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For more information on the early stages of this event, see The Llama Conflict.

Two years after Poll War II broke out, Poll War III broke out and caused a lot of damage to the comments section with a lot of arguments and spam.

My Return During Poll War III

I came back to the wiki a month after Poll War III had started because I had left in December. When I came back to the wiki, everyone greeted me back, I assumed it'd be the same with the GoComics comment section.

How very wrong I was.

Turns out that there were irrelevant polls all over the comment section made by children on their mother's phones trying to get featured comment. I lost so many brain cells that I had to be hospitalized for the next few days.

All jokes aside, this was one of the biggest wars in the history of the comments section, so here is my perspective on Poll War III.

Section 1.0: The Start of the Polls

The first poll was a poll made on April 2, 2020, by a user called Jaiden Animations For Smash.

"Poll: What country are you from?"

- Jaiden Animations For Smash, April 2, 2020

Sidenote: I'm Canadian, eh?

Anyway, people were fine with this, it didn't get any hate and it didn't cause too much of a problem and it got over 200 replies. This made many people think that polls would help them get featured comment. There wasn't much hate on the comment because polls weren't that common in the comments section yet.

The second poll was made on April 3rd, 2020, when a GoComics user 'Supreme Sabre on YT' made a poll.

"Poll: How many languages do you all know?"

- Supreme Sabre on YT, April 3, 2020

Irrelevant to the strip, but pretty harmless. But the problem was that this comment got over 200 replies. Many pollers, also known as the 2020 GoComics Pollers, decided this was a great idea to get attention on GoComics, 4-5 polls were made after the popular poll made by Jaiden Animations for Smash and Supreme Sabre. Those comments got a few replies. Most people were fine with that, other people weren't, who were mostly the wiki users.

For the next few days, polls were everywhere, some people started to get annoyed with these polls, but they weren't stopping. A poll was made by The Right Nate Wright during the poll frenzy.

"How many comics do you read on GoComics?"

- The Right Nate Wright, April 5, 2020

Stop it. Get some help

Stop it. Get some help.

But that wasn't it, there were more polls being made in an attempt to get featured comment, such as a poll made by a user called Milky Man received over 140 replies.

"What is your current obsession?"

- Milky Man, April 5, 2020

That sounds wrong on so many different levels.

Some people, mostly people on the wiki, were very annoyed by the polls, which were taking over a majority of the comments section. There was a cool down with the polls on April 11. But, then a GoComics user called Nyan C@t made the polls even more popular.

"Poll: What is your favourite food?"

- Nyan C@t, April 11, 2020

Of course, this comment got a ton of replies. Now, the Anti-Pollers wanted to do something about this, or the Comments Section would be destroyed with polls.

Section 2.0: Anti-Pollers Rise Up

Many people were very annoyed by the huge amount of popularity the polls got. I started a raid against the Pollers, which was shot down by the GoComics mods in an instant, but wiki users wanted the polls to stop, so a hashtag called #StopThePolls was created and gained a lot of support from wiki users and polls were flooded with #StopThePolls, which the Pollers found very annoying. But, there was still a ton of polls.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.46.32 PM
Although many wiki users supported this, ToPhu (and if Grumpfish was a person); was not happy with this. Luckily, Yoda and others got the joke and Yoda complimented me.

Section 3.0: The PUFFA Argument

On April 13, 2020, PUFFA posted a poll, which gained 127 replies.

Okay, here's a poll: Which is better, Minecraft or Fortnite?

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 4.18.55 PM

My reaction.

This comment gained tons of controversial replies against it and there were a lot of arguments in the replies section. For the next few days, PUFFA posted more polls, which made him one of the most controversial users in the Comments Section. PUFFA claimed that he did these polls to make everyone happy, but most users think he did it for attention.

Good god, Puffa is an idiot, and that's just one poll I just talked about. If we talked about all of Puffa's stupid polls, this page would be longer than 'War and Peace'.

Section 4.0: The Nateiscool Argument

The next day after PUFFA's controversial post, Nateiscool (better known as Llama) posted a poll, and this gained 282 replies.

"Poll: Do you guys like online school?"


This gained a lot of controversy and people spammed #StopThePolls while Llama and a few others responded with their other arguments. Nateiscool was hypocritical in this argument by telling others not to insult him/her, but doing the exact same thing by insulting the Anti-Pollers.

