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What's up Summer Cup gamers and WELCOME to the best summer game there is!! In this competition you will be competing all through the month of July to make the most money! You can do this through doing jobs over the summer, or get creative and think of another way! (Or get lucky.)

How this game works is you will each have your own story and you can do whatever you like there. I will say what happens in the story except your character. If you are confused look at this page:

(This competition is starting on July 1st and will go until July 30th)


  1. You have free will forΒ yourΒ character, you cannot make an npc do something or change the setting to your own will, that is Spyroclub1's job.
  2. DO NOT CHANGE ANYONE'S STORY IN ANY WAY. Unlike Trick Or Treat you cannot go into someone else's story because that got too confusing, you are restricted to your own story only.
  3. DO NOT change anything that Spyroclub1 put down in your story. Don't worry, I cannot change what your character does, you have complete free will of your character.
  4. Please be a good sport.
  5. Please just don't make your character too overpowered.
  6. Have fun!!!

Players (Signups are now closed)












ToPhu (If anyone quits)


  1. TheYounglings (185,000,000,000 dollars)
  2. Swasimcool (3,000,000 dollars)
  3. Bignatebaseball (2,050,300 dollars)
  4. ItsP-dog (1,000,400 dollars)
  5. GarfieldMN (1,000,000 dollars)
  6. GiantNate91 (3,000 dollars)
  7. Moon Man (353 dollars)
  8. ZachOWott (0.25 dollars)

ZachOWott's Story

Zach and his pal Jimmy are on a hill looking in the distance for a possible job opportunity. To the left there is a city and to the right there is more land. What do you do?

I go to the city.

There are lots of buildings. In the streets you find a quarter, do you pick it up?


Congratulations! You got 25 centers and you are in first place! There is a stand with an old woman behind it selling cat stew.

I decide to sue her because some of it was a very distant relative of Jimmy.

You are in a court as a lawyer, the judge tells you to make your case.

"The old lady was selling 'cat stew'. I, having a cat, would not like to eat that. I looked at the stew she was selling and decided to have Jimmy, my cat who is also a jack of all trades, analyze it. He found remnants of a distant relative of his. I claim that the woman was trying to make Jimmy a cannibal and also murdered a cat."

Prosecutors statement- "Your honor, this sweet lady was only selling her stew to help her sick kitten, and named it "Cat Stew" because of that. Plus, what kind of cat can smell what's in bowl of soup? They are far too dumb for that," said the prosecutor, laughing. The judge nodded. "Mr. Zach, do you have anything to say about this?" the judge asked. The prosecutor chuckled softly and winked at you.

"You should check Jimmy's credentials. He's quite the talented cat."

"I suggest we take a break to find more evidence, I don't have time for silly games Zach," said the Judge. You are back at the cat stew place to find evidence.

I search around the cat stew stand.

You found the cat stew!

I take the cat stew to be analyzed. Maybe they can find traces of real cats connected to Jimmy.

Cat stew acquired, do you take it to a science lab to be analyzed?


The sciency scientists analyze the Cat stew and conclude that they are hungry. They ask you if you want to go to the local Subway with them to grab a quick bite before continuing very sciency work.

I say sure.

You arrive at the subway and the robot working there asks what you want.

I order the smallest thing so we can quickly get back to the lab soon.

You order a skittle and the squad gets 24 foot long subs, giant packs of chips and gigantic soda bottles. While you guys are eating you see a mysterious old lady behind a counter. She looks familiar...

I tell the squad that I think that's the cat stew lady and we should confront her.

One of the scientists suggest we go into super tall man made and have everyone stacked up and in a trench coat.


You all go together and are an extremely tall person, you are the head of it and at the top. The old lady cowers under the tallness and asks what you want.

"Do you happen to run a business......perhaps, selling something?"

"I run a family owned business selling stew, JUST NORMAL STEW NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!"

"Can you list me all the ingredients to the stew?"

She delivers it with a shaking hand. It has: Carrots, broth, and freshly cut up cats.

"Can I get that in writing with your signature?" Now I will have evidence!

She signs it. Would you like to go back to court?


GiantNate91's Story

You are a giant in a field of other giants. Below is a human neighborhood of normal sized people. One of the giants is trying to get you to crush the human neighborhood. What do you do?

