The page, "List of all gradient texts", what created on November 6th, 2019, by Positive Elixir Trade, bureaucrat at the time.

It was created to have fun with css and to make moving (gradient) fonts for users. PET wanted to make gradient fonts so that current and future admins could have moving, colored usernames. These username colors would only be for admins and bureaucrats, but mods and ex-staff members would still be allowed to have immobile, regular colored names.

PET continued to create his own and user suggested fonts throughout November. Later that month, Neptune7Ninja2Comics returned to the wiki from a long break. He, still having admin and css knowledge, joined PET in creating fonts for the wiki. The two edited the page like crazy throughout the month, creating fonts suggested by users and for themselves. Unfortunately, the trend died out by early December.

In early March of 2020, Neptune was getting more and more inactive and his admin role was in danger. There was a poll on whether or not to demote him, but then he decided to give up his roles and leave the wiki on March 6th, 2020. There was 69% support and 31% opposition to his demotion. His last font was rainstorm.

Also in March, PET was found to have botted the bureaucrat poll in October 2019 by Swasimcool, Bignatebaseball, and ZachOWott. After long arguments between PET and Zach, he resigned and gave bureaucrat to Sway on March 12th, 2020. His last font was TheOdd1sout font, suggested by spacepuppy.

It looked like it was over for the creation of gradient texts on the Big Nate Comments Section Wiki.

But then, on June 9th, 2020, bnb demoted himself, giving ItsP-dog and ComicRater administrator. P-dog decided to carry on the legacy of gradient texts. His first font was the Kendall font.

Unfortunately, P-dog was demoted to content mod due to popular opinion on June 29th, 2020, thus unable to edit css on the wiki. His last font (so far) was the Misty Valley Font. Ironically, this font was suggested by Neptune, who came back to the wiki but cannot edit the css himself. Maybe one day P-dog or someone else will return to gradient fonts.

Eventually, in July, Swasimcool made his first font, Mango font, with the help of Neptune7Ninja2Comics.

Finally, P-dog became admin again on July 21. He made Discord font soon after receiving it. ZachOWott also got admin that day, and plans to try to make some as well.

On July 24th, 2020, Zach made his first gradient font, ZachOWott Font, and changed his username to it.

P-dog then made the first series of fonts, the enchanted series! These fonts being: Enchated Wood Font, Enchated Stone Font, Enchated Gold Font, Enchanted Iron Font, Enchanted Diamond Font, and Enchanted Netherite Font

Zach and P-dog continued making gradient fonts (especially by people's requests) until P-dog quit the staff team and ended the bureaucrat election between the two on October 13th, 2020.

Zach continued being the only CSS admin and still is for the most part.

During this time, many users like Palmboi and Lssj8521 got really into fonts and gave him hex codes to use for them.

After one time of telling someone hex codes like everyone else, Ak-Elfs started making his own and sending them to Zach to put into the CSS despite not being admin. (He did add a few himself while he was temporarily admin however.) This is how he got to be the first user without admin to have their name alone on the gradient fonts page.

On November 15th, 2020, Spyroclub learned how to make fonts and made his first gradient font, Earth Font.

Other Info not explained in main article

PET's first font was the Rainbow font. This was his first and only gradient username color.

Neptune's first font was the Hyper Rainbow font. It was a faster version of PET's rainbow font.

When PET left the staff team and the wiki, his username color was changed to a solid yellow color. Later, it was also changed to a solid lime green. In late August P-dog changed it back to Rainbow Font to honor PET because he created the first gradient fonts.

Neptune's username is colored with the Ice Font, created by him. Unlike PET, it was never changed after his departure from the staff team, but P-dog made it un-animated.

P-dog's username is the Techno Font. It is his second gradient username color, the first being Vibrant Font.

Swasimcool's username is the Galaxy Font.

ComicRater's username is the Dark Font.

Spyroclub's username is the Connect 4 Font.

ZachOWott's username is the ZachOWott Font.

Moon Man's username is the Moon Font, created for him by Ak-Elfs.

Fun Facts

Bignatebaseball and Henry Hudson, both past admins, never chose to change their usernames to that of any gradient fonts.

ZachOWott asked in the comments of the page multiple times if someone could make a font suggested by him, but only after P-dog was in charge did he get one made. It is not the original one he was asking for. (Connect 4 Font)

ZachOWott is the only user to use a font named after themselves as their gradient username.

Sway's first gradient font was Midnight Font, but he had it changed as it was broken. (It's not broken anymore, however.)

Some special pages have gradient fonts for their links! These include Admins and Mods and List of all gradient texts, both with Rainbow Font, and the mediawiki page for the wiki welcome message, with the midnight font. More special pages like these will have fonts in the future!

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