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Nate 3 15 2020
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Ak-Elfs GC is a commenter on GoComics. Ak-Elfs Gc never said what gender they were.

He currently has over 1.3k edits.

They usually make funny comments or suggestions on GoComics.

Ak-Elfs is author of the Story known as Ak-Elfs's first day at BNGCU.

Is a very big fan of Big Nate and a bunch of other comics such as foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes and more!

He is usually found on the wiki making a discussion post or editing his story and other pages that have extra info that needs to be added.

On GC he is not as active as he is on the wiki.

He is trying to work his way through the leaderboard to become a respected user one day.

he has got 770 edits in ONE week

Here are some pics of things he made and a few of his pfps.


It's at the very bottom.

He is useless.

But even though he is useless he is trying to go for mod

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