This Commenter is banned on the Big Nate Comment Section. This means that you will not be able to find his/her past comments.

ColdNight Profile

Joined GoComics-August 29,2017

Favorite Food-Chipotle

Favorite Drink-Pepsi Wild Cherry

Number of Featured Comments-6(will get updated)

Number of Wars Participated In-2(Poll War 2 & Yee War)

Alternate Accounts-Icy(now main account since "ColdNight" got banned)

ColdNight History Part 1

ColdNight started out as a NOOB on August 29, 2017. He didn't know ANYTHING about the comments, and just read the comments and commented a little bit. He made his debut(LOL) joining the Narwhals in Poll War 2. Mostly though, ColdNight watched from afar. He commented more and more, gaining featured comments and becoming an everyday commenter. People began regularly replying to his comments. ColdNight had finally reached a position where he was fairly respected.

ColdNight History Part 2

ColdNight continued until there was this guy named Yee. A hypocritical, lying, and childish commenter who tried to "roast" other people and insult them, also complaining that they were being mean to HIM. ColdNight wasn't experienced in comment wars, so he foolishly replied to Yee's comments, making the list of "worst commenters", created by Yee. Then Yee made a fake account of President Snoopy, and President Snoopy went out of his way to prove he was the real one. Shortly after that...

ColdNight History Part 3

Yee made an alternate account of ColdNight. Somehow this made way to the GoComics moderators(or something) and both accounts got banned. Luckily ColdNight had an alternate account stashed away, and he used that one to come back on the comment sections. ColdNight informed everybody he was using an alternate account called "Icy". ColdNight then resumed commenting as normal, collecting more featured comments, replying to comments, and liking comments.

Overall Summary of ColdNight-A fairly respected commenter who doesn't care about polls but HATES spamming.

Hope you enjoyed!(Edits WILL be made in the future)

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