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(Disclaimer: I don't ship me and super, this just randomly popped into my head.)

Chapter one

Swaimsicool's voice came over the loudspeaker: "Alright everyone, excellent job today! Make sure to check out at the front desk, and we'll see you in the BNCW HQ tomorrow!"

Christina wrapped up her final wiki post of the day and prepared to meet up with Salty and P-dog at the cafe. "Hey, Christina!"

"Hey Salty. What's up?" Salty shrugged. "Not much. C'mon, let's head to the cafe."

The three of them sat at the cafe bar. "So, how was work, ladies?" P-dog asked. Christina shrugged. "It was fine, though I was forced to retreat into discord a couple of times." "Oof," Salty commented. "Three glasses of sprite please!" P-dog turned to Christina. "Have you heard about SuperTalker101?" Christina shook her head. "Who's that?"

P-dog's voice came down to a whisper. "He used to be an admin for the BNCW, but he was found guilty of many, many crimes." Christina gasped. "Like what?" "Like, everything." Salty chimed in. "Pornography posting, spamming, alt accounts, you name it, he did it. Also, rumor has it that he's secretly working with Martysays." "Wow." P-dog nodded. "A couple of days ago, some of the BNCW employees were reporting sightings of him lurking around the HQ. Swaimsicool told us we had to be on the lookout."

"Whoa. That's crazy." Christina took a long sip of her sprite. "I know right?" Salty stated. "He's right up there with Martysays and BNB's alt accounts." "Facts!" The three of them burst out laughing.


"Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow!" "Bye Christina!" Christina waved bye to her friends and climbed into her uber. As soon as she arrived at her house, she collapsed onto her bed, exhausted from work. 

As she began drifting off to sleep, she heard someone whisper into her ear: "I won't ever let you go."

Chapter two

Christina woke up in her bedroom, remembering what she heard in her ear the night before. Who was that? "Oh, it's probably just your imagination," she told herself. But even as she said it, she didn't believe it.

As she checked into the BNCW HQ and got to editing, she tried to get the voice out of her head. But she couldn't. It was one of those things she just couldn't get out of her head, no matter how difficult she tried.

Who were they? Was it real? Was it my head? She found herself unable to focus on her edits.

"Heya, Christina!"

Christina looked up from her computer. "Oh, hey Lssj8520."

Lssj8520 placed his hand on Christina's shoulder. "Ya feelin' ok? Ya look a little tired."

Christina sighed. "I don't know. I think there was someone in my room last night." "That's, uh, disturbing." Lssj8520 pulled up a chair and sat next to her. "Are you sure it even happened?" "I don't know!" Christina wailed. "BNCW is a strange place," Lssj8520 commented. "And also, I think I might have seen SuperTalker 101 lurking around outside." Christina shivered. "Super is creepy." "Facts! But he can't get in, I don't think." "That's good."

A few moments later, an alarm started blaring. Swaimsicool's voice came over the loudspeaker: "Attention all BNCW employees! There is an intruder in the building! I repeat, there is an intruder in the building! Everyone report to an appropriate hiding place!"

Christina gave Lssj8520 a look. "You were saying?"

Chapter Three

Christina, Salty, and Kelly were all squeezed into a locker room closet. "Guys, who do you think is out there?" Kelly whimpered. "I don't know, be quiet." Salty hissed. "What if they hurt BNB?" "Will you shut up?!"

The sound of a door slamming made all three girls immediately quiet. Christina's heart beat wildly in her chest. Footsteps began nearing their hiding place. "Who is that?" Salty whispered. "Shhhhhhhh!!!"

The footsteps stopped right outside the closet door. All three girls froze, terrified. 

After a few minutes, whoever was outside slowly walked away from their closet. "That was close!" Kelly whispered.

A couple of hours later, the girls still hadn't been told the building was safe again. "What do you think is going on out there?" Christina asked. "I don't know. Maybe one of us should go check." "Alright, I will," Christina told the other girls. "Good luck." "Thanks, Salty."

Christina walked through the halls of the BNCW. "Anyone here?"

All of a sudden, she heard footsteps behind her. Her heart stopped. She knew she had to run.... and yet she couldn't move. 

The footsteps got closer and closer. Christina ran toward the exit at the end of the hallway, but it was locked. "Oh no." 

All of a sudden, an arm grabbed her around the waist from behind and injected something into her. As she collapsed in their arms, she was able to get a good look at their face.



Then everything went black.

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Chapter Four

(Special thanks to P-dog for helping me write this!)

