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Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jesus)

First things first, I am NOT Pig Lover. Pig lover copied my name for discord when I took a long break from the wiki. Once again I am Not Pig Lover.

For me the wiki was a place to be with those of my kind, nerds, geeks, outcast, my kind of people, those who don't care what others think and find a second home in the wiki like I did. You guys are incredible, and funny, and just amazing and I love being here.

I went to a big party last night and half of my grade was invited and barely talked the entire time and only to my two closest friends. But here I just feel so comfortable it is so easy to be addicted. I still remember when I first joined the wiki I was semi-popular on GC but not nearly as Popular as the Younglings, Salty, or anyone else and my first few articles and posts were decent and overall were just mediocre.

Now back to G.C, I had read big nate among other comics for a while and occasionally looked at the featured comment until I decided to join the comments. Everyday during my classes at school I would secretly check to see how many likes and comments I got. At this time Salty and Moonman were dominating the comics getting featured everyday there were no spammers or anything. I made some posts that were just screaming for attention but I first got a small amount of fame when I started a sort of cult with Moonman. After that I was back to a first rate nobody.

I took a small break and came back two days after the first MartySays attack and I quickly became an anti-poller and changed my name to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jesus) which quickly became the new me, the younglings and I led a rapid trend of Star Wars names and roll play which I loved every second of. Everyday I did my best to comment and like a lot of comments because I knew how much they meant to me when I used to get them. Then my life changed, I was invited to the wiki. Now I heard of the wiki before but never had I gone there. I quickly came addicted made a few articles tried to write a story and stayed a nobody. A little while later I got featured comment for the first time and I had been put in article as one of the poll war commanders.

I felt like I had peeked, then I got banned from GC. I remained on the wiki and made my hunger games page and then at the peak of my small amount of fame, I stopped going to the wiki. My friends had figured out that I had waken up at 1 am to post a comment on GC and they had a good laugh at that but that's not what had stopped me one night as I typed up an article I realized I was at the gates of geekdom a whole world was on the other side and, I, chickened out. I stopped going to GC or the Wiki and after a while I forgot and moved on.

A few moths later I said goodbye and that was it. I happened to check on the wiki on the day of the three year anniversary and then I decided one thing, I Will Return. Maybe not today maybe not next week but I will be back even right now I have started my plan. I doubt anyone will read this but if you do can you send me a message or something I will check in like a week to see who has read it. Oh and one last thing, on the hunger games article I had to redo the simulation after the first try because Martysays, Won and he teamed with super in the first half of the game before killing him later ...

My story continues as of September 11th I'm still trying to quit the wiki. It is crazy addicting and I don't want it to interfere with my schoolwork but I just keep coming back. With that said I am now trying to get on the badge leaderboards.

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My GC History

It all started when I was constantly looking for a way to read comics because my local newspaper doesn't have a comic section. Eventually I found GoComics and everyday I read Big Nate as well as a few other comics. I had noticed the featured comment under the strip but that never really interested me until I realized that there was more than one comment. I was quickly drawn in and my goal was featured comment. At first I said a lot of cheesy things which didn't get me anywhere. I remained a nobody until poll war 3 or 3.5 whatever you want to call it. I became an anti-poller and got a small amount and got some more when the Star Wars trend took GC by storm. Eventually I got my featured comment, I don't know when or how because now I'm banned from GC. After that I spent the rest of my days in peace until I was banned for yelling at all the stupid kids yelling at anyone who did a poll.

What I Look Like

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Yes this is a bobble head. No I am not a bobble head.

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