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  1. No fighting
  2. Respect other people opinion
  3. Leave your name or don’t sign your name


  1. I think Big Nate needs to get some major changes if they wanna keep their fan base
  2. I am thankful for all the people that have been nice to me, considering I have some problems at home and the fact that it’s my 1 year GoComics anniversary!

Pig Lover

  1. I think the new comics are really boring
  2. Nate should go on a vacation, a make some gags, like the restaurant has better/worse food than Marty's cooking, or there is a gift shop with shoes and Ellen shops there for hours, you get the point.


  1. The new comics aren't the greatest, but they are alright
  2. Nate needs a dog


  1. A story arc where Nate meets his mom. (Woah! Already writing it)


  1. Agree with spyro
  2. Nate should run into Trudy somewhere


  1. More people should join the wiki (lmao)

Henry Hudson

  1. Big Nate is good no matter what
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