Christina’s eyes fluttered open. She looked around to find herself in some kind of bedroom

Supers room

and noticed she was in an armchair. She struggled to get out, then found she was tied down to it, very very tightly.

“Can’t move?”

Christina looked up to see SuperTalker101.


“Something wrong, babydoll?”

Christina struggled to find words. “Y-yes. Yo-you knocked me out! Why?”

“I am sure you know. Welcome to the spammer mansion, doll, the place where all the spammers reside.”

“N-no, I don’t know, you idiot!”

“It’s because…”

“Because whyyyy!?!?!?” Christina shrieked.

Super smirked. “I want someone to live with. I need someone to live with. I am alone in this mansion. I have no friends or family. They abandoned me decades ago.”

“You just said you live in a mansion of spammers! Talk to them!”

Super sighed. “You see, they are not my friends. They are my enemies. You see, I am the most prestigious user on the BNCW, I do not belong in this dump with a pack of fools. I deserve to be seated at the highest throne.”

Christina groaned. “You don’t even work for the BNCW! And why me, out of all people?!”

“Because you were the easiest to find. Plus, you’re hot”

Christina’s eyes widened. “Y-you think I’m-” 

“Yee.” Super opened his eyes, revealing the true monster he was. His eyes started to swirl.

“What’s with your eyes?”


Christina gave him a look. “Y-your eyes...they’re all swirly. Why?”

“What do you mean? D-don’t tell me. I-is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“Uh, maybe look in the mirror?” Christina giggled nervously.

Super turned. He found the nearest mirror and saw what was wrong. He started to cry.

Christina gave him a look of sympathy. “What’s wrong?”

“M-my eyes! What’s wrong with them?” Super cried some more.

“Why are you crying?”

“I don’t like it! It makes me look like a weirdo!”

“Oof. At least your outside now matches your inside.”

“W-why did you say that?" Christina giggled a little. "Can’t you see I’m crying? But, since you said that *sniff*, I must insult you back. *sniff* Uh, um, You’re so fat, your butt cheeks are in different continents! *sniff*”

“Ok, can you please just untie me?”

“Yes.” Super walked behind the chair, bent down, and untied the knot.

“Thank you.”

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to get some contacts for my eyes and join the spammers for dinner. At some point, you’ll have to join us, cutie.” He ruffled her dirty blonde hair and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Chapter Five

Christina walked out of the room she'd been bound up in and looked around the large building. It was very Gothic, with black paint on the walls and dimly-lit rooms. She went down the main staircase to find her worst nightmare: every single spammer from the BNCW, GoComics, and discord.

Martysays turned to her. "Heeyyy, Christina! Come sit and eat!" Christina turned to leave. "Um, that's ok, thank-" Before she could escape, Super grabbed her arm. "Sorry doll, you need food."

Christina sighed and hesitantly sat next to Super. She looked around the table and noticed she was about 5 feet away from the king of polls himself, Martysays. Marty sat right next to his daughter, Ellensays, and two seats away from Natesays. She could feel herself sweating.

Marty noticed this. "Scared, my lady? Don't worry, I won't hurt ya." He stroked her hair before Super got up and yanked his hand down. "Marty, she's mine." 

Marty appeared angry at this but sat back down. "My apologies, sweetheart. He gets a little weird sometimes." 

SuperFoxTrot stood up. "Everyone! Have any of you reached a featured comment today?" Oof_BigNate raised his hand. "I have done it! I spammed my poll 25 times!" Marty scoffed. "Rookie. I've replied to my polls over a thousand times!" All the spammers burst out laughing. Christina was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. "Super, can I please leave?"

Super groaned. "If you simply must, take some food up to your room. You should know where that is." She nodded and left the table promptly.


Christina slammed the door to her room. "This place is terrifying!" 

"First time?" Someone asked.

"Who's there?"

Christina turned on the lights to reveal someone sitting in the chair.


Chapter Six

"Hey, Christina."

"Uh, hey ComicsCreators. Why are you in the spammer mansion?"

ComicsCreators shrugged. "My friend IWSHTFAU lives here. You were kidnapped by Super, weren't you?" Christina nodded. "Did IWSHTFAU kidnap you?" "Yup. The spammers kidnap me all the time. It's not that bad though." Christina paused. "IWSHTFAU is a spammer?" 

The door opened up, and IWSHTFAU came in. "No, I'm not a spammer. I'm an identified user, which means the BNCW thinks I might have previously been a spammer. It qualifies me to be able to live in this mansion, which is good cause I can't afford a house, even if it means I have to work as a servant. And also, Christina, Super says you need to finish your food." 