Later, the comment was deleted, most likely deleted by GoComics moderators.

I also made a comic on the situation on how Llama was a hypocrite in this argument.
Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 6.28.43 PM

My comic on the 'Nateiscool' argument.

Section 5.0: Swasimcool Emails GoComics Moderators & The First Anti-Pollers Victory

On April 14, 2020, at about 1:08 EST, Swasimcool emailed the GoComics moderators in an attempt to defeat the polls and delete all polls, this turned out to be a successful attempt and many polls in the comment section were deleted for that day. The remaining polls only had a few replies, no more than 10 replies.

The Anti-Pollers had gotten the first victory of the war.

Section 6.0: The Second Anti-Pollers Victory

After Swasimcool's successful attempt at deleting irrelevant polls in the comments section, there weren't many polls the following day and the most replies one of them had was 16 replies, with the relevant featured comment having 72 replies.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 4.22.11 PM

But the Pollers weren't going to let this end without a fight.

Section 7.0: The Pollers Strike Back

A poll made by '부엉이 바위에서 운지!!!' made a poll the following day after the Anti-Pollers victory.


Many people thought this was 'Nateiscool', who kept on changing their usernames and they were clearly biased with the Pollers. There was a hashtag with '#StopThePolls' and Donald Trump parody accounts spamming "Vote for Trump" and "Trump vs Biden". The Pollers struck back with arguments against the Anti-Pollers and there were a lot of polls that day and the Pollers.

The Pollers had achieved their first victory.

Section 8.0: Possibility of Peace in the Comments Section

The following day after the Pollers first victory, 'My proud Big Nate community' posted a comment to stop the polls and arguments.  Lssj8520 also made a Poll-Only Wiki for the Pollers. That day, the polls and arguments had cooled down and there was a rumour that Poll War III was ending soon, which was great news for the Anti-Pollers and the Pollers.

For the next few days, there were no polls for featured comments, everyone thought that Poll War III had ended.

Relevant comments were much more popular after the backlash of polls and polls were unpopular at this time.

The following day, there was only 1 poll made by PUFFA, only getting a few replies. A lot of Pollers had stopped because they found out how controversial their polls were and the Anti-Pollers knew that Poll War III was ending, this continued for the next few days as polls got more and more unpopular.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 4.24.02 PM

Lssj's "Poll Only" Wikia.

Section 9.0: The Possible End of Poll War III

Everything stopped, no arguments, only a single poll created with only a single reply and everyone was posting relevant comments. The Pollers had all stopped creating polls, except for PUFFA, who still wanted featured comment. But other than that, there were no polls and relevant comments had been growing day by day. Polls were extremely unpopular and people had finally realized how bad polls were. The Anti-Pollers celebrated their victory after weeks of arguments, spam and polls.

Poll War III had ended.. or had it?

Section 10.0: Clara B. Godfrey's Spamming and The Impersonators of MartySayz

A few weeks later, a user called Clara B. Godfrey decided to spam with her alt account with her poll, making a lot of GoComics users annoyed at her. But, this made many Pollers realize that they could get featured comment by posting polls. There were a few more polls that day, but they were eventually deleted later by GoComics moderators.

Suddenly, a fake MartySayz account (called MartyTalks) was made on GoComics.

The impersonator of Marty made various different accounts that created polls. His alt accounts created more and more polls and even worse, he was getting featured comments.

Commenters thought that polls were now getting popular and some people actually enjoyed having polls, for the next few days, polls were flooded in the GoComics comment section.

Suddenly, commenters decided to rebel against the MartyTalks account. That's just what they did and the next day, Marty didn't get his featured comment. This method worked for 2 days until PUFFA got featured comment on May 16, 2020. The next day, PUFFA got featured comment again and it seemed like the Pollers might actually win Poll War III, the Anti-Pollers needed to do something, and fast.

The next day, the featured comment went to a relevant comment about the strip with only one poll that was related to the strip with only one reply. Best of all, PUFFA and MartyTalks both got banned on GoComics. The next day, MartyTalks and PUFFA were nowhere to be found and there were relevant comments in the comments section, with no polls! The Anti-Pollers pushed back at the Pollers, the war wasn't over yet!

