ItsP-dog, also known as P-dog on the wiki and GoComics, has been on the GoComics website since 2017, and has been active ever since. P-dog is known for being funny, kind and fun. Along with his playful personality and sarcastic comments, he is a somewhat respected commenter and someone that many users like to chat with


GoComics Activity

P-dog stopped being that active in the earlier months of 2020, when the Big Nate comic strip's quality and charm started to go downhill. He lost interest in the comic, and soon would only come on only to comment and have fun with his online friends.

Wiki Status

He is a semi-respected user on the wiki, mainly because he has a bad history of spamming and breakdowns. But all that aside, he's generally a nice guy. P-dog is also an Administrator for the Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki.

Early Life

P-dog loved reading the popular comics of Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield in his daily newspaper. He also read FoxTrot with his friends online as well has Pearl and Swine.    

He quicky started to lose interest in Garfield. P-dog realized that Garfied was just repetitive comics, and he stopped reading it. P-dog then started the search to find a comic to replace Garfield.    

Finding Big Nate

When P-dog was 8, discovered the world of Big Nate in his elementary school's library. The first book he read was Big Nate: And Friends. He enjoyed the book very much, and soon read every book out there. P-dog then learned about the Big Nate novels, and read through all of the ones that had been published at the time. But he wanted more.

Online Life

One fateful morning in the 4th grade, P-dog searched up "daily Big Nate" on google. The first website he discovered was GoComics, and he checked it out. He soon saw that the comment section was pure chaos, with the outbreak of the first Poll War. P-dog did not want to be involved in it, so he just read the comics, then would leave.

P-dog soon made an account in July 2018, after Poll War 2  ended. He made his first comment,

   "Hi! I'm new here. Can you guys show me around?"

Many users responded, but it did not get featured. The comment cannot be found, because P-dog has been banned from GoComics twice now, both for unknown reasons.

Joining The Wiki

P-dog joined the Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki on September 17, 2019. He quicky became used to the formatting of the wiki, and soon used the discussions board to make polls. One of the first one was

    "Whats your favorite pizza place?"

Soon after P-dog joined, BiggerNate91 left. Positive Elixir Trade made a poll on who should be the next bureaucrat. Not knowing who Positive Elixir Trade or Swasimcool were, P-dog voted blindly and ended up picking PET. He didn't think anything of it. PET then became this wiki's next bureaucrat.

Spam Crisis of Thanksgiving

Soon, on November 27, 2019, P-dog spammed Happy Thanksgiving on GarfieldMN's message wall. He spelled out the word one letter at a time. He was then confronted by many users, and got into a huge arguement. P-dog, being super immature at the time, didn't care what they said and acted like a victim. 

The Next Day

The day after that, P-dog hit 750 edits, over 500 of them being thread in an attempt to get moderator. In fact, it lowered his chances of being mod. Dozens of users lost all of their respect for him. 

On November 29, 2019, many of the Wiki's administrators apologized for being to harsh to P-dog and offered him stuff. P-dog accepted them, but none of them worked out. Positive Elixir Trade then gave some advice to fix up his reputation on the wiki, which P-dog put in his sandbox.

Don't Get The Wolf!

A few days after the Spam Crisis of Thanksgiving, P-dog made a competition called Don't Get The Wolf! with inspiration from Henry's Turkey Gobbler Competition. At first, when P-dog made the competition, many users accused and called him out for copying Henry's comp. He quickly added some different things, and told those users that he has Henry's consent.

The Competition Blows Up

Within the first 5 days, his competition only got 6 users signed up. Then, it blew up. Users were joining like crazy, and within 7 days, the competition had 18 people participating. P-dog then started the comp. When it ended, ComicComet won the competition.


On May 13, 2019, P-dog made his discord account. But, he never really used it. He was only in one server that he created, and it only has 3 members. But, on December 15, 2019, P-dog joined the BNCS [server]. Thats when he became really active. He was extremly interested in the server, and had a lot of fun in it. P-dog quicky got many friends, and soon he joined the Chat In The Hat.

