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This is the story of TheAmazingCrafter in the Big Nate Universe.


Chapter 1: The Penalty (optional chapter, skip to chapter 2 if you'd like)

It was a normal day in the Wiki-verse, all users were happily contributing to their wikis, but one day...

At the Big Nate Wiki, TheAmazingCrafter thought of a ground-breaking idea.

TAC: "What if I travel to the Big Nate Universe? I will become a character in Big Nate, and I will get to interact with all the Big Nate characters!

TAC goes to the other users for permission if he could do this. All the users on the Big Nate Wiki and BNCW were perfectly fine with it, and TAC went on to create the machine.

At the Big Nate Universe...

Calhoun: Alright, boys, this is the soccer game we've been waiting and practicing for. This is the time we beat Jefferson! So give it your all and do your best!

Everyone: 3...2...1...BOBCATS!!!

All the P.S. 38 and Jefferson players get on the field, and as the referee is about to start the game...

Nate: Hold up! I forgot my lucky Hannah Montana Bikini Briefs! Wait, never mind, I have them!

Calhoun and the rest of Nate's teammates slap themselves in embarrassment as the Jefferson students make fun of Nate.

Referee: ANYways, let's get started.

The game is brutal, and at the end, it's 0-0. Both teams go overtime, still 0-0. The game is now being decided through a series of penalty kicks . P.S. 38 uses all of their penalty kicks and could not score. Jefferson is now getting prepared for their series of penalty kicks.

Nate blocks the first 4, and for the last one, Zach Belfour, the star player of the Jefferson soccer team, gets ready to kick. As he quickly warms up...

TAC: FINALLY! I have finished my creation. With this transportation device, I can transport to the Big Nate Universe! And I can change the settings so I will stay there for a certain period of time, which I will be there for exactly 24 hours, and then I will come back right here in the office!

All the users are watching TAC as he warms up the machine.

TAC: 3, 2, 1..


Users: He's gone! It worked!

Back at the Big Nate Universe...

Chad: You can do this, Nate!

Francis: We believe in you!

Nate (thinking): I'm in the zone, nothing can stop me!

All of a sudden...


TAC: Where am I? Why am I in a soccer game? Wait, is that Zach from the soccer game P.S. 38 beat Jefferson?

Zach: Ya ready to lose, Nate?

TAC: Nate?

TAC looks down and sees that he is in the body of Nate.

TAC: Wait, WHAT?! I'M NATE!?

Zach: You trippin'? Perfect.

The P.S. 38 team huddles up, hoping Nate blocks the penalty kick.

Teddy: Come on, Nate.

TAC (thinking): Crap, this is the time Nate blocked the penalty kick from Zach, except P.S. 38 hasn't scored a penalty kick, so if I fail to block this, Jefferson wins, and I rewrite history. And I suck at soccer, but I must defend the ball so I can try to figure out what went wrong with the machine and why I'm in the body of Nate.

Zach kicks the soccer ball with full force. TAC jumps to block the ball, and....

Chapter 2: The Return of SuperTalker101


P-dog: Well, how'd it go in the Big Nate Universe?

TAC: For some reason, I was Nate and I was in the middle of the Jefferson vs P.S. 38 game.

P-dog: While you were gone I actually figured out an error to your transportation device; you didn't set it so you were your own person, so it put you into a random character in the Big Nate Universe.

Henry Hudson: Using my MaTh SkIlLs I was able to design a character that you will be when you re-enter the Big Nate Universe.

P-dog: You will be a 6th grader who transferred to P.S. 38, and your name will be Trent Aaron Carlson, or TAC for short.

Henry Hudson: You ready to head back, TAC?

TAC: Yes!

Henry Hudson turns on the machine and TAC gets sent back to the Big Nate Universe, where TAC lands on the P.S. 38 grounds, where it looks like present-time.

TAC: I actually get to go to school at P.S. 38 and I get to meet all the characters! :)

TAC walks to the office where he meets with Principal Nichols so Nichols can introduce him to the school and give TAC his schedule.

Principal Nichols: Welcome to P.S. 38, Trent!

TAC: I go by TAC, actually.

Principal Nichols: Well, TAC, we are so glad you transferred from Arkansas safely! Here is your schedule!

Principal Nichols hands TAC his schedule. 1st Period - History with Mrs. Godfrey, 2nd Period - English with Ms. Clarke, 3rd Period - Art with Mr. Rosa, 4th Period - Gym with Mr. Calhoun, 5th - Math with Mr. Staples, 6th - Science with Mr. Oof

TAC (thinking): Mr. Oof? I don't remember there being a Mr. Oof at P.S. 38.