For the next few days, the Anti-Pollers and Pollers went back at each other with arguments, debates and flagging. Even worse, more people lost more and more brain cells with PUFFA's extremely stupid polls.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.47.02 AM

What a stupid comment.

But somewhere, in his mom's basement, a person called MartyTalks got a great idea on how to destroy the comments section.

Section 11.0: Marty's Bright Idea

The owner of the fake MartySayz account decided when he woke up, "Hmmm! Maybe I could educate myself by reading a book or doing my homework! "Nah... who needs that when I can spam on the comments section!"

So that's what he did, on that day, there were over 600 replies to his comment.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 12.41.47 PM

Nobody cares.

Now, the Anti-Pollers now had to deal with two things: polls and spam. The MartySayz account didn't make it any easier. Luckily, he got banned after the comment was up for over 2 hours, giving the new featured comment to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jesus) with 34 replies. Sadly, the MartySayz account had a VPN, so they could come back very quickly and spam whenever they wanted.

Section 12.0: The Flaggings

After MartyTalk's spamming, Anti-Pollers just decided to flag and ignore the polls, which worked very well, as for the next two days, there weren't any polls and no arguments, the tactics worked quite well, as many polls were deleted or Pollers just decided to take a break from polls.

The next day, there were no polls in the comments section, even PUFFA and Marty were getting bored of wasting their lives on a comics website. In fact, the real MartySayz already had a new account called gumball’s gumballs and admitted that he wasn't making the polls and that it was an impersonator.


Marty's Alt Account

Section 13.0: The End of Poll War III

There were no more polls in the comments section for the next few days. Suddenly, an idiot named Beanos decided to spam the hell out of the comments section, and the commenters rejoiced! They flagged the crap out of Beanos and people forgot about the polls. On May 25, 2020, Poll War III ended, after weeks of loss of brain cells from stupid polls made by PUFFA and MartySayz, we stopped polling and started to flag spam. Beanos got absolutely destroyed by the flagging and got banned. To make matters worse for the Pollers, there were relevant comments for the next few days.

Poll War III was finally over! But there was still one question in the air... who was the impersonator of Marty..?


Section 14.0: The SuperTalker101 Investigation

If you have no clue on who SuperTalker101 is, he is a user who joined the wiki in 2017 and is known for being a Waterloo student and for making professional pages.

Anyway, I was checking out the GoComics website one afternoon and I saw a stupid poll made by MartyTalks. What an idiot. Then, I checked the recent wiki activity and I see a message on SuperTalker101's wall.

"You were the martysays impersonators wow. The perfect plan you convinced us to get you admin for you. Your a f*cking scumbag. Go to hell"

- BigNateBaseball to SuperTalker101, May 24, 2020.

What? Super were the MartySayz impersonators? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, there were some vandalizers on the wiki pretending to be MartySayz, a Poller from 2017. Anyway, Super said he needed admin to ban these vandalizers, which were him.

I was pretty shocked at these news, and then I conducted a study on Super's recent actions with Pig Lover, Pig Lover and I found out that Super was a potential criminal, a racist, a pornography poster and many other offences.

Did you think that was it? But, what if I told you that Super is actually Marty and Puffa?

Now, this wasn't out of the blue, I also have some evidence to back up my claim.

The Theory

  • SuperTalker101 kept quiet during the spamming, although he was quite active on the wiki before he got exiled.
  • SuperTalker101 is known for trolling the comments section as GarfieldLover, so he might be MartyTalks and Puffa.
  • Although Super denied it, he is a massive liar, as shown on multiple occasions.
  • They started spamming when Super pretended to be MartySayz, which is what the commenters did as well.
  • Just like Super, the two commenters have good grammar.
  • Super's main GoComics account stopped being active after Marty and Puffa got banned.
  • Super has a VPN, just like Marty and Puffa.

I also had some supporters on my sides, such as Christina Reynolds, MoonMan, P-dog and Pig Lover. Although the theory is still in investigation, it is very possible he could be the troll accounts on GoComics.

Now, this will conclude the theory and the page on Poll War III, here is some more information on the sides, theories and polls.

