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This user is banned on the Big Nate Comment Section, meaning that his/her past comments will not visible.

NotSarweshbutbad was a user who might have been Sarwesh coming back. As a 2019 commenter, NSBB didn't post any more spam if he is Sarwesh. Another user also joined the same day NSBB joined, named 1653yidgjjj. This user spammed and is thought to be banned for "taunting" which was just his profile picture Fortnite dancing.

The Bet

Neptune_Ninja_Comics made a bet with him, which if NSBB lost, Neptune could pick his new username. Of course, Neptune picked a character from his exciting action story, "The comment Ninja's" and that character username was Nobody Else. NSBB was now Nobody Else. Nobody_Else gained friends and respect from commenters, especially Neptune because he showed him the website to make his profile picture. Later Neptune turned it into a GIF, inspired by Cheesedoodle51, but Nobody_Else still is remembered through NeptuneNinja's profile picture.

The Ban!

Nobody_else was banned on an unknown date for an unknown reason. He is remembered through Neptune's profile picture, which was made by a website Nobobdy_Else shared. It is unknown if and when he will come back. Though it is very unlikely.

Dead Commenter!

This user has been inactive for a long period of time and is considered a dead commenter.

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