🌵Cactus World🌵

On April 4, 2020, P-dog created a server for the 2020 Edit League auction. It was then thrown away because Swasimcool made a channrl for it in the BNCS discord server. P-dog then made it into 🌵Cactus World🌵, but it was very inactive. Not many people were in it, maybe around 10 people. Then, ComicRater joined, and asked to be made admin. P-dog let him, and Rater started adding emojis to the server, making it look more alive. He added a verification system, later updated by P-dog, and the server started to grow. It had around 20-30 members by the first day of May 2020.


On May 2nd, 2020, Bignatebaseball rejoined the server and started partnering with many other ones. The server gained almost 40 members in 3 days, and P-dog started making the server more official. He started having actual staff, and the server became popular.

It soon stopped though. The server mass growing came to an end, with around 3 or 4 people joining everyday. The server got boosted, and it got taken away. We have around 320 members now, and it would help a ton if you joined the server. Links to the servers will be right here

Spork In The Road

On May 28, 2020, an argument was raging in the Chat In The Chat. Bignatebaseball became very mad, and left the chat, and demoted himself on my server. P-dog needed some replacement admins and co-owner, so he made Spyroclub Co-Owner and ZachOWott Admin. P-dog wanted a name change on his server, so he consulted Zach. They came up with some ideas and eventually named it Spork In The Road. The community did not like it, though. They immediatly started leaving and P-dog thought about changing the name back. He eventually did.

Incredibly Huge Mass Growing

In July, 2020, Cactus World had nearly 180 members. Soon, P-dog added the Members+ bot, and gained maybe 20 or so members from that. They hit their second milestone: 200 members. P-dog had some nitro's, so he bought an ad from a server with 30,000 members. They gained about 150 or so members from that, hitting 350 members. People started to leave though, and the server is at around 350 members. If you could help us get to 500, that would be amazing.


On January 3, 2020 (I think) FANDOM announced that they would terminate users under the age of 13, P-dog then told the wiki that he would turn himself in, and he wished the wiki goodbye. P-dog then messaged George Kirkburn, a FANDOM staff person.


P-dog told him that his parents has approved of him using FANDOM, but Kirkburn responded that they need to fill out a document. P-dog then gave up, and turned himself in willingly. Kirkburn appreciated the action, and P-dog was terminated on January 11, 2020.

Return Of ItsP-dog

On January 13, 2020, P-dog's parents contacted FANDOM about this situation. FANDOM explained it thoroughly, and told them they need to fill out legal forms and mail it to the FANDOM HQ. P-dog parents did so, and after they filled out the forms, FANDOM contacted P-dog saying he could make a new account. P-dog did do, and returned as ItsP-dog. P-dog was then welcomed back by the community, and in the process returned to his normal self, just a bit more mature thought. Like a 4/10. Before it was like a 2/10.

Running For Moderator (again)

He then immediatly ran for discussions moderator, with a bit of support. He did not get it though. In about a month, P-dog ran again -a very stupid move, considering he ran a month ago- but got more support this time as shown here. He was still disliked somewhat by the community.

Possibility Of Leaving

P-dog thought about leaving in February, and told the wiki about it. Henry told P-dog to get on live chat, and gave me advice. He said that P-dog should run for mod when he returns if he leaves. P-dog then kept his advice in his head.


In mid February, 2020, P-dog mysteriouly left. Everything. GoComics, the wiki, Discord, all without a trace. During this time, P-dog was limited to 45 minutes of screen a day, and P-dog decided it was time to move on from the wiki. He didn't like it much anymore, and only used his screen for cubing videos. Every once in a blue moon, he would check discord, but would never do anything about it.

Return Of ItsP-dog (again)

On April 2, 2020, P-dog decided to check out the wiki. He looked at his notification -not many- then look at his message wall notifications -OMG THERE WAS LIKE 30 PINGS- many users asked where he was. Many users responded to that saying "he left". P-dog then would say "woo im back" in the discussions board. Many users welcomed him.

Haloluv Strikes

On January 15-18, Haloluv (you probably do not want to click on that link) attacked the wiki. He posted pornographic photos everywhere, and many wiki users started panicking and begging for eye bleach. P-dog was on the front lines as Haloluv attacked, and joined the army against him. He got banned by the admins, but used a VPN to keep coming back. This showed everyone the wiki's greatest weakness, and soon, another user would attack as well...