Principal Nichols: TAC, there is also another student who transferred to P.S. 38 today, and you guys get to be "buddies" and help each other out! Super, come on out!

A door near Principal Nichols opens, and a student walks out of the room and stands right next to Principal Nichols.

TAC (thinking): Wait, SUPER?!

Principal Nichols: Super is an exchange student from Canada, so please make him feel welcome and open him to American culture!


Principal Nichols: Uh, are you okay, TAC?

TAC (sarcastically): Oh yeah, everything is perfectly fine!

Principal Nichols: Well then, TAC and Super, head to your classes! You guys have the same schedule so you can stick together.

TAC is in shock hearing that he has to spend all day with Super.

Principal Nichols: Have fun, boys!

Super: Thank you Principal Nichols for being so nice to TAC and I! We are going to have a lot of fun together! We will be best friends!

Everyone leaves the office and Super and TAC head to first period with Mrs. Godfrey.

Super (aggressively): Here's the deal, ladies!

TAC: What are you doing here, Super?


TAC silences.

Super: I don't understand what you are doing here, but you better not ruin my plan, or else I will use my CoMpUtEr SkIlLs to hack into everything you own.

TAC: How am I supposed to ruin your plan if I don't even know what it is?

Super: Because you know what I've done before. So you better not report me to the principal or else...

TAC: I think I have an idea of what you are trying to do. You already tried to ruin the Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki and Big Nate Wiki, I will not let you ruin Big Nate!

Super: Too late, I've already deployed my troops into the P.S. 38 staff.

TAC: Wait, what troops?

Then it hits TAC. His new science teacher isn't just a new staff member. It's OOFBIGNATE!

TAC realizes that if he is going to save P.S. 38, he's going to have to get Super and OofBigNate out of the Big Nate Universe for good.

Super: Heheheheheheheh

TAC: How could you do this?

Right as TAC and Super were about to get into an argument, someone accidentally bumps into TAC.

Mystery person: Oh I'm so sorry!

TAC: It's all good. Just got a little dizzy after you bumped into me.

When TAC's vision clears up, he sees that the person who bumped into him was...

Chapter 3: The Yandere Revolt

Dee Dee: Hey guys! I heard you're the new kids at the school!

TAC: Uh, yeah, we're both new!

Dee Dee: Well before you head to class, I want you guys to come to the drama club with me, that's where I'm heading!

Super: Well, we don't really have the ti...

Dee Dee: Nonsense! 1st period doesn't start for another 15 minutes! So come on!

TAC, Super, and Dee Dee all head to the theater were they see the drama club practicing.

Dee Dee: Welcome to the drama club! Today we are doing our final rehearsals for the school play today!

Super: School play? When does it start?

Dee Dee: Right after 1st period! Everyone gets to skip their 2nd period to watch us perform our play, Super and Christina: A Yandere Fanfiction!

Super: Oh yeah, I know all about it!

Dee Dee: Really? It's such a stupendous story! I just wish I could live it in person!

Super: Who's your favorite character?

Dee Dee: Christina Reynolds, obviously! She's a star!

Super: I hope "Super" in the story doesn't ruin the play, heh heh.


TAC quickly leaves to go the bathroom, goes into the stall and grabs his phone.

(dialing sounds)

Pdog (on the phone): Hello?

TAC: I need some reinforcements.

Pdog: Reinforcements? For a middle school?

TAC: Super and OofBigNate are at P.S. 38, and they have some sort of plan to destroy the Big Nate Universe, so I have to stop Super before he ruins P.S. 38 first!

Pdog: Okay, which users do you want sent?

TAC: Christina Reynolds and Exquisite Monkey.

Pdog: .....Interesting choice, we'll send them soon, but you'll have to wait about 15 minutes before they arrive.

TAC: That'll be enough time.

TAC heads back to the theater where he sees Dee Dee and Super still talking.

Super: I wish there was someway I could help.

Dee Dee: Actually, we do need an assistant to help Ms. Clarke with the houselights! Do you think you can come, skip your first period class, and Ms. Clarke will give you some instructions on how to work the houselights!

Super: I would absolutely LOVE to help! I'm so excited!

Dee Dee: Yay! Thanks for stopping by! I'll go help Ms. Clarke with the props!

As Dee Dee walks away, TAC stands in disgust at Super.

TAC: I know what you're up to, Super.

Super: Since you're so clever, TAC, I'll give you a hint of what my plan is, but you can't do anything about it heh HEH HEH!

Super reaches in his jacket and pulls a small object out of his pocket.

TAC: Is that... A NUCLEAR BOMB!?

TAC immediately snaps a picture of the bomb and starts sprinting to the office.