I run away from the neighborhood.

You hear the screams of innocent civilians as you crush them, the Giant Mayor comes racing towards you and tells you to stop killing people.

I agree to stop.

He agrees to kill you and he raises his first.

I continue to run away.

You see a bunch of kindergartners dangling helplessly on a mountain that you are eye-level to. They are yelling for help.

I decide to help and save them.

How do you save them?

Since I am a giant, I rescue them and put them back down on the ground.

The human mayor thanks you and gives you 3,000 dollars as a thanks. Suddenly another giant chucks you in the air and you're on a plane. The plane is falling because of your weight.

I wait a tiny bit before jumping out, looking for hay bales, thick snow, or bushes while staying in a safer position.

You are safe from the fall but that tiny bit of crushing the plane caused an engine to blow and it's falling at a fast rate!

I try and scramble away and shield my ears.

The plane falls and everyone in it dies.

I go back to the village to tell them what happened.

You go back but no other giants are there, suddenly it becomes dark and a huge meteor is falling down from the sky about to crush you!

I run away and try to hide behind a mountain.

The meteor crashes while you are safe behind the mountain, but it turns out to be a money meteor and explodes into thousands of dollars bills!

GarfieldMN's Story

You are Garfield and is lying in bed when you are awaken by Jon to have breakfast. He is carrying a bowl of cat food for you. What do you do?

Slap it away because I want lasagna

He tells you to eat it or you wont be able to go to the donut shop later.

Then I pretend to eat but throw it away later when he isn’t looking.

"Alright, come with me to the donut shop, but not if you kick Odie!" Jon said, walking to the car. You then see Odie on the edge of a cliff outside looking down.

I push him off (because it’s not kicking)

Jon takes you to the donut shop and they have every donut ever. Jon asks you what donut you want.

Every donut ever

You have lots of donuts and get even fatter and you also get the money donut, do you eat it or take the money?

Every penny counts, so yes.

That wasn't a yes or no question.

What I meant was take the money

It is an extremely valuable expensive donut and you get 1 million dollars from it!

Ooh! Ooh! What’s next? Ooh! Can I go to the gold mine? Or win a lottery?

Would you like to go to a gold mine or enter a lottery?

Gold mine

You go to the gold mine and there is a big cave.


Would you like to go through the mining tutorial?


They go through with it with a song: Mining: Chip. Chip. HOORAY! This is the tutorial! Welcome to the tutorial! Mine the gold! Beware of the dynamite! Gooooodbyeeeeeeee........... You can now enter the mine!

Just say I won a googolplex dollars from the gold mine


ItsP-dog's Story

You are in a dog house and you are a dog. There are 2 other dogs in the dog house and outside there is a human house. One of the dogs is an adult golden retriever and the other is a yorky. What do you do?

Bark at the yorky and beat the crap out of it.

Yorky will remember that.Β 

Not if it's dead.Β 

"Not if your dead," said the owner of the Yorky, coming outside and raising his knives.Β 

I bite his nuts, then steal his wallet and his phone

He howls in pain and falls down, you successfully redeemed his wallet with 400 dollars in it and his phone.

I take all of the money out of his bank account

You need to enter a password to access his bank account.

enters password into the password slot* *the account opens up*

Unfortunately password is not the correct password and you can't make it the password, you will need to find the password.

searches through phone, and sees the password is Avalanche33TeeBone88, and enters it in*

Unfortunately you cannot control where the password is and what it is.

I beat up the person saying it isnt right because it is

The person cowers under the bulging muscles of P-dog and the password is suddenly correct!

Yay. I take out 40 million dollars, which is the guys entire live savings

This guys life savings is actually 30 thousand, but you get that!!!

Yay. I then rob his bank account

Didn't you just do that?

Woops i actually robbed the bank

You get 70 thousand dollars from the bank!

I then go rob Bill Gates for all his money

Moon Man Is Gone's Story

You are in an arcade and you are playing smash bros, you are maining Byleth and you just lost. Outside the arcade there are rides. Inside the arcade there are other games and prizes. Some of the games are the claw machine and Skiball. What do you do?

i take my chances with the claw machine.

