IMPORTANT: This competition is in the format of Trick or Treat so PLEASE go there and see the introduction aswell if you are unfamiliar to know how this game works, I will not be explaining the rules and everything here as it will follow the same exact thing as that page.

HEY spyroclub1 here so I have not bean (haha get it because bean is a food and its' like saying "been" but iI' saying the food instead plz laugh) active at all lately, but iI' gonna be trying to be more active lately so I thought I'd kick off my activeness with a brand new competition!

...and thats kinda where I hit a dead end because I had no ideas, so iI' using the idea from my trick or treat competition but made for March! Yes, yes, it's unoriginal, but it was a cool idea and fun competition! Anyways, this one is based on the holiday St. Patricks Days and I'll explain how it works.


In honor of St. Patricks Day and the month of March, you will be capturing leprechauns! (Yes I looked up how to spell that.) In case you're unfamiliar with the holiday, leprechauns are tiny humans that wear green and LOVE gold! The most popular to find them is to set traps, so that will be the main way to do so in the competition. You're also going to have to make an effort to keep them and make sure they don't run away! You can do this by being kind to them so they want to stay, which would be super awesome of you! Or you can keep them by means of force, which may be frowned upon but you can if you want.

If you find a four leaf clover you can use it at any point to get SUPER lucky, which eventually wears off. The competition will end on March 31st, 11:59 PM EST. Before then you must have a message saying you go to the rainbow where everyone will meet up and see who wins, (maybe you can also be led to some gold!) if you do not have that message by the end of March 31st then all the leprechauns will disappear because they no longer exist in April and you will end with 0, no matter how many you got leading up to that. Once you say that message you can no longer continue in the game as it will end for you.

March 17th is St. Patricks Day which will also be a super lucky day for you! This cometition is beggining right away so the earlier you join the more time you have to catch leprechauns! Good luck to all competitors, let the leprechaun hunting begin!


"Welcome everybody to the results of Marchmadness! In third place we have ZachOWott with 2 leprechauns, in second place we have Swasimcool with 4, and in first place we have Fancy 5 leprechauns!" says spyroclub1.

Fancy runs around yelling "Yes!" Swasimcool pumps his fist in the air and Zach smiles, patting his leprechauns.

"However, we do have a twist to annoucne!"

Fancy's smiles fades while Swasim and Zach look puzzled.

"We will have to see how loyal your leprechauns are, by giving them the choice of running off into freedom and staying by your side for you."

Fancy eyes his leprechaun while 2 of them run off into the distance, 3 of them to into the lucky charms to care, as they're munching away. 1 of Swasim's leprechaun go, the one we forcefully caught earlier while the rest stay there with him. Zach's 2 loyal leprechauns stay faithfully by his side.

"Well, the standings are now in 3rd place Zach with 2, and tied for first with 3 is Fancy and Swasim! But wait, its not over yet!"

Leprechauns stood next to spyroclub1. "We will be awarding leprechauns to people for specific acheivments. First, we have the active award, This is awarded to the person who went to most times. I award this leprechaun to Swasimcool for going 38 times!"

"Next is the best connection to leprechauns award, this person was the nicest to his leprechauns. I award this leprechaun for ZachOWott!"

"The third leprechaun is the remorse award, this person suffered through the most injuries in the game that I feel bad for them so Im giving them this reward! This leprechaun goes to BNB!"

"There ya have it folks! Tied in second place we have ZachOWott and FancyPantsFan with 3 leprechauns, and the winner of march madness with 4 leprechauns issssss....... Swasimcool! Also honorable mention going to BNB with 1 leprechaun. Have a greadt day everyone!"


  1. Fancy (5 leprechauns)
  2. Swasimcool (4 leprechauns)
  3. ZachOWott (talk) 22:33, March 2, 2020 (UTC) (2 leprechauns)
  4. BNB (0 Leprechauns)





Vxnillabean (can I catch dessert leprechaurns please)


Player #1 (ZachOWott)

You start off inside a forest containing many trees and bushes, which is also what a forest is. There are many banana trees and monkeys. There is also a completely out of place ice cream shop in the middle of the forest for some reason. What do you do?

I go to the ice cream shop to see if there are any leprechauns working there....

There are many different flavours with a very exhausted middl- aged man scooping up ice cream for the kids. He is wearing a nam ecard that says "Ken Rosa". He spots you and asks you what you want. What do you do?

Ask for mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite flavor) and ask him how his middle school art teaching career is going.

He tiredly scoops some mint chip that a kid sneezed on before and asks you how you know hes a middle school art teacher.