Sudden Mod

P-dog made a poll asking if he should be mod. Many users responded no, but Bignatebaseball said that they would be picking one without applications. Henry suggested that I be mod, and highly wanted me as it. P-dog thought that he wouldn't be one and might never.


P-dog got mod along with Spyroclub. For him, this was the most unexpected thing ever. But, he didn't oppose it. P-dog just accepted it. Soon, he started being hated on by a user I will not mention *cough* ToPhu31 *cough* for not "doing my job" because P-dog wasn't closing threads that had caused drama. P-dog ignored him.

Poll War III

Soon after P-dog became mod, people in GoComics started making polls. A campain went into action by Lssj8520 called #StopThePolls. Swayamplayz, ItsP-dog and LeonardSimmons2 (Lssj8520) were the first people to take action against the Pollers.

Info On Poll War 3

For more info on Poll War III check out ComicsCreatorz article on it right here. Also vote for that in the BNCS awards it deserves to win :D. Anyways, a quick summary of Poll War III right here down below.

PUFFA makes PoLe and gets featured. Puffs makes more. Even more. Even more. EVEN MORE. STILL MORE. CHILL OUT BOI. GAHHHHHHHH STOP IT. #StopThePolls. "Im backkkkkkkkkkkkk" and thats basically it. 

MartySayz returns

The Imposters

On May 8, 2020 (I think) a MartySayz imposter (later proven to be a certian user I will not mention) made a post about users that should be banned and if his demands werent met he would wage war on the wiki. P-dog made some sarcastic comments on it.

MartySayz (the real one)

Soon after, the real MartySays made a page called May 15th, 2020. The only content on it was "enjoy the peace christina." A user by the name of Christina Reynolds panicked about it, and got scared because she was the one mentioned in it. Many MartySays "alts" started vandalizing the wiki deleted content on pages replacing them with "enjoy the peace christina". 

The SuperTalker101 Crisis


It started on May 17, 2020 when SuperTalker101 messaged me on Discord.


It basically went,

Super: Ima troll the staff chat

Me: how

Super: I'm gonna scree record everything in there when I'm rly not

Me:  Uh

Me: Is that ok I might get demoted

Super: It's completly harmless. Trust me. It'll be finee

So P-dog went along with it. He was unprepared for what Super did next. HE ADDED TOPHU31 TO THE STAFF CHAT. P-dog and the other staff immediately started yelling at ToPhu to leave, but he didn't. ToPhu said something we were all suprised at. "I am screen recording everything in here. I will expose you lame staff" or something like that. All of us staff flew into a panic. We yelled at ToPhu to leave. Super threatened to expose us, but he edited his message back. Us staff were constantly pinging Swayam because he was't online at the time. Eventually, ToPhu and ComicRater would continue their argument. Here is a page on that argument.

The Wiki Gets Involved

Soon, after the first MartySays impostors struck, Super made a request to the admins asking if he could become admin so he can block the impostors. He was accepted into the staff. That's why Super was in the staff chat when the ToPhu argument was happening. Super then created the WIA (Wiki Intelligence Agency) which was supposed to find the MS impostors and then inform Super. The policy was bullcrap though. Super made it so NO ONE could undo the edits the MS impostors did until Super blocked him. No one listened to this, and would undo every edit the impostors did. Further information on the SuperTalker101 Crisis right here.

Breakdown of Bignatebaseball

The Big Decision

On June 9th, 2020, Swasimcool told P-dog on discord that he was thinking of demoting Bignatebaseball because he was to bossy and abusing his power. P-dog somewhat agreed with this, but wanted to give Bignatebaseball a warning. P-dog made a group chat on discord with all of the staff other than Bignatebaseball to decide what to do. By majority, the staff decided to warn Bignatebaseball.

Bignatebaseball Snaps

When the staff warned

Relationships With Other Users

Relationship With Bignatebaseball

Bignatebaseball is one of my favorite users on this wiki and discord. He funny, nice, likes to talk about sports, and an awesome guy in general. He does have terrible taste though, because he likes the seahawks.

Relationship With PigLover

I really used to hate you. When I had my spam crisis, you really got on my nerves. But when I came back from my leave, I saw something different in you. You are an actual nice guy, and fun to be around to. You are also great at coding.