The claw machine decided to take chances with your life and comes alive and attacks you with its claw.

i run towards a group of people so the claw machine would eat them instead

The claw causes havoc in the arcade and the owner is begging for you to do something about it, then the owner is dragged in the sky with the claw.

i grab a bucket of water and throw it at the claw machine

The claw machine fizzles and dies, but the owner is falling to the ground at a very fast rate!

i use what is left of the bucket to put water under the owner and protect them from fall damage minecraft style.

The owner thanks you greatly and asks how they can ever repay you.

i give the owner a sob story about how poor i've been and that i wanna do good in the world yadda yadda and i tell the owner that i'm in need of money

He had his airpods in and asks if you can repeat that

i tell him that i'm low on money and i'd appreciate it if he helped me out

He offers you a job at the arcade to make money

i agree and decide to work extra hard until i get my next income

He hands you a mop and tells you to clean the floor, it is very dirty

i sweep it and make it so shiny and slippery on purpose so someone would fall down and drop something that starts with a w and ends with a t

The floor is shiny and nice and right when the owner is giving you a good-sized paycheck for the hard-work someone trips and their pet Wombat falls and dies

i give their pet wombat a totem of undying so now he'd have to pay me for saving his pet, oh and i also take the paycheck too.

You do not possess a totem of undying.

i take my paycheck and leave the store, i also nab the guy who fell's walker jk wallet

You get 350 dollars from the paycheck and the guy that you stole the wallet from yells at you and chases you.

i shout that it's my wallet and run into my house and lock the doors and close the curtain, i also grab my gun and deposit the money in my bank account.

The guy falls through the roof and grabs you, demanding his wallet.

i give him his wallet which is now filled with very well made counterfeit bills (why do you hate me spyro lol)

He sniffs the bills and says they don't smell like his money

i tell him it's cause while i was running i was sweating so much the smell changed (you are not going to let me get the money, aren't you?)

He licks the bills and says they dont taste like them.

i tell him it's because i ALSO lick my money which took away the taste (spyro just give me the money)

He puts it closely to his ear and says it doesn't sound like his money.

i tell him it's because my sweaty hands made the paper damp which makes it sound different (oh come on)

He whistles to the money and it doesn't whistle back to him, but the real money that you hid does. He demands the real money.

i tell him that i also whistle to my money so he must have whistled to my money.

He walks away unsure and you get three dollars from the wallet!

3 DOLLARS??!. ugh fine. What next, o'mighty one?

There is a ice cream shop across the road with a "Now hiring" sign.

(gimme something pfp, username or undertale related o mighty one. but ill roll with this.)

i decide to work for the ice cream shop

The manager has an interview for you. First question: Tell me about yourself.

i eat rocks in my spare time, i watch memes and i have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

You're hired!

lmao, i decide to start a twitch streaming service. I also put a high quality FX to make it look like i'm hot so simps like p-dog would pay me lots of money.

oh and i do that in my spare time, because obviously i'd start working the next week, no job makes you work instantly so i go home and do the stuff i just said.

Swasimcool's Story

You are a parrot and is flying around a neighborhood. There are many houses and people. One of the people is calling you from down below and is looking for you. What do you do?

I fly to them.

It turns out to be a parrot trapper and they swing their net and catch you! Oh no!

I decide to make a screeching noise.

They ignore you and take you into their home. They set you on the table and see a bunch of parrots inside a pot on the stove.

I make the loudest noise ever causing the pot to break setting me free.

The parrots on the stove have been made to soup, where do you go as a free parrot?

I fly out of the house.

The parrots you could've saved die but luckily you get out unharmed! Where do you go?

I go to my cousin's drug store.

He is behind the counter and asks why you're here.

I tell him I need some money

He tells you about an ice cream shop across that's hiring and in need of workers.

I tell him I need to sell drugs for more money.


I pull out a gun and tell him to give me all the money he has.

He takes out his gun and says to back off.

I put on my bullet proof vest and tell him if he even moves he will get shot.

He doesn't have money on him but gives you drugs.

I take all his drugs and decide to sell them all. I also bribe the police to make sure they dont arrest me.

