Many have predicted for this war to come, but the truth is .... it's already started.

Poll War III began in April 2020, over two years after Poll War II 


Unlike the last Poll War, this one doesn't have the infamous MartySays. The many antagonists of this Poll War consist mainly of immature children, such as AnthonyWhiteley, PUFFA, MatthewLBrown3, Determinator, and many more. The original form of the poll is also much less used.

First Poll

The image below is believed to be the first poll of April 2020. Although this one didn't receive much attention, it would become a trend that would make a place in BNCS history for a very long time..



It was April 4th, 2020, when the polls became popular. Following the polls, came irrelevant comments and spam. This is considered the antebellum period because not much drama came out of the polls.

Time poll
The featured comment of this day was: "Pole: how many languages do y’all know"

This poll was very popular that day, but it didn't much backlash, Most people who replied were either answering the poll or pointing out the spelling error.

Actual time poll

Featured Comment

Following that poll, came other polls and irrelevant comments.

First Response

April 5th came, and more polls and irrelevant comments followed.

4-5 Poll
Animal poll
Like the day before, not many people minded the polls and irrelevant comments. People responded to the polls and just enjoyed life. 

However, there was one comment responding to the polls and everything going on.

Riley Comment


  The Beginning

The day o' April 6th, 2020. The arguments began, more polls and irrelevant comments came. It was safe to say that the war had started. There were more polls than ever. There were more ridiculous and irrelevant comments than ever. 

Stop The Polls

Shortly after the war commenced, commenters were making comments telling others to stop making polls.

Stop the polls 1


                                                                                                                On this day, the real drama began. The comic of April 7th, 2020, received several hundred comments. 

The Right Nate Wright Rebellion

Rebellion Proposal

On April 6th, 2020, The Right Nate Wright proposed an event for April 10th, 2020. The purpose was to "rebel" against the pandemic by commenting 200-300 times on the comic Big Nate First Class. He specifically said at the end that spamming and irrelevant comments would not be tolerated.

Rebellion comment

This was an interesting comment that got the attention of many. What was funny was that The Right Nate Wright was known for posting polls and irrelevant comments.


Day of the Rebellion

The day of the rebellion came, and sure enough, The Right Nate Wright kept his promise.

 There were over 300 comments that day on Big Nate First Class, as he had hoped. 

SPAMMERS ARE LIABLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS was something pointed out in that comment. However, we can see that The Right Nate Wright was being a hypocrite on that one.

Therightnatewright SPAM

Some may argue that he was simply replying to other's replies, but...

More Polls

After the Right Nate Wright "Rebellion", nothing much followed except for more useless polls. Days passed, and most of the pollers were banned including Anthony Whitley (Student) and PUFFA (thank goodness).

The End?

Eventually, most of the pollers were banned the the war came to a so-called end. After the war, Clara B. Godfrey created a poll, but now the comment section remains in harmony (not really lol but close enough). Coronavirus quarantine..

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