Christina shook her head. "It could be drugged, ya know."

IWSHTFAU sighed. "Suit yourself. Come on ComicsCreators, let's go watch Gingerpale's newest video."

The two of them left, leaving Christina to sit quietly in the room.

A little while later, Super came into Christina's room. "Why haven't you finished eating?" He asked her.

"I'm not hungry." She responded. He sat next to her. "You need to eat, doll. I'm just going to sit here until you finish eating."

Christina reluctantly took a bite of food. And another, until she found herself to have finished everything on her plate. "Alright, I've eaten. Now please, go away." 

Super sighed. "Okay then. Have a good night, doll." He left, slamming the door behind him.


Christina stared up at the ceiling, knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep very well that night. Why did this happen? What does Super want with me? She was bewildered at the fact that all the spammers lived in a mansion together. When I get out of here, I'm telling everyone what happened.

Chapter Seven

Christina woke up feeling like she had a hangover. Her entire body was in pain, and she felt extremely tired, despite having just woken up. She looked up to see Super carrying someone over his shoulder.

"Did you sleep ok, doll?"

Terrified, Christina nodded. Super kissed her cheek. "Good to hear." Christina watched as Super took whoever was over his shoulder, tied them to a chair, and put a burlap sack over their head. "I'll be back in a minute, doll," he told her before leaving the room. 

Christina ran over to the person tied up and quickly worked the sack off their head.

"DarthPlagueis! Wake up!"

DarthPlagueis's eyes shot open. "What the-Christina? Where am I? What happened?" "It's a long story but basically you were kidnapped by SuperTalker101 and now you're in a mansion where all the spammers from GC, discord, and the BNCW reside!" "What?"

Christina began to untie the knot. "You need to get out of here!"

The door to the room creaked open. "Doll, what are you doing?"

Chapter Eight

Super looked down at Darth and Christina, pausing to pop out his contacts and reveal his swirling eyes. "What are you doing, doll?"

Christina stammered. "Oh, uh, n-nothing." She staggered away from DarthPlagueis. Super walked up to Christina until he was towering over her. His hand reached up to touch her cheek. "Sweetie, don't help DarthPlagueis over there. He's a bad man, my little angel." Christina snarled. "You're the only bad man here!"

Super sighed, let go of Christina, and walked over to DarthPlagueis. "You haven't been doing anything to my little doll, have you?"

DarthPlagueis rapidly shook his head no. "Good," Super stated before taking out a large knife and pressing it against DarthPlagueis's cheek. "Now, I ask of you, DarthPlaguis, what is the password to the admin wing of the BNCW?!" "I-I don't know!" DarthPlagueis stammered. Super grazed the knife against his skin, creating a thin cut. "Come on Darthy, you must have something." "N-no I don't!" Darth stuttered. "They only give that password to admins! I'm not an admin! I don't know anything about it!" Super groaned and ran the knife on the cut, making it bleed. "Well, you must know something! You were the only person I could grab!"

Christina ran up to Super. "Um, maybe you should calm down a little-" "SHUT UP!" Super shrieked, smacking her cheek and knocking her over. Christina immediately began crying and ran off into a closet. 

Super immediately felt guilty. He tied a gag around DarthPlagueis's mouth-"I will deal with you later."-and ran off to find his doll.

He heard sobs coming from the hall closet, and considered opening it, but decided not to, knowing it would only upset Christina more. Instead, he sat outside of the closet door and waited for her to calm down.

After a couple of hours, the sobbing seemed to recede. Super slowly opened the door to see Christina lying on the floor, her face stained with tears and her eyes closed. Super sighed and lifted her in his arms.

She's beautiful, he found himself thinking.

Chapter Nine

Christina awoke to find herself lying in a large bed. DarthPlagueis and Super were both absent from the room, leaving her all alone. I need to find DarthPlagueis, she thought to herself as she climbed out of bed.

It was near midnight, and it seemed like everyone was asleep. Christina wandered through the halls, searching for a room where DarthPlagueis could be. Eventually, she found herself wandering into the front room, where the main entrance was located. I should leave, she thought to herself. I should go out this door and get as far away from this mansion as possible...

"Where are you going, my dear?"


Christina looked up to see Super standing at the top of the stairs, dressed in a tuxedo and holding a red rose in a gloved hand. Christina couldn't help but find herself just a little attracted to him. Christina, are you insane?! He kidnapped you! She could feel herself blushing.

