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This user is banned on the Big Nate Comment Section, meaning that his/her past comments will not visible.

ToPhu was a minor commentator on GoComics, and is respectful and fair to mostly everyone. 


In September 2018, I was looking around in the Big Nate Wiki when I saw links to websites that SHOWED the comments, I was thrilled and got on in September as a guest user, and didn't even notice the comments until August. I observed the chat and noticed I had to log in to chat, so I created my first account under Google, TopHatGaming_YT in November of 2018.

Since back then I had an active YouTube channel, so I obviously wanted to promote it, but as I got more into school, I forgot my account and "disappeared" as TopHatGaming_YT. A few weeks later, I recreated an account using my email, becoming TopHatStudio. I noticed that my comments weren't getting any attention, so I was worried my account couldn't chat or was banned. I continued to chat even though no one noticed me or saw my comments until I found my original account and renamed myself TopHat in February of 2019.

I immediately saw that my comments were getting hearts and replies and signs of being active again and I was satisfied. I later renamed myself to ToPhu, (for reasons below) and became a commentator and author of GoComics, Discord, and the BNCS Wiki.

He, along with Moon Man, got banned on February 23, 2020 for batting in The Annoyance - ZachOWott VS Moonman (2/21/2020) He is still active on the wiki.

Quick Questions Era

Fun Facts

ToPhu is never online

ToPhu is most active on Discord

He has been blocked before on this wiki. Mostly for his reason for his banning is his repeatedly manipulating people. He is been blocked multiple times. This means that most wiki users don’t agree with him.

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