TAC (thinking): I've got the evidence I need to get Super expelled from P.S. 38!

TAC quickly opens the door into the office.


Mrs. Shipulski: I don't have time for games, Trent, I've got a bunch of memos to do.

TAC: But I have proof. I took a pic of Super holding the bomb!

TAC opens his phone and shows Mrs. Shipulski the picture.

Mrs. Shipulski (confused): I'm not sure if Super talking to Mrs. Brindle has anything to do with nuclear bombs, TrEnT.

TAC: Wait, what?

TAC looks at the picture as it suddenly changed to Super talking to Mrs. Brindle.

TAC: Forget this ever happened, have a good day, Mrs. Shipulski.

TAC storms off and heads back to Super at the theater.

TAC: You sneaky little rat...

Super: The real TAC would say that I have great hacking skills.

TAC: I do try to be nice and sympathetic to everyone, but I have no respect for a criminal and someone who wants to destroy the universe that brought me and dozens of other users together into the amazing community we have. Why are you even here in the first place?

Super: ReVeNgE!

TAC: Wouldn't it make more sense to attack the wikis directly?

Super: If I attacked the wiki directly, users would find about it right away, but if I attack somewhere they don'y expect it, I can finally get payback. And what better way to do that than to take over the whole school! Then I will finally have people who respect me!

TAC: You won't get away with this.

Super: Fight me...


Super: Bye-bye, TAC, you have to go to class while I get to stay here to help out Dee Dee!

Super heads back to Dee Dee as TAC trudges to Mrs. Godfrey's class, which to TAC, is a breeze because Mrs. Godfrey is currently all smiles and gumdrops to new students.


Speaker: Attention all students, please head to the theater now!

Super and Christina: A Yandere Fanfiction starts. TAC continues to search for where the houselights are, and he eventually finds them where he sees Super and Ms. Clarke, while Chapter 3 of the play commences.

TAC quickly hides from Super, and sees that right next to the houselight system is a system for moving the props, one of the levers says it is for "drop prop." He looks up to the cable above the stage which the drop prop lever is connected to and sees the nuclear bomb attached to some rope, ready to be dropped at any moment.

TAC: Bingo, that's probably Super's plan.

Ms. Clarke: Remember, Super, pull the "drop prop" lever when the narrator says "all of a sudden, an arm grabbed Christina from around the waist" then Brendan, the person who's playing SuperTalker101, will fall safely and grab Mari's arm, the person who's playing Christina.

TAC (thinking): Wait, so if the guy playing SuperTalker101 is supposed to be at the top of the stage, then where is he?

Just as TAC was questioning where Brendan was, TAC hears some quiet pounding in the storage room.

TAC rushes to the storage room and sees a boy who's tied up at every point of his body with rope.

TAC: Oh my goodness, let me help you!

TAC quickly unties the rope surrounding the boy.

Boy: Thank you so much! Some guy knocked me out and tied me up when I was practicing my lines! I'm the one playing Super, am I supposed to be on stage?

TAC: Thankfully, you aren't on yet. But Chapter 3 of the play just started, so you better get back to your position.

Boy: But I'm about to appear on stage, and it takes over 3 minutes to get to the top of the stage! I can't make it in time.

TAC: If you do make it up there in time, take the object out of the rope and safely put it aside. I'll take care of it after that.

Boy: Okay!

As the boy runs off to his position, TAC quickly comes with a plan to distract Ms. Clarke so he can stop Super from pulling the lever.

TAC: Ms. Clarke! Some of the props for Chapter 8 got destroyed!

Ms. Clarke: (gasp!) Thank you, Trent for telling me!

Ms. Clarke runs off to the prop room as TAC confronts Super.

TAC: It's over, Super. You're not pulling that lever.

Super slams and punches TAC that almost makes him go unconscious.

TAC (weakly): Su..per..don't....pull...the..le...ver...

Super: Too late, you lose, I win!

Narrator: "The sound of a door slamming *slam!* made all three girls immediately quiet."

Super: Listen to that, the line where I drop the bomb is almost here!

Mystery person: Not on my watch!

Super: Who's that?

Super and TAC look at the top of the storage room where the mystery voice came from.

Super: Who are you?

Mystery person: I'm....

Chapter 4: The Journey to Pakistan


Christina Reynolds: Not just Christina, but also...!

Christina brings out a bag where she digs in and throws an Exquisite Monkey right at Super. 

Exquisite Monkey: ooh AAAAHHHH!

Exquiste Monkey punches Super to the ground.

Christina: I'll finish him up!

Christina slammed Super with her high heel, and Super appeared to have fainted.

