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This user is banned on the Big Nate Comment Section, meaning that his/her past comments will not visible.

ToPhu was a minor commentator on GoComics, and is respectful and fair to mostly everyone. 

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In September 2018, I was looking around in the Big Nate Wiki when I saw links to websites that SHOWED the comments, I was thrilled and got on in September as a guest user, and didn't even notice the comments until August. I observed the chat and noticed I had to log in to chat, so I created my first account under Google, TopHatGaming_YT in November of 2018.

Since back then I had an active YouTube channel, so I obviously wanted to promote it, but as I got more into school, I forgot my account and "disappeared" as TopHatGaming_YT. A few weeks later, I recreated an account using my email, becoming TopHatStudio. I noticed that my comments weren't getting any attention, so I was worried my account couldn't chat or was banned. I continued to chat even though no one noticed me or saw my comments until I found my original account and renamed myself TopHat in February of 2019.

I immediately saw that my comments were getting hearts and replies and signs of being active again and I was satisfied. I later renamed myself to ToPhu, (for reasons below) and became a commentator and author of GoComics, Discord, and the Wiki.

He, along with Moon Man, got banned on February 23, 2020 for batting in The Annoyance - ZachOWott VS Moonman (2/21/2020) He is still active on the wiki.

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ToPhu is never online

ToPhu is most active on Discord

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