Hello, users of the Big Nate Comments Wiki. Time has passed, and we've been in the 4th era of the Big Nate Comments Wiki for several months now!

I, Henry Hudson, have noticed the commitment and hard dedication from many of these users, but none have been staff! So, today, I am here to offer the opportunity of Wiki Moderator!


I am offering one of my moderator positions to the generation 4 user I believe is most qualified!

All competitors will perform a series of tasks to prove that they are capable of moderating this wiki. There will be a total of 8 tasks, four each week. Hence, the competition will last for two weeks. Some tasks are easy, while others can be very challenging.

There will only be one winner.

Who can participate?

Only users from the fourth generation may participate. Fourth-generation users are users who joined the wiki after January 13th of 2020. 

Note: Your first account must be made after January 13th, 2020.


All users not from generation 4 who sign up will be ignored. 



The Psycho Ranter 


You know who henry


EM (Exquisite Monkey)

Moon Man


Wooden Board (WB)


Week 1 Tasks

# Task Notes
1 Create two templates. Templates that are more unique and helpful will receive more "points." (No copy+pasting other users template code without their permission. Try to make it from scratch)
2 Write a historical article. We are the Big Nate Comments Wiki. Find a topic to write an article about (relating to BNCS). Articles that are better structured and written will receive more "points."

Suggestions: Add an infobox and plenty of images.

3 Structure or Expand an existing article. We have over 1200 pages, but not all of them are very well-written or structured. Find one of them and expand, restructure, or rewrite it.
4 Reach 200 contributions. Pretty self explanatory.

Note: The tasks need not be done in order.

Another Note: Week 1 starts on Monday, August 3rd.

Week 2 Tasks

# Task Notes
1 Add a gallery to an informational article. The gallery should have at least 3-4 images.
2 Create a page. Create a page to help expand the wiki.

This can be a short story, game, activity, article, or whatever you wish.

3 Write a blog post. Make a blog post saying why you would be

a good moderator on this wiki.

4 Reach 200 contributions. Consistency is key.

Note: The tasks need not be done in order.

Another Note: Week 2 starts on Monday, August 10th.

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