Hey everybody. Yoda here. You might be wondering why I deleted all of the suspicions in the hacker suspicions. It's because that's what the hacker wants us to do. Blame each other, and suspect each other and get the wiki to fall apart over our arguments. So from now on, we just ignore the hacker and keep cool. No more blaming or suspect each other, because the wiki will fall because we all hate each other. So, we just have to ignore this guy, since we know that he cannot really do anything about it. All he can do is create fake accounts. So, lets all just stop worrying about this hacker thing since he really is not a hacker. What he said was true, though and that the wiki would fall because of him. This is how its falling. And yes, goodbye detective log too.

The point is, the hacker is making us blame each other for actually being the hacker. So we should all just ignore this otherwise the wiki will fall apart due to our arguements. they cant really do anything against us, if he does anythng bad BiggerNate91 can ban him or something. He also cannot hack, so we dont really have to worry about that. Neptune_Ninja and CheezDoodle please stop sending word of this. Because this should be the best situation to deal with the so called "hacker" and if the blaming and suspicion continues, then the wiki will truly fall of arguements like the ones Swayamplays and Neptune have been having lately. And if you object to this situation and want to keep blaming people and randomly suspecting them because they seem suspicous then just roll your own way. Because that way, we can find out who the hacker truly is.  -Yoda

Who is with me???

(And yeah, we ARE of course just going to let him go by. We know that he wont pose a threat to this strong wiki since he isnt a real hacker, obviously.)

We can defeat the hacker by doing what Yoda said. He wants to "Sit back and watch the wiki fall." We have been arguing, and that is exactly what the hacker wants to see! If we all get along, adventully, the hacker will give up. Just act like everything is normal, and there. We can all do this together. -Neptune_Ninja_Comics

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