Nate 3 15 2020
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Heatman84 was a user and commenter on GoComics, and a major spammer.

Heatman84 only appeared on the Big Nate comment section once, on August 4th, 2017, where he spammed the comment section by posting tons of comments that said nothing on them. He ticked off everyone in the comment section, and everyone flagged his comments. It worked, his comments were deleted, and Heatman84 was banned, which ended the Poll War. He is sometimes referenced if someone is overloading the spam.

BiggerNate91, during the second Poll War/November Crisis, cooked up a plan to troll the comment section by recreating Heatman84 and his spam comments, but at the last second decided against it in order to preserve the sanity of the comment section, and to not get banned.

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