I break the 4th wall and tell him that he is a character in a comic strip called Big Nate. I explain the strip to him.

He tiredly scoops you and ice cream and asks if you want jimmies with it. He seems to ignore what you said earlier.

"Yes, I would like both types of jimmies. The sprinkles, and my cat."

"Oh, is that one yours?" He asks, pointing to a grey cat with a nametag saying "pickles". "That one was wondering outside."

"No, Pickles isn't mine. His name is Jimmy and I'm pretty sure he works here, and I've come to retrieve him."

Mr Rosa asks his boss, an 11 -year-old kid if there are any cats working here. He goes into the taste testing room and comes back with Jimmy. Mr. Rosa doesn't seem surprised, as this he's used to stuff like this by now.

"Thank you! I'll be taking Jimmy with me, thanks for the ice cream! But oh, one more thing: Since you have cats working here, do you by any chance have other types of creatures as well, like, I don't know....leprechauns?"

"You can check the green sprinkles, there might be some hiding in there." He says with a chuckle, clearly doubting this himself.

I carefully place a net in position to capture anything that comes out of the sprinkles, and then Jimmy meows to get the attention of it.

A green sprinkle transforms into a leprechaun to run away from the cat, because leprechauns are afraid of cats when it runs right into a net and is caught!

I add my leprechaun to the scoreboard! Time to leave the ice cream shop.

You have to take the leprechaun and get it to stay with you.

I buy the leprechaun his favorite flavor of ice cream (because I know that for some reason) and give it to him so he stays with me.

Your leprechaun leaps on your shoulder, licking his ice cream whilst it dripping on your shoulder.

I leave the ice cream shop in search of more leprechauns!

You are back out into the forest when you see a group of monkeys frantically trying to stop a fire spreading among the trees.

I call Percy Jackson (cause I definitely know him) to call upon the ocean to put out the fire and save the monkeys.

He sends a wave down the forest which puts out the forest but takes the monkeys with it. Oh no! You see the monkeys flying across the forest with the wave and drowning in it.

Tell him to make it stop and I go with Jimmy to rescue the monkeys.

He lost control of the wave and is unable to stop it. You swim to the monkeys with jimmy and the monkeys are below struggling to pop their heads out of the surface. They reach their hands up to you.

Grab onto them and pull them up. Try to swim to land.

You get the monkeys out of the water when you hear a tiny voice crying "HELP!"

I search for wherever the voice is coming from, and make sure to keep the monkeys quiet so they don't scare it off.

You see a green hat bobbing up and down in the water.

I hold my net over him and scare him into it.

It is your leprechaun.

Is it the one I already caught or a new one?

Its the one you caught.

I pull him out of the water. I tell him to stick with us, and ask him if he knows where any others are.

There are some water leprechauns around here. He dives into the ocean and comes out with a blue leprechaun. "Heya Fred! Hows the underwater life!" says the green leprechaun cheerfully.

"Hey, Fred, wanna come along with us? You can hang out with your friend here a whole lot!"

Fred comically jumps on your shoulder and looks out into the distance.

"Yay! Two leprechauns! Hey guys, do you know where any other leprechauns would be, preferably in large groups?"

Player #2 (Yoda)

You are in the middle of the ocean trying to catch the water species of leprechauns. There are many fish and rocks, there is a coral farm somewhere and there is also a sea kingdom. What do you do?

I go farm coral

You start farming the coral when the shark owner of the farm comes and asks you what you are doing.

i am getting coral for the national coral institute

He lends you a hand and keeps repeating to himself quietly. "Dont eat, dont' eat, dont' eat..."

I stab him with my poison-coated harpoon

He falls to the floor and is dead.

I steal the leprechaun map that he's holding

Hes not holding a leprechaun map.

oops well I uhhhh get all the coral and sell it to an anonymous buyer on ebay for a few hundred thousand dollars

They ask if its the rare battle edition deluxe set of coral.

I tell them it its the deluxe legendary edition of the coral

They quickly but it because of the such bargain deal of a few hundred thousand dollars for such a rare collectors item.

I buy a leprachaun on craigslist

You recieve a plush leprechaun.

i use the leprechaun to find the leprechauns

Suddenly you hear a muffled voice somewhere going "Let me out! Let me out!"

I don't let him out and I carry the box with me

Its a plush, not a box. Where do you go?


It's a long and treachoeous journey when finally you make it to the land of the potatoes.

show me dem leprechaunz they native in ireland so where they at fam

They lead you to a hut where you can peel potatoes to try and find leprechauns under the skin.