TAC: I wasn't looking to physically beat Super to the ground, but okay.

TAC: Exquisite Monkey, go to the stop off the stage and dismantle the nuclear bomb.

Exquisite Monkey: ooh ooh!

Exquisite Monkey swiftly climbs to the top of the stage where he begins to untie the bomb.

Christina: Wait, where did Super go?

TAC: Don't tell me we lost him...

Exquisite Monkey successfully puts away the nuclear bomb as a cold arm suddenly grasped onto Exquisite Monkey.

Super: Boo...

Super throws Exquisite Monkey all the way back to the houselights.

TAC: No! Exquisite Monkey!

Christina: There's no hope now...

Narrator: "All of a sudden, an arm grabbed Christina..."

Super jumps down to the stage where he meets with the student playing Christina Reynolds.

Dee Dee: Wait, what is he doing here? Where's Brendan?

Actress (christina): "Super.....Talker....101..."

Christina Reynolds: Let the girl go, Super!


All the students and teachers in the ground are chattering everywhere in confusion.

Christina Reynolds (talking to the crowd): This person playing SuperTalker101, is ACTUALLY SuperTalker101! You guys need to leave for your own safety before he destroys your universe!

No one in the crowd moves a muscle. Two seconds later, 10 faculty members show up on the stage.

Principal Nichols: Listen, fangirl, I don't know what stunt you're trying to pull of, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave this campus.

Christina Reynolds: LEAVE THE CAMPUS?! I'm just trying to save your lives!

Mrs. Shipulski: You disrupted the play when it was going perfectly fine and according to plan! Take her!

All the staff members come towards Christina Reynolds and drag her out of the stage.

Christina Reynolds: NO! You can't do this...

Just as the staff members pass TAC and Exquisite Monkey...

Christina Reynolds: TAC, take this...

Christina Reynolds hands TAC a sealed envelope which TAC quickly grabs.

TAC: I wonder what this is for...

Ms. Clarke: Okay everyone, we need to take a 10 minute break so we can make sure everything is okay!

TAC: And Super's gone. I can't believe he just left the stage, I can't bust him.

Exquisite Monkey: ooooohh....

TAC opens the envelope that Christina handed. TAC pulls out the letter and starts reading.

Dear TheAmazingCrafer,

I've recently heard you went to the Big Nate Universe and found out that SuperTalker101 is currently residing in there and trying to take down P.S. 38 so there's no more Big Nate, but I can help reveal what Super's evil plot is. If you want to know what that is, you'll have to come to the Oritsuki Temple in Lahore, Pakistan. When you finish school today, there'll be a private jet waiting for you in the Rackleff Field in Maine.

Hope you save the world!


TAC: Well, I guess I'm heading to Pakistan for a little bit.

Exquisite Monkey: ooh AH ooh AH ooh AH!

TAC: You're right, Exquisite Monkey, we need to clean up the mess we made at the stage.

TAC cleans up the mess that was made during the fight.


Ms. Clarke: Thank you, TAC, for cleaning up this mess, I really appreciate it!

Most of the school day is smooth sailing, although Super never showed up to any of the classes, but TAC couldn't do anything about it. And then came Science.

TAC walks to the science lab where the door is locked and students are waiting for the door to open.

Francis: I heard Mr. Galvin broke his back and needed some surgery, so he can't show up for at least 6 weeks.

Teddy: I hope this teacher is good...

TAC (thinking): You have no idea, Teddy.

The door opens and standing there is Mr. Oof, wearing a green mask around his whole head with a sticky note that has a drawing of OofBigNate's profile pic.

Mr. Oof: Good afternoon, students.

Students: *laughs*

Mr. Oof: You all were very disrespectful. I hope you ALL enjoy detention while I relax and drink a cup of coffee.


Every single student looks stunned, except TAC. He knows that sitting in detention is much better that having to listen to OofBigNate for 45 minutes.

For the rest of 6th period all the students sit in detention until the bell rings, where everyone rushes out the door to head home or play sports, while TAC walks to the Rackleff Field where he sees a small jet that says "Gacha Airways."

TAC: I don't feel safe leaving knowing Super's out there, but if I figure out Super's plan, I could put a stop to this.

TAC enters the jet and takes a seat in the first class section where the plane immediately takes off into the air, where 5 minutes later TAC was now able to roam around the cabin.

Flight Attendant: Welcome to Gacha Airways! May I start with a drink?

TAC: Yeah, may I get a margari...Wooden Board?

Wooden Board: It is so nice to see you!

TAC: Why are you literally a wooden board though?

Wooden Board: When Master Kelly sent me here to help control the plane, she wanted it to be obvious that I am a user on FANDOM so you could talk to me about what's been happening.

