The Beginning

It all started on April 3rd, 2020, when a user name Jaiden Animations for Smash made a poll. The poll was deleted so I don't remember the exact wording but it was something along the lines of:" pOle: Where country are you from"?

That poll got over 200 replies so of course, the whole featured comment hungry comment section all copied her. The next day the featured comment by XS9_nikeboy11 on yt also supreme saber on YT

Pole: How many languages do y'all know? 

This comment received 117 replies. But there still wasn't much hate coming against the polls... yet.

Screenshot (80)

There were also 4 or 5 other polls but none of them received more than 10 replies.

The Polls Continue

After those 2 days of polls, the comment section went into a poll frenzy. The featured comment of the next day was another poll. At least this one was somewhat relevant to the comic. This was from the user The Right Nate Wright.

Poll: How many comics do you read on GoComics?

This poll received 26 replies.

Screenshot (81)

But there were another 4 or 5 polls below that one. Tensions were rising, and some commenters were starting to get annoyed.

Polls were getting more and more popular with some commenters, but with others not so much.

The Third Day

The next day, there was a new poll from Milky Man (who is a pretty respected commenter) reading:

my first poll: what is your current obsession

This poll received a whopping 140 replies.

Screenshot (82)

There were still a couple of other poll but it seemed it had died down a little. I was just ignoring the polls,b ut for now, I was a bit annoyed but I forged on.

All Seemed Peaceful

On April 11th, people suddenly stopped making polls. Many rejoiced and said that the polls were gone and the conflict was over! However, some said that the polls would return. And they did...

The Resurgence

Later that day, a user by the name of Nyan C@t made another poll that said

"Poll: what is your favorite food?".

People were MAD!! By this time, more and more users were cottoning on to hate the polls.

Llama Drama

On April 14th llama posted a new poll:

*do you guys like online school?*

That poll received close to 300 comments before llama deleted it. At this point, most users hated polls.

Interesting Facts

So to interrupt the poll war for a second, there was another thing that was the rave of all the comment section. So the user I mentioned earlier Black Hole Man brought a new trend to the comment section: Interesting Facts. The trend is exactly what it sounds like: posting facts, such as Myanmar and Liberia do not use the metric system, Muhammad is the most popular name in the world, Canada has 9% of the world’s forests. Most of the time, the facts were irrelevant to the strip, but the comment community seemed to love posting them.

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