So basically there's currently an arc about an NCU going on. I took this opportunity Try to put any ideas for random NCU heroes! (Must be related to Big Nate) Also pretty sure that there is another one (Said by BiggerNate91 on GC), but I could not find it. Also, if you think some stats are a bit "misleading" you can change the powers, the type, and the side that they're on!

Super-hero name! Super-powers! Type (eg. Mutant, alien) Characteristics! Good or bad?
The Gnome I dunno, shape-shifting Mutant Good
Ultra-Nate Flying, Strength, Super-speed Actual human Large ego Good
Mrs Godzilla Emits radioactive gas Mutant Bad
Flunky No superpowers, she works for Mrs Godzilla Mutant Bad
Mega-Chad Flying, Strength, Super-speed. UltraNate's sidekick. Human Super cute Good
Steve of Destruction Destroying stuff Human Bad
Superdad Being a Dad, Human Good
Mega-Teen Hunter of Dorkiness Ultra-Nate's secret step sister Good
Chore-Boy Can do everything! Ultra-Nate's Alternate Identity
Moe Mentum Super-Speed, reflexes! Mutant Good
Eve of Destruction Femme Fatality, but a little worse Maybe human? Good
Dr Cesspool No powers, really. But kinda like the joker. Human Bad
Luke Warm Super-Smart, World's greatest detective! Basically Like Batman with no suit. Human Good
Captain Frantastic Super-Genius. Human Bores you with useless facts. Also has very cool robotic arm. Good
Maureen Biology No powers, really. But kinda like Harley Quinn Human Bad
Teddy Titan Super Strength Human Good
Meat-Head An evil genius with high tech weapons as well as a meat shaped head. Alien Bad
Chief Nichols Cheif policeman. Basically Jim Gordon. Human Good
Stupendo-Man Wesley Nichols's alter ego. He can shoot out energy blasts as well as fly. Human Good
Lincoln Pierce The god of the Universe. Creator of all intellectuals. Spirit Neutral
Dee dee drama she is a skilled dancer and assassin Human Overreacts to EVERYTHING letting a particle of emotion out Good
Ken Rosa Undercover CIA agent. Partners with Ultra-Nate Human unfortunetly very burned out from dealing with kids Good
Colossal Chester Super strength and ability to shove people into very small places such as lockers Human (Is he really human though lol.) Bad
The Amazing Artur His powers include immortality. Human Everybody likes him, even the bad guys. He is the luckiest person on earth Good
Venoma Flunky's Slightly improved clone. She is able to Shape-Shift and lob venom Alien Arch-Nemesis of Mega-Chad Bad
Genghis He may seem cute on the outside, but quite radioactive on the inside. Unknown Mrs Godzillas pet Ba
Bully-Boy Can Fly, Master of Disguise Human Secretly Ultra-Nate's Arch-Nemesis, Once Betrayed him, defied being bad Bad then Good
Rustist Can camoflauge Human Real name is rusty sienna. He came back to life with some powers after his "death" in 1996 Good
Captain Crush! Has really big arms. Mutant Accidentally ripped off Captain Frantasitc's arm while hand shaking Good
Office Boy He works at the station with nichols Human Good with printers? Good


These are basically the teams that the above people are in. As well as what they are known for.

League name Description
The gang
Hero/Villain League
Ultra-Nate The gang

Random Crossovers!

Use any charecter who's either in a comic/ children's book

Charecter Side Power
Gregory Heffley Good Lots of money
Hobbes Good Transforms into giant tiger when angry
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