I peel a lot of potatoes plz tell me where leprechauns r

You come to realize that they tricked you into peeling potatoes.

spyroclub i will kil u irl jk

Peel faster potato boy.

Player #3 (Fancy)

You are in the land of pencils with giant pencils as trees and many pencils as various objects. You can go into any pencil theme place. (Such as concert, shop, restaurant, school, etc.) What do you do?

Lol, seriously?

Yes, what do you do.

What are the stats of the kind of leprechauns that I have to find (How to catch, how hard to catch, where to find, etc.)?

Its a journey, you figure that out as you go along.

Find a pen/pencil seller that is suspiciously short

You find the shortest pencil which is 90% eraser.

No, I said find a pen/pencil seller that is suspiciously short, because leprechauns are short

That pencil is selling pencils.

Could he be a leprechaun in disguise? Start up a conversation to be friendly with him.

What do you say to him?


He says hello back and asks if you want to buy anything.

“No, but can I ask something from you? First things first, can you upgrade my pen and pencil? Second, after that, can I ask you something in private?”

He upgrades both and leads you to a private room to say what you wanted to say.

“Im going on a journey... and I need leprechauns. No, I’m not going to harm them. Do you know any?”

"N-no, havent seen any leprechauns at all today, none, zero, zelch," his eye twitches.

I use my newly upgraded pencil and turn on the magic wand skin. Then I use the ability to make things show their true potential

His ture potential is that he has an amazing voice and can be a popular singer.

but Is he a pop singer leprechaun?

Hes not a pop singer, hes' destined to be.

I ask him if he can sing a leprechaun attracting song

He asks if you know any.

Do you? If not, Leprechaun Music

Leprechauns pop out of hiding spots and came his way in a sort of trance.

(Lol, I Rick Rolled You) I ask Pop Singer Pencil to trance them into becoming friends with me

There was an error screen for me so I just believed it was a leprechaun song. He then says that friendship should not be forced and it should be true.

I ask him how do you make friends with Leprachauns? I also call in Cutie Pants

She appears and you can control her character.

I ask the Pop Singer how to make friends with leprechauns

He stops singing to listen to you and at once the leprechauns fall out of the trance and run away.

I cry

The tears come down like the mississippi river.

I ask him if he can sing it again, but this time, Cutie Pants will help so it will be stronger

Him and his voice is wiped out from that singing session so he takes a nap.

I thank him for his help, give him a special note saying my ingame phone number, and ask Cutie Pants to sing the song

Your controlling her, what does she do.

She sings the song

The leprechauns do not show up because they plugged their ears to avoid being in the trance again.

Cutie Pants tries to make friends with them, because she has an ability to make friends easily

Where does she look for the leprechauns.

Well, first I make a buffet of wildflowers, nuts, potatoes, and mushrooms. I add a side of dandelion tea and lucky charms to attract them. Then once they start eating it, Cutie Pants talks to them

Where do you get the ingredients?

Ughhh, The Forest

You get the ingredients and at once when the leprechauns smell the lucky charms they come rushing in because they are magically delicious.

lol. I ask cutie pants to make friends with them

How does she make friends with them.

She is really nice and has shiny objects

What does she say to them?

She says hello. She says hi and how are you? We are adventurers and we need you guys on our journey! We also say we will give them a buffet of lucky charms if they come

They are interested and join your adventure mainly for the lucky charms. You gained 5 leprechauns!

I ask them if they know where more leprechauns are, and if we find some, they will be rewarded with extra lucky charms

They lead you somewhere and show you a ditch, saying that this is the home of leprechauns and it is a vast tunnel with a bunch of leprechauns inside.

I ask them if they will promise NOT to ditch us. Also tell them if they ditch us, no lucky charms.

They say they will but first, they need a bowl of lucky charms to give them energy.

Player #4 (Swasimcool)

You are at a very cool place with very cool people, when you get the letter to compete in the competion, and you want the gold so you do it. You are in a big building and are at the middle level where there is a djDJnd dance floor with other very cool people. What do you do?

I call Swasimcooler to help me practice my "coolness."

He comes to your aid quickly and cooly and asks what you need help with, flashing his sunglasses.

I need help finding out where this "middle level" is.

He flashes his sunglasses and points an entire map of the place.

"Oh," I say. I go to the middle level.

You are already at the middle level.

Oh," I say again. I go to the snack table.

There is every snack and drink imaginable here.

I start eating lots of food until I get sick. But since its my virtual characther thats eating it I dont care so I start eating more and more.

The person running the place comes over to you and says thatll be 5,744 dollars.