TAC: Well, I'm glad you're here. But Super is trying to take down P.S. 38, and I could use all the help I can get.

Wooden Board: Well, if you ever need help, just send me a message! :)

About 11 hours into the flight, TAC was peacefully sleeping until a huge noise rattled the whole plane, which startled TAC and Exquisite Monkey.




Wooden Board: TAC?!



2 seconds later, the next worst thing happened...

Chapter 5: The Amber Alert

Super appears on every screen on the plane.


TAC: Please put and end to this, Super!

Super: I've already stopped listening to you a long time ago...anyways I came to say hello, and to tell you that you forgot a little something :) :) :)

Super reaches out and grabs Christina Reynolds, who's tied up and is taped on her mouth.

Exquisite Monkey: uh ooh...

TAC: *gasp* what did you do to her?

Super: Oh, nothing right now. hehHAHAHAHAH

All the screens turn off and the plane settles down and starts functioning correctly again.

TAC: Wooden Board, could you turn this plane around so we can head back and help Christina Reynolds?

Wooden Board: Did you forget that Super is a hacking megamind? He hacked the system so we can't turn back, so we HAVE to head to Pakistan.

The rest of the flight goes smoothly and eventually the plane lands next to a giant temple.

TAC: Thank you so much Wooden Board for serving me and Exquisite Monkey.

Wooden Board: No problem, glad I could help! Oh, you may also need this!

Wooden Board tosses a rubix cube to TAC.

TAC: What do I need this for?

Wooden Board: When in danger or if Super is threatening the school, solve the rubix cube.

TAC: Thanks.

TAC opens the gold massive doors and into the temple, which leads into a grand staircase on one side, and a zen garden on the other. TAC walks into the zen garden where he sees a woman with beautiful hair, standing under a giant blossom tree with pink blossoms falling near her.

TAC: Hello?

The woman's still standing there, and doesn't move.

TAC: Hey!

Kelly: Greetings, TAC, I've been waiting for your arrival.

TAC: You said you can help me reveal what Super's plan is to destroy P.S. 38.

Kelly: Correction: I can help you reveal what Super's plan is to destroy anything Big Nate related.

TAC: .....

Kelly: Super intends to destroy P.S. 38, and then appear as a hero and make a new middle school for P.S. 38 refugees, and then write his own comic strips in the new middle school, but instead of it being about a bunch of middle schoolers, he's going to keep every single student as slaves to show why the Big Nate Wiki and Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki is evil, and get the wikis taken down. Then he'll have control over Big Nate. So you have to protect P.S. 38.

TAC: How did you learn about all of this in the first place?

Kelly: I had a vision in my garden, and it revealed to me Super's plan.

TAC: Wow.

Exquisite Monkey: ooh ooh ooh

Kelly: *gasp* You have an adorable little monkey! Its so cute! What's its name?

TAC: Exquisite Monkey.

Kelly: hee hee, well I want you to come to my spa area where we can chat about what to do next.

TAC and Kelly walk into a spa where they sit on a couple of sofas.

Kelly: Chai?

TAC: Thanks.

Kelly: So what's your plan to stop Super?

TAC: I guess the best thing to do is show what crimes he has committed, which is going to be hard, cause he can easily hack into everything, including your private jet.

Kelly: Well, it might be helpful to find people that actually knew him, in person.

TAC: What are you thinking?

Kelly: Well users know that he attended Waterloo University in Ontario and got a degree in computer science. Perhaps you can find some of the professors if they ever had Super as a student, and then we can go from there.

TAC: Good idea, send me to Waterloo University.

Kelly: Not right now, you've been away from P.S. 38 for too long, you need to head back so you can protect the school from Super and his goons.

TAC: Ok, I need to save Christina Reynolds from Super too so that's probably the next best move.

Kelly: What happened to Christina?

TAC: She tried to stop Super from ruining the school play, but the faculty thought that she was trying to disrupt the play, so they dragged her out and I didn't see her since. Then when I was on the plane I found out that Super captured Christina, so I need to save her.

Kelly: Thanks for informing me, TAC.

TAC: Here's an idea, why not you head out to Waterloo University to reach out to the professors?

Kelly: Unfortunately I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to find free time, like I barely could find some free time to meet with you. So once you feel like its safe to leave P.S. 38, you can take a taxi to Waterloo University, since Maine is very close to Ontario, Canada.

TAC: Well it was great seeing you!

Kelly: Yeah, we should do this again some time! And make sure to bring Exquisite Monkey with you! :)

Exquisite Monkey: oooooohhhh!

TAC and Kelly walk out of the temple and say their goodbