Are people spam liking your posts to clutter your inbox? Here's a way to catch those annoying culprits.

Step 1

Click on at least 3 of your liked post notifications and look at their URLs. Taskbar.jpg

Notice how the URLs end with a hashtag and then 8 numbers. If the ending codes are the same for all three URLs, then use that to find your culprit.

Step 2

Copy and paste the 8-digit code, but not the hashtag. Now, go to the URL, clear everything, and type in:


followed by your 8-digit code.

In my case, it would be https://big-nate-comments.fandom.com/f/u/46994528

Step 3

If you typed it in correctly, then the link should have brought you to the culprit's discussions page. Arcane >:C

Arcane C:<

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