"oh" I say again. Then I decide to give him my credit card and pay for it

"Hmm... it seems that you have 5,773.99$ here."

"Oh," I say again. "Can I pay you with gold bars. Theres a leprechaun competition over there and i can get some gold from it."

"Leprechaun competition you say? I found this little guy near the park, maybe he'll help ya out." He pulls out a tiny person in green uniform and gives it to you.

"Uh hello there," I say to the leprechaun.

"Know any good jokes? If ya got one ill stay with ya." He had a very squeaky voice.

My joke is "Pig Lover was a good user."

"Whos pig lover?"

I give him a note which reads ""

He cant read.

I decide to read it to him.

He falls asleep while you read it to him because it is a long page.

I decide to call Swasimcooler to hypnotize the leprechaun to give me gold.

He is busy partying right now.

ok, then using my tatics from hypnosis practice, I try to hypnotize the leprechaun.

You succesfully hypnotize the leprechaun!

I tell him to sleep for a day. I then start building a trap for it.

He falls asleep and how does the trap work?

It is like a pokeball but for leprechauns so its called a lepreball. It traps leprechauns if they are asleep. I throw a lepre ball at the leprechaun.

You catch the leprechaun with your lepreball and get a leprechaun added to your score!

I decide to use it as a leprechaun to help me fight other leprechauns along the way. I get out of the building and head to the leprechaun competition.

You go to the leprechaun dojo where the sensei asks you where your leprechaun is.

I summoned the leprechaun from my lepreball. I ask the leprechaun what its name is.

He says its tony in a deep voice.

"Ok" I say. I ask the leprechaun dojo what to do.

He leads you into the arena so you can battle. You are facing a pickachu. Wha'ts your first move?

I tell Tony to use tackle.

Tony's tiny body jumps on pikachu with all his force but Pikachu shakes him off. It is very ineffective! Pikachu uses lightning and sends a lightning bolt straight at Tony.

I tell Tony to use protect.

Tony protects himself by running behind you and you get blasted by the lightning bolt, being electrocuted and sending you flying to the ground.

I say Tony to use earthquake in a weak voice.

He sends an earthquake shaking the ground, in which you and Pikachu fly out of the arena from the power of the earthquake and land in hard earth.

I decide to make friends with the Pikachu.

What do you say to him.

I notice I have a pokeball in my pocket. I throw it at the pikachu.

You captured the pikachu!

"yay" I say. Then I see something in the distance.

Its a tree.

I see that it is an apple tree so I shake the tree to try to get apples.

You get green apples.

I wonder if I cant attract leprechauns with these apples so I try to. I also wonder where Tony is.

You hear a crunching sound within an apple.

I tell Pikachu to electracute the apple.

Pikachu zaps the apple and a leprechaun comes out of the side in an electrical daze.

I quickly throw my lepreball at the leprechaun.

You caught a leprechaun!

"Yay, thats two" I yell. I ask the leprechaun to lead me to more leprechauns.

Its in the lepreball.

I summon the leprechaun from the lepreball.

It tries to run away.

I press the button on the lepreball which immediatlly puts the leprechaun back in the lepreball.

You got the leprechaun back.

I walk through the forest to try to find a 4 leaf clover.

Tony is lost and calls out to you.

I remember about Tony so I bring out the lepreball that is Tony's home and I press the button so he can teleport back to me.

He comes back to you with a swoosh.

Alright Tony. I need you to help me find more leprechauns.

He wants gravy.

Alright I get a jar of gravy and give it to him.

He asks for a spoon.

I tell him to eat it without a spoon.

He chugs the gravy, which gives him superleprechaun abilities and he speeds off into the distance, then coming back with 2 leprechauns.

I quickly throw two lepreballs at the 2 new leprechauns.

2 leprechauns added to the scoreboard.

I tell Tony to bring back two more leprechauns.

Player #5 (Bignatebaseball)

You are pitching at the baseball championship game, which is also the biggest game of your life. You are winning 4 to 3, it is the end of the 9th and the other team is up. The bases are loaded and the count is 3-2. What do you do?

I pretend to get hurt and leave the game

The relief pitchers are pretty bad so the coach is angry, he asks if your well enough to stay in a few more pitches to end the game. He says we cant 'lose now.

I say im dying and i need to go home

The coach is annoyed but respects you and asks if he needs to call 911 because you said your dying.

I run away

You run off into a big city with lots of buildings and everything is very busy. Theres lots of traffick and huge billboards.

I go into one of the building and place a leprechaun trap in an elevator

How do you make the trap and how does it work?


