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Decided to contribute a little game here.

Note this is work in progress.

 You are Teddy Ortiz, the coolest kid in New York.* 

One day you are biking to P.S 38 in your rockin' new bike. Once you get there, Nate and Francis check out the bike. Little do you know, Randy shows up and grabs the bike. You, Nate, and Francis all tug-of-war against Randy. Randy pulls with all his might, and punches Francis so he can't pull anymore. You and Nate lose balance and Randy starts pedaling away with YOUR new bike.

What do you do?

 Report to Principal Nichols

Run After Randy




(Note that Lincoln Peirce stated in an interview with Jeff Kinney that Big Nate was set up to take place in New York. This interview is also copied word for word in Epic Big Nate)

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