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About Yoda as a commenter

Yoda was first known on GoComics for his Trivia Questions and other comments until he got banned. He moved on to the wiki where he got banned again and then kept coming back.

The beginning

So Yoda started out as a really toxic and greedy commenter who did anything to be featured and be popular with people. He basically sometimes put on his trivia questions (User XXXX don't spoil answers you ruin everything) and sometimes boss others around because he didn't want them to have featured comment. Although many people enjoyed his questions Yoda certainly didn't enjoy his own attitude.

Random stuff Yoda's done

  • calmed people down during hacker war
  • worked on a lot of comment ninjas stories
  • designed a good summer cup mascot
  • battled a bit in GoComics
  • he planted a tree
  • he makes Big Nate shit like weird and dark LLBS

Username Archive

  • NateNapoleonWright1231
  • Action Cat
  • NateMaximusNapoleonWright1231
  • MasterYoda04
  • Yoda
  • NateMaximusNapoleonWright1231
  • Baby dragon
  • squareroot 1 2 cubed 3 sum (symbol) pi (symbol)
  • Darth Revan GC
  • Bobross1201022001102
  • Shahajdasj
  • Susan Heffley
  • OrphanNate91
  • AfricanNate91
  • Big Nate Parodys
  • Chemical_Chaos
  • TheCreeperGoesAwwMan
  • degdarkjugfrogs
  • Lego Joker
  • Jesus Christ
  • xX123_ComicsCreatorzPlaysz_123Xx
  • Artur Lenin Pashkov
  • FaZe Greg Heffley
  • Galen Marek GC
  • Cheesemaster 14000
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Ashoka Tano GC
  • Chemical-C
  • berniesanders420



First GoComics Banning

He got banned on GoComics for singing PewDiePie's song, Congratulations. Although he censored all his swears, there were still some racist lines left out.

Second GoComics Banning

He got banned on GoComics for a second time as the user DegDarkJugFrogs and criticized a user for promoting Fortnite by calling them an "Uncultured Swine" and telling him "Whoever told you to be yourself couldn't have given worse advice.

Third GoComics Banning

He got banned on GoComics by making an original song called "Turnaround" Which was a Big Nate parody of Revenge by CaptainSparklez

Fourth GoComics Banning

He got banned on GoComics because he was parodying Jesus Christ and said things like "for jerusalem" and "its my birthday!" on Christmas. (BTW Yoda is christian)

Fourth GoComics banning

He got banned on GoComics by participating in the meowmix battle calling people like moonman and mifuwu stupid kids

Sixth GoComics banning

He got banned on GoComics by arguing with Donald Trump and Moonman

Seventh GoComics banning

He got banned on GoComics because he kept saying the word "Dank" in an attempt to gain the first comment. Oh and he also started the trend of people saying the word as well.

Eigth GoComics banning

He got banned on GoComics as Joeseph Stalin because apparently I had said something really bad in Russian lol

Ninth GoComics banning

He got banned on GoComics parodying as Syobon, or rather his Australian Cousin. Ok I might have made a STD joke, but whatever.

Tenth GoComics banning

he returned as Oof Big Nate and then turned into Willie Syobons cousin and got banned soon because of his spam and stuff


He got banned on the wiki for posting an image of commenters swearing, which included CheezDoodle51 confessing that he was the hacker and Neptune swearing to him.

The Meowmix thing

Yoda has participated in the Mewowmix "crisis"

He was sort of in the meowmix side of things just because he hated the idiots on team anti mewomix

Yoda's friends

This is a list of all of Yoda's friends

Some Gallery Photos!

Old Profiles

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