"Is something wrong, my angel?" Super began to walk down the steps, never once taking his eyes off of her.

"N-no." She stuttered.

Super turned her around and held her to his chest from behind. "Alright, if you say so, my dear." His hands brushed up and down the white linen cloth of Christina's nightgown as he pressed a line of soft kisses to her neck. They were both in such an intimate position. Christina had never felt anything like this. She would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it, but she would also be lying if she said she was going to stay in it much longer, and quickly pulled away from him before he could go any further.

"Super, I-I should go." She was blushing furiously, her lower body feeling like jelly. Super pressed the rose into her hand and planted a kiss on her cheek. "Goodnight then, my darling." He disappeared up the stairs.

Shaking heavily, Christina ran back into her room. She looked at the rose in her palm. Am I... No, I'm not.

She sank onto the armchair. "I need to find out where DarthPlagueis is."

(For this chapter I wanted to put in the "Super always wears a suit" stereotype, I hope it's good. Sorry if it's too erotic.)

Chapter Ten

Christina snuck out of her bedroom. "Come on Darth, where are you?!"

The spammer mansion was a huge place, but at night, most of the spammers were sleeping, allowing Christina to look for Darth. 

As she walked through the halls, she noticed a room with hundreds of computers in it, all of which, when she checked, were equipped with VPNs and high tech software. 

"This must be how they hack into GC!"

As she looked through the computers, she heard someone coming. "Ack! I have to hide!"

Christina quickly ran into the closet in the computer room. Through the keyhole, she watched as a figure in a dark black dress and a Darth Vader mask slowly walked toward her closet. Her heart sped up as the person slowly took out a key, slid it into the keyhole, and turned the key ever so slightly. 

The door cracked open, and a pale, white hand pushed it until Christina's hiding place was completely exposed.

Christina trembled.

"Don't be scared. I don't want to hurt you." Stated a female voice. The person's hand reached down to take Christina's and help her stand up.

"W-who are you if you don't mind me asking?"

The person sighed. "No one has seen me in quite some time, apologies if you don't recognize me. But I'm here to help you and Darth, a fellow star wars fan." The person slowly lifted their mask. Christina gasped. 


Chapter Eleven

"Kittehz4life? No one's seen you in forever. People thought you were dead!" Kittehz sighed.

"No, I've been living in a cabin with my brother in the woods near this mansion. We've been trying to find ways to hack the spammer's VPNs so they can't get onto GC or anything." "Oh."

Kittehz took Christina's hand. "I think I know where Darth is. Us star wars fans can smell each other a mile away. Come on." With Christina in tow, Kittehz snuck down a into hidden room underneath Martysays's computer. "It's dark," Christina commented.  Kittehz switched on the lights.

In the middle of the room, Darth sat bound and gagged to a chair. Kittehz took out a knife and began to cut through the ropes. "Darth, are you alright?" Christina asked him. Darth looked shocked and terrified. "Where am I?! Christina! What happened? Where's Super? And is that Kittehz4life?"

Christina stroked Darth's back. "There there, it's ok, just stay quiet." Darth relaxed in her arms. "Kittehz, can we hide at your cabin?" Kittehz nodded. "Come on."

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Chapter Twelve

Kittehz led Darth and Christina down a long tunnel, which led into a cabin in the woods right outside of the spammer mansion. "This is where my brother and I live."

Narwhal sat in the cabin's living room along with The Psycho Ranter. "Kittehz!" Narwhal ran up and hugged his sister. "Glad you're ok." "Thanks, Narwhal. I got them back!"

Narwhal and The Psycho Ranter looked over Christina and Darth. Darth had fallen asleep on Chistina's shoulder, and both of them looked like they hadn't cleaned up in a while. The Psycho Ranter cleared his throat: "I'll go get something for Darth. You guys deal with Christina." He picked up Darth. "Thanks, Ranter." "NP."

Narwhal looked at Christina. "Aren't you the girl who started the Narwhals up again?"

Christina nodded. Kittehz hugged Christina. "My hero!" "Kittehz, don't embarrass me in front of her." 

Kittehz let go of Christina. "Please, Christina, have a seat." "I'd love that, thank you."

The three narwhals sat down to talk. "So, Christina, how did you and Darth end up in the spammer mansion in the first place?" Christina sighed.

"That manbaby SuperTalker101 kidnapped us." "Super is the absolute worst thing on your planet. Almost as bad as the sayer." Said someone from behind Christina. 

Christina turned around to see who it was and gasped.