You get 3 million dollars from all the drugs you sold but the police arrested you anyways since they dont take bribey.

TheYounglings' Story

You are in a house and are a youngling (kid). You are in your room right now. In your room there is a computer, bed, and closet. Inside the closet someone is yelling and knocking on the closet door. What do you do?

I yell, "Who is in the closet?"

They continue to yell and knock.

I open the door

It is a demon and they swallow you, you are in now in the demon demention are there are a lot of demons.

I ask to join them

They laugh at you

I ask if I can possess people with them

They say you must go through years of training to be able to possess

I agree to train

Your first challenge is to single-handedly mop the floor.

I mop the floor

Congratulations, your next challenge is to do the dishes.

I do the dishes

You have successfully became a demon and you can possess people.

I possess a banker and make him transfer everyone's money in the bank into my bank account

It turns out to be Jeff Bezo's personal bank and you get 185 billion dollars from it, cleanings paid off! The manager comes and asks you what you're doing.

I tell him that Jeff Bezos personally requested this to happen, and tell him to look at the screen.

"Why would he request all his bank money being transferred to someone...?"

I ask another demon to possess the manager, and we'll split the profits.

The demon doesn't accept currency, but he'll do it for a human sacrifice.

I ask him which human he wishes to sacrifice.

"Christina Reynolds"

I ask him if there is any other human he wishes to sacrifice.

He says that Christina committed treason against the demons, and must be the one killed.

I politely refuse (moon man note: dude what, we get that she's your online gf but we're talking hundreds of billions, you can probably buy a resurrection machine to save her. think big, man.)

They go away. "Well?" asks the manager.

I very casually saunter up to him and... slam his face into the screen.

The man falls to the floor with his face bloody, unconscious. The janitor walks by, looks to him, then up to you, and runs away.

I take all the money out of my account and get in a car back to my house.

You get to keep the 185 billion.

I am happy.

Iwshtfau's Story

You are a waffle on a plate and someone is about to eat you. Below you is the floor. What do you do?

Slap them in the face and run away

They are in shock that a waffle is running. You are in the kitchen, would you like to go outside or to another room or somewhere else?

I go in the pantry to save my waffle πŸ§‡ friends, and then steal all the other food and sell it

The waffles are in the freezer

My friends are pantry-waffles

Your friends have already been eaten

I run run run run... several hundred runs later, I’m in China

You collapse at China from exhaustion and someone puts you on a plate and carry's you to a picnic.

I swear at them in Chinese and steal there β€œwalker”. cough bnb cough cough

You are too exhausted to speak

I steal there wallet anyway

You are too exhausted to steal their wallet

I rest underground where they can’t get me and then steal there wallet

You are too exhausted to go underground, they then put you in the picnic basket and close the lid, it is dark.


You cannot get out of the basket because of the lid, you then hear talk of the people wanting to have waffles.

Bignatebaseball's Story

You are a pitcher in the middle of a baseball game. You are pitching right now against a batter. The team is rooting you on. What do you do?

I throw the ball at the other team

Where do you throw the ball to the other team?

at there star player

You throw the ball right at the batter who is their star player and he hobbles over to first base. Next batter up!

I tell him I'll throw it at his head unless he gives me ten bucks

Your coach comes over and tells you you can't taunt the players or else he'll have to kick you out of the game.

I tell him that I quit and then I quickly nab the Walker out of his pocket

Whats a walker?

Whoops Wallet

He tells you to give it back

I run

Where do you run?


You have succesfully got his wallet with three hundred dollars inside, his credit card, a picture of his kids, an extremely rare baseball card and an "If found, please countact "Phone Number" card. Congrats you're in first! What do you do in your home?

Go on my moms computer and withdraw money from my college fund

You got 50 thousand dollars from your college fund! Now what do you do?

I sell the extremely rare baseball card in coach's wallet

It is so rare that you got 2 million from it! Now what do you do?

SunnyPuppo's Story

You are a puppy in a sunny valley. There are lots of other puppies with you. Over yonder there is a big house. What do you do?

Bignatebeast's Story

You are Nate in the Big Nate world and are in your room while Marty is calling you down for breakfast. In your room there is a bed, comics and a cheez doodle collection. What do you do?

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