Relationship With GiantNate91

GN91 is one of the nicest users on this wiki. He has a great personality, and is really funny too. It would be great to see him as a mod or admin.

Relationship With 7o'clock (I spelled it right ;)

I don't know 7 very well, but he seems like a very cool guy. Him being active again is awesome, and I wanna get to know him better. He is also very mature which I respect

Relationship With ComicComet

Comet is a nice guy, and his comments are funny sometimes. He is also sarcastic. I really didn't like how he tried to frame me to get me introuble with the admins, but that is in the past. He's pretty cool

Relationship With Lssj8520

Lssj is a cool guy, but a little new to the wiki. He is active a lot and I will NOT let him pass me in contribs.

Relationship With Christina Reynolds

Don't know you very well but you seem nice

Relationship With ComicsCreatorz

CC is a great cartoonist, and a great person as well. Though its hard to believe CC and PL are brothers, I do believe they are different people. CC is funny, but we do get in arguments a lot. But that doesnt matter, he's still a super cool guy.

Relationship With The Younglings

You are nice and a good man

Relationship With ComicRater

As you might of seen here, ComicRater is my favorite user along with ZachOWott. Rater is mature, funny, kind and we share a lot of opinions. He's an awesome person to talk to on discord as well.

Relationship With Spyroclub

Spyro is a super cool dude, and is a cuber along with me. We constantly talk about cubing together. He is a good mod, but somewhat active on the wiki, more than usual though. He's pretty cool.

Relationship With Henry Hudson GC

Its sad to see him go. In my opinion, Henry is this wiki's best admin other than Positive Elixir Trade. He's done so much for me that I can't repay. He told me I should run for mod when I came back from my leave, when I was all down and sad. He gave me advice, and most of all, we became friends. Henry is a really nice and funny guy, and I wish I could be better friends with him.

Relationship With ZachOWott

Along with ComicRater, ZachOWott is my favorite user. He is super funny on discord, and awesome to talk to. He is mature, and would be a great mod.

Relationship With ObiWanKenobiJesus

I don't really know you that well so I don't really have a description

Relationship With KellyTheGachaGirl

Kelly was a really nice and cool person and funny as well. She was way to desperate for moderator though which was kind of annoying.

Relationship With Salty Byleth Main

Salty is a nice person and kinda funny. But, she puts UwU at the end of her name and I am an UwU cop soo...

Relationship With TheCriciticizer

Sup Rater o/.

Relationship With HappyTheApple

He seems pretty cool. He's very active for a new user, so I respect that.

Relationship With Long Name Dude

This guy is awesome like his name says. He is a very nice and kind person, and very funny as well.

Relationship With Swasimcool

Swayam is a very nice guy, and very friendly too. He is an OK bureaucrat, but he hasn't done much. But that aside, he is a very cool user.

Relationship With FancyPantsFan

I liked Cross better than Fancy, but whatever. He is an OK user, but his badge gaming got on my nerves. But he can be funny at times.

Relationship With Moon Man is gone

Moon man is a nice guy, but I don't really know much about him. He tries a little to hard to get mod though.

Relationship With ToPhu31

I really don't like this guy he is a really big jerk in my opinion. His discord server is cool though.

Relationship With Neptune7Ninja2Comics

Neptune was a really good admin, and its awesome to talk to him on discord. I am very lucky that I got in contact with him after he left, and I will NOT give you his discord. Neptune is a super cool person.

Relationship With SuperTalker101

Jerk b!tch ass piece of sh!t

Relationship With Goldenglory4life

GG4L has gone insane in the past few months, begging everyone to ban him for no reason. I lost a good amount of respect for him because of that, and he has become like the old immature me. He is also pretty inactive. He can be pretty cool at times.

Relationship With Zero twoooooooo

I don't know you very well but you seem like a good man.

Relationship With Cheeeeeeeeez

You seem cool.

Relationship With GarfieldMN

Garf is a mature guy, but is super inactive. He is one of my IRL friends, but he makes empty promises sometimes.

Relationship With Yoda

Yoda used to really annoy be, but he is pretty cool now. He's really funny

Relationship With Moothu

You are cool but super unactive.

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