"Oh. My. Gosh! Joe Moraliste!"

Joe kissed Christina's hand. "Charmed." Christina stuttered. "W-what are you doing here?"

"I come from two fanfic-dimensions over. I lived on planet GC for a while, grew up, and all that, but all the peace got boring. So I came to your dimension and found Kittehz and Narwhal. And I help them battle the spammers."

Christina stuttered again. "D-don't you have powers? C-can't you blow up the spammer mansion or something?" Joe sighed. "Believe me, kid, if I could, I would, but my powers don't work here." Joe attempted to levitate a vase on the coffee table, which just rocked back and forth. "See?" 

"Well, that's annoying." Narwhal clapped his hands together. "Alright, Christina, you need to get some rest. The guest room is upstairs." "Thank you."

Meanwhile, Super looked outside of his window for his doll.

"I'll find you soon, my little toy."

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Chapter Thirteen

Christina came into the room where The Pyscho Ranter was tending to Darth. Darth lay fast asleep.

"Will he be ok?" She asked The Pyscho Ranter. The Pyscho Ranter nodded. "He had a bunch of cuts and bruises. He should heal up soon." "That's good." The Pyscho Ranter nodded. "Also, when was the last time you took a shower? Do us both a favor and go take one." Christina nodded. 


Christina finished cleaning up and went into the guest bedroom she shared with Joe. "How's your friend?" Joe asked her.

"He's doing good. He should be all better by tomorrow." Christina sighed. "I wonder how everyone at BNCW headquarters is doing. I miss them." 

Joe patted Christina's shoulder. "We're going there tomorrow, remember?" Christina smiled. "I can't wait to see my friends again. Being stuck in a mansion full of spammers isn't a really pleasant experience. Though I must admit, Super was quite kind to me..." She sighed. Joe snapped his fingers in her face. "Snap out of it girl. He's a criminal, remember?" 

Christina nodded. "So, Joe, have you ever been in the Spammer Mansion?" "Only once. I was supposed to stay hidden, but I saw that Martysays guy, thought he was The Sayer, and jumped out to try and kill him. Now Kittehz says I'm not allowed to go with them anymore." She giggled. "Seems right. Also, aren't your legs supposed to be broken?" "Well, they were, but Kittehz and Narwhal had them replaced with robot ones. It was the only way to make sure I'd be able to run in case of a getaway." Christina nodded. "I guess that's logical. Um, I should probably get to bed. Goodnight." "Night, kid."

Chapter Fourteen

A board of directors meeting is happening in the BNCW hq.....

Swaimsicool banged his gavel. “Attendance time! All former staff members?” “All here except for GoldenGlory4life. He was, unfortunately, put on permanent probation, and he’s currently trying to get back.” GiantNate91 responded. “That is unfortunate. Moving on! Content moderators?” Salty and P-Dog raised their hands. “Yes, we’re here! And when you have a moment-“ before Salty could finish her sentence, Swaimsicool interrupted her: “Save it for the meeting. Discussions Moderator?” “Present!” Responded Zachowott. “Hey Zach, is Jimmy here?” GiantNate91 wanted to know. Zach sighed. “No, Jimmy is at home.” “Bring him to the next meeting. Administrators?” ComicRater and Spyroclub raised their hands. “We’re here! But make this meeting quick, I don’t want Gizmo at my desk all alone.” “We’ll try our best, rater. This meeting of the BNCW board of directors will now begin! Does anyone have anything to mention?” 

Salty raised her hand. “Yes, I would like to report that two users, Christina Reynolds and TheYounglings, have gone missing recently, and we, P-dog and I have reason to believe they were kidnapped by SuperTalker101.” “When did you see them last?” Tears appeared in Salty’s eyes. “I-it was when Super infiltrated the building.” “Makes sense. Alright everyone, we need to form a team to try and find them. Who wants to volunteer?”

Before anyone could answer, Christina, Darth, and Joe Moraliste burst in through the door. “Christina!”

“Salty!” Christina jumped into Salty’s arms. “Where have you been?” “There’s no time to explain. Basically we were kidnapped by SuperTalker101 and brought to this weird mansion where all the spammers live, and now that I think about it there might be some spammers following us.” “Lock the doors! Quick!”

The doors slammed shut. A few seconds later, the sound of people banging their hands against the door filled the room.

“What are we gonna do?” 

Christina felt a feeling of determination fill her. She wasn’t going to sit quietly and do nothing this time. She took a deep breath:

“Let’s take those suckers down.”

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