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SuperTalker101 is an infamous user, who is deemed as an undesirable and vandalized, and is now temporarily banned on FANDOM's network.



Super joins the wiki as "FallenUser001".



He joins the wiki again, now known as SuperTalker101.


At this point, SuperTalker101 starts harassing people such as Bignatebaseball and ItsP-dog. He also created fake MartySays accounts so he could save the wiki and look like a hero. He is now banned from Fandom until July 18, 2020, but some users are trying to get Fandom to extend his ban.

He came back to gc on July 5.

On July 29, reported TAC.

Soon he was seen on Discord asking P-dog's sister personal questions.


Super was a very mean guy. He harrased P-Dog and made him cry. He also called BNB a "s***hole and if that's not enough he starts asking P-Dogs sister those questions this man is a disgrace to humans everywhere. He later then came back and gave the worst apology of all time. He also impersonated Just nate from GC on discord. He also got Pdog’s address.

To sum it up in bulletpoints

  • Mean
  • Jerk
  • Harasser
  • Poser
  • Imposter
  • Pedophile
  • Porn poster

Nate 3 15 2020
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Super later returned on Sep 14 but it is unknown what he is plotting for the wiki.
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