So you don't set a trap.

I decide to go into a building

There is a front desk with a woman behind a computer and asks if you have an appointment.

I see shes short so I ask if shes a leprechaun

Shes confused and asks again if you have an appointment

I say are you deaf, answer the question

She throws a chair at you and jumps out the window.

I dodge the chair and happily walk up the stairs to the rest of the building

The stairs are out of order and a sign says to take the elevator.

I decide I'm a rebel and take the stairs

You step on a broken step and you trip and go crashing back down the stairs. The last thing you see is the wooden floor when everything becomes dark and you wake up in a hospital bed.

I hobble out of the hospital bed and walk out of the hosiptal

When you try to get out of the hospital bed anasthesia shoots up your arm from a tube connected to it and you fall back asleep, then waking back up in the same place, this time with a nurse taking notes on a clipboard, not seeing to know that your awake.

I yell look behind you to the nurse, I quickly pull all the tubes out of me and hobble out of the hospital

She grabs your arm before you get through the exit and forces you back into bed.

I tell her go away you suck as a nurse, I don't know how you got through medical school

She is offended and throws you out the window, which you land on grass in an open field with a broken arm.

I put together a trap using a pot of gold and tripwire and a net. How it will work is leprechauns will be attracted to the pot of gold then be tripped by the tripwire and be caught in the net

You see a leprechaun jump over the tripwire and dive into the pot of gold.

I quickly take the new and tie it arounf the pot of gold so it cant get out

You successfully trapped the leprechaun, what do you do now?

I ask it if i eat it wil i get luck

It screams and hides deep inside the gold.

I eat it

You hear the tiny bones crunching under your teeth. Blood pours into your mouth while the earlier screams have now died off as it is now making no noise at all.


You lost a leprechaun because you ate it.

Aww man

So we back in the mine.

And I see a leprechaun swinging from side to side side side to side

This catch, a grueling one

Player #6 (ComicRater)

You are at the beach using a metal detector to find gold, when that does'nt work you decide to join the leprechaun competition to catch the most leprechauns and get the most gold. You are still at the beach with great crashing waves and hot sand. (Basically a normal beach.) What do you do?

I sunmon a tsunami, almost wrecking the town. We come back to the town in ruins and everything is wrecked. The people doing the leprechaun competition called it off and decided to do a hot dog eating completion. Then I flew a cloud home cause I was happy I won.

You decide to look at the rules to the trick or treat page that I linked at the top of the page and realize that one of the rules say you cant' be too overpowered.

I realize that I was dreaming and decide to go catch leprechaun.

You are in the same scenerio as before. What do you do?

Once start is said, I begin to race around town, finding the yellow currency. I manage to grab 10 pieces, when I see a strange shadow In the distance.

You cant control the setting around you.

Player #7 (Vxnillabean)

You are at a jelly bean factory making jelly beans to sell. You go back to your pile of jelly beans you had before and see that they have dissapeared without a trace! What do you do?

Approach an employee, asking if I can buy some jellybeans.

He is confused because you own the factory.

Tell him I had a brain fart. Ask him if he saw anybody go into the factory.

"Just workers,, didnt see anyone else."

I go to another worker, and ask if they know anything about the jellybeans.

"They're candies shaped like beans, dont I work for you?"

I sigh, and say "No I mean do you know anything about the dissaperrance of the jellybeans?"

"Dissapearance? I think some of the green ones from earlier are gone. Couldnt tell for sure, though."

I search near the jellybean machine to find the culprit.

While you are peering inside you hear a small giggle coming from inside the machine.

I tell my workers to turn off the machine, and deicide to come inside the machine.

How do you turn off a jellybean machine, its like a gumball machine but with jellybeans.

I unplug it.

It doesn't run on electricity, it is not plugged in.

I push a button to turn it off.

Its like a gumball machine you put a coin in and candy comes out its not electronic at all its just physics.

I ask my worker to not but any coins inside, and then I go into the machine.

How do you fit into the machine.

I go into the part where you retrieve the jellybeans.

How do you fit inside the machine.

I remove the glass ball thing, then go inside.

There are a lot of jellybeans.

I waddle thourgh them like a kid in a ball pit.

Waddle waddle

Waddle waddle x2

Till the very next day

i search thourgh the jelly beans.

Player #8 (GarfeildMN)

You are garfield in your owner jons house. You were just sleeping when Jon wakes you up for breakfast. What do you do?

Uhh... eat breakfast!

It's cat food.

Oh no... throw a fit and chuck the food in Jon’s mouth

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