do?


you deal critical damage, the monster is weak and has 10 hp.

Young: Stabby

you hit and kill it! You both shared the xp and are both half way leveled up!

Ed: yay

not you eddie, you didn't do any damage to it so you got nothing. Tough.

Young: Lets go look for a river again, chances are if we go downstream we’ll find a town.

you find a river, do you keep going to the left side or the right side?

GG: go across the bridge for a troll

there is a troll, would you like to check him? gold: Ye

Room 3 Story

ZachOWott pick your spirit animal.

Boar, Panther, Unicorn

ItsP-Dog pick your spirit animal.

Horse, Wolf, Big Pikachu

Wooden Board pick your spirit animal

Tiger, Frog, Chicken (For food)

Zach: I pick the Panther and would like to name him JIM THE GREAT or for short JIM

P-Dog: I pick the wolf and would like to call Hunter.

WB: I will pick a tiger and name it Slovenia.

ZachOWott pick your spell book

Heal, Attack. Defense

ItsP-Dog choose your armor extension

Laser Cannon, Laser Dual Pistols, Hammer Arms

Wooden Board pick your weapon

Knife, Sword, Bow and Arrow

Zach: I pick Heal

Zach choose two spells in heal Poison, General Pain, or Sharp Heals

Zach: I pick Poison and General Pain.

ItsP-Dog: I pick dual laser pistols

WB: Bow and arrow.

Alright so ur three orphans stuck on Planet zavalva. Where your parents are being held captive in Earth you overall have no money and experience.

You stumble upon a town and don't know what to do.

Here are your choices

Smooth Talk Guys, Work, Beg

Zach: Work

Here are your jobs

Healer: 2000 Coins

Engineer 1500 coins

Weapon Tester 1000 coins

Zach: I pick healer 

I roll my dice for your interview with 4/6 chance 

You get a 2! 

You are hired

Your Signing Bonus is 3000

Zach: I buy a tent and 3 sleeping bags from a shop.  

You now have 1000 coins  

Wooden Board and P-Dog here's what happened to you.  

A guys saw Wooden Board and gave her 500 coins.  

P-Dog gets hired by a Titan Testing Company and is allowed to keep one weapon he likes.  

Wooden Board will you go hunting?

WB: Yes.  

You are in the woods and encounter two rabbits. What do you do? Remember you have a bow and arrow.

WB: I quickly shoot one and take the arrow and stab the other for food.  

You succeed in doing that but you now need wood for a campfire but you can't get any because all you have is a bow and arrow.

WB: I will find a beaver dam and try to take wood.  

You find no dam but you see a blacksmith with several axes walking toward u do u smooth talk him?

No i tell him if he gives me an axe for free I can give him some food  

He accepts

You chop wood and make a campfire

*cooks rabbit and hands one to blacksmith*  

Do you eat your rabbit or share with ur mates?  

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