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Joke Page!

This page is a joke page! Anything written here is not meant to be taken seriously.

Tea.*slurp slurp* Karens be like: nO! eSsEnTiAl oIlS

how to make tea

You like tea? Me too.

  1. Put your darn tea bag in your darn mug.
  2. Boil your darn water.
  3. Put your darn boiling hot water in the darn mug.
  4. Let the darn tea brew for a couple minutes.
  5. iT sHoUlD tAsTe lIkE wAtEr.
  6. Darn it! Don't listen to number 5.
  7. Anyways, put in any darn ingredient you want. I suggest darn honey to make it DAM- oop i mean DARN sweet.
  8. Drink the darn tea.
  9. WHy are you still reading this? Darn.
  10. Don't be a Karen.
  11. If your still reading your 🏳️‍🌈. (just a joke)(or is it)
  12. put milk in your tea, it tastes great.
  13. you're bad.
  14. spill the tea.
  15. stop reading
  16. seriously stop reading.
  17. this is unnecessary.
  18. ok stop now
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