Section 15.0: List of Pollers, Anti-Pollers, Narwhals, Neutrals and Unknown Sides

Pollers Anti-Pollers Neutrals Narwhals Unknown Sides
The Right Nate Wright

Swasimcool ZachOWott Christina Some Guy On The Internet

Block Maniac48

ComicsCreatorz (Piggeni) CrossDoggo (Kinda) GoldenGlory4Life Ned Dickens

LeonardSimmons2 GiantNate91 PigLoverGoComics

Big Nate233


ComicComet CrossDoggo
Nate Wright Comix

Henry Hudson GC

Blackhole man

Timmy Turner GC

Riley The Reader



Big Nate Is Great101




PUFFA BiggerNate91
AnthonyWhiteley (Student) Scoop Wright
노무현은 살아있다 SmallBoiGC
MartySayz Nate The Anti Poller
Crazed Hippoe GarfieldMN
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Section 16.0: The Bannings

Here are the lists of people who were banned during Poll War III.





Unknown Sides

The Right Nate Wright 

(For spamming and making irrelevant polls.)


(Banned for harassment.)


(For making irrelevant polls.)

Nate The Anti Poller

(For spamming '#StopThePollsAndFeedMelon'.)

AnthonyWhiteley (Student)

(For spamming 'first' and making irrelevant polls.)

Anti-Poller #1 and Anti-Poller #2

(For spamming '#StopThePollsAndFeedMelon'.)

MartySayz and MartyTalks

(For spamming the entire comments section and posting irrelevant polls.)


Section 17.0: Lists of Polls Made During Poll War III

What country are you from? April 2, 2020. Jaiden Animations for Smash 200+
Who is your favourite character in Big Nate? April 3, 2020 BIGNATE IS GREAT101 10
What is your favourite anime? April 3, 2020 HeLikeTheBayoWithTheNetta 1
How many languages do you all speak? April 4, 2020 XS9_Nikeboy11 On YT 115
What timezone do you have? April 4, 2020 カナヘイ 9
Who is your favourite sports player? April 4, 2020 Meanfamily30 0
How many comics do you currently read on GoComics? April 5, 2020 The Right Nate Wright 28
How many times do you open GoComics a day? April 5, 2020 The Right Nate Wright 19
Do you think Nate and Jenny will have a relationship? April 5, 2020 Sorcercersilas 6
Do you think 2020 will be a good year? April 5, 2020 HeLikeTheBayoWithTheNetta 4
What is your favourite animal? April 5, 2020 Mr. Walrus 3
How many Pollers do you think want to get attention? April 6, 2020 United Geekdom 0
How old were you when you first joined GoComics? April 6, 2020 The Right Nate Wright 16
What is your favourite Big Nate comic strip? April 6, 2020 BIGNATE IS GREAT101 15
What is your greatest fear? April 6, 2020 Hurricane_Storm 2
What is your opinion on people who make polls who want to get attention? April 7, 2020 Pigmcginnyrig 25
What is your favourite movie? April 7, 2020 MatthewLBrown3 7
Should we stop the polls? April 7, 2020 P-Dog 8
What is the thing you are doing after COVID-19 dies down? April 8, 2020 Determinator 47
Do you have any fears? April 8, 2020 MatthewLBrown 15
What is your favourite sport? April 8, 2020 Sir_Tristan 13
Have you ever made a joke about the spelling of "poll", which caused polls to come back? April 9, 2020 Nathan's Creative Name 7
How many times do you think Nate got beat up by Chester? April 9, 2020 MatthewLBrown 11
Have you ever watched a horror movie? April 9, 2020 MatthewLBrown 25
What is your favourite thing to do during COVID-19? April 10, 2020 Nate Wright Comix 90
What is your favourite TV show? April 10, 2020 MattheLBrown 0
Can Pollers stop making unrelated polls? April 10, 2020 Riley The Reader 1
What is your favourite food? April 12, 2020 Nyan C@T 5
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten? April 13, 2020 0_0 1
Which character would you choose as your friend, Francis or Teddy? April 14, 2020 PUFFA 16
Is AnthonyWhiteley annoying? April 16, 2020 ItsP-dog 13
Puzzles or reading? April 16, 2020 PUFFA 4
Should we create a poll to stop polls? April 17, 2020 Nate Wright Comix 68
What would you rather do? Rob a bank, or hack into CIA computers? (What the hell?) April 19, 2020 PUFFA 10
Who is going crazy over quarantine?

(I'm going crazy over your stupid polls!)

April 19, 2020 PUFFA 8
Minions or birds? April 19, 2020 PUFFA 0
Who wants Luffy In Smash? April 20, 2020 Luffy 4 Smash 66
What is your favorite school subject? April 20, 2020 PUFFA 10
Gina or Francis? April 20, 2020 Crazed Hippoe 7
Would you rather die a Coward or a Hero? April 20, 2020 PUFFA 4
Who likes my new username? April 20, 2020 Sorcerersilas 13
(By this point, there were little to no polls in the Comments Section.) April 21-25, 2020 N/A N/A
What is your favourite ice cream flavour? May 12, 2020 Clara B. Godfrey 200+
Do you get mad when someone likes their own comment? May 12, 2020 Ash6861 30
(There were polls in this timeline, sadly they got deleted, so I have no recording on them.) May 12-15, 2020 Various Different Pollers 10+
What is your favourite pizza toppings? May 16, 2020 PUFFA 80+
Cats or Dogs? May 17, 2020 PUFFA 75+
Dee Dee or Jenny? May 18, 2020 ESmith3 3
Trudy or Angie? May 18, 2020 Sorcerersilas 10+
Tron or Tron: Legacy? May 19, 2020 ShrekSays 20+
What college do you want to go to? May 20, 2020 PUFFA 100+
What is your favorite quote from Big Nate? May 21, 2020 PUFFA 5+

Section 18.0: Theories about Poll War III (True or False?)

"Salty Byleth Main started Poll War III by creating the first poll!"

False. Salty did make the first poll, but quickly realized their mistakes and turned to the Anti-Pollers and started making replies against the Pollers, there were other users who started polls and it is not Salty's fault this whole thing happened, there were polls before Salty created their posts, so polls were to eventually become popular before Salty made their post.

"PUFFA is a troll account!"

Possibly true. Although this isn't confirmed, there were a ton of replies to some of his polls to stop making polls that were completely unrelated to the actual comic strip, yet he didn't stop. But, PUFFA could just be ignorant to the actual replies to his polls.

"You should vote this for the BNCS Awards!"

True! I spent a while on this page and I believe it is the best page I have created out of all the other pages I made, I'd like it if you voted it for the BNCS Awards.

Section 19.0: Questions about Poll War III

"The MartySayz GoComics Account is PUFFA!"

This one actually might be true. I support this theory and here is my proof I have gathered up.

MartySayz GoComics Account PUFFA
Marty is a troll on the Comments Section. PUFFA is believed to be a troll, considering how ignorant PUFFA has been to different types of comments against his polls.
Marty is a Poller and a Spammer. PUFFA is a Poller and a Spammer as well.
Marty makes comments against the Anti-Pollers to get other commenters to join the Pollers. PUFFA makes comments against the Anti-Pollers to get other commenters to join the Pollers as well.
Marty spammed his comments in May 2020. PUFFA spammed his comments in May 2020.

"Poll War III could have been prevented if we ignored the polls in the first place!"

Well.. here's the thing. If the Anti-Pollers ignored the polls, the Pollers would think that polls are okay in the comments section and possibly, the comments section would have polls about irrelevant things and that's not what the comments section is about in the first place.

Section 20.0: Awards For This Article

This page is somehow very popular and it has won some awards. Here are the awards it has won.
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.43.21 PM


This Page is a nomination attempt, which means the creator has nominated it for the Big Nate Comments Wiki Awards.

Section 21.0: Credits for this Poll War III Article

P-dog (For making that awesome poster, looks great!)

Salty Byleth Main (For fixing mistakes I made in the article.)

BNB (For pointing out a mistake I made in the article.)

Thanks to the people who helped me during the creation of the article, it means a lot!

Section 22.0: Switching Sides

A little update, I am no longer an Anti-Poller as I have switched to a Narwhal and I now see how flagging and ignoring is more beneficial. If there is another Poll War in the future, do not reply to the polls. Instead, you should flag the comments.

Section 23.0: Conclusion of this Article

Hey there, you made it to the end! Anyways, thank you for reading and this is ComicsCreatorz, signing off!

(By the way, vote this for the Big Nate Comments Section Awards!)

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