Original Theory

Pig Lover/ComicsCreatorz have returned, and it is time to find the truth. We have heard both sides, let us compile our evidence.

For PL Against PL Neutral
Pig Lover Henry Hudson Vxnillabean
ComicsCreatorz Yoda Moothu
Bignatebaseball Neptune GarfieldMN
ComicRater Fancy ZachOWott
Golden 7o'clock
Swasimcool ToPhu
Salty Byleth Main Positive Elixir Trade

Evidence for Pig Lover

  • Two accounts typing simultaneously. They were both typing very fast and decently long sentences, so unless he has super speed hands it would make sense.
  • Two Roblox accounts playing simultaneously
  • Why would PL spend robux on both accounts? That would be a waste of money.
  • Pig Lover doesn't have 4 hands, so he couldn't have typed 2 long sentences messages at the exact same time on 2 different devices unless he does have 4 hands.
  • CC is playing roblox right now and PL isn’t. Why would he play on his alternate account?
  • PigLover and CC drawing at the same time in their styles:
  • You can come back to a website if you had left, for example, some users on the wiki have said they left, but came back, and the same thing with ROBLOX.
  • Unless PL could draw with both hands in his style and CC's style, then Henry's YouTube comment evidence against the video is false.


  • Two devices could be active at once with Pig Lover typing on both
  • A friend/relative could have controlled the second Roblox account. He only "knew" so much about the wiki because PL told him what to type.
  • The second account must belong to someone else. He was either borrowing it, or he had a friend/sibling pose as CC

Evidence Against Pig Lover

  • Same IP Address for both accounts
  • Both accounts have very similar perspectives on things
  • ComicsCreatorz's excuse for lying about being French is very suspicious and we believe that PL only lied because he attempted to hide the fact that he had alternate accounts. This would not be the first time PL has used alternate accounts as well.
  • What does ComicsCreatorz get out of lying that he was french? Also, since PL is his friend why did he go along with his act?
  • If ComicsCreatorz was PL's friend all along, why didn't they just say that when we found out the IP's were connected, instead of taking a break to cook up a story that they were friends, and creating evidence to use later.
  • ComicsCreatorz stated in his leaving post that he quit roblox.
  • PL suddenly changed his relationship with ComicsCreatorz, first from a friend then to a brother. This was obviously to make PL's story more believable, not to hide privacy, as PL said.

Counter evidence

  • ComicsCreatorz was at Pig Lover's house the day he made his Fandom account. Therefore, they have the same IP address.
  • Just because they have similar opinions doesn’t mean they are the same. They also state they are brothers and go to the same school.
  • ComicCreatorz admitted he was lying, and it wouldn’t make sense why he would try to pin more evidence against him since he is trying to convince everyone they are separate.
  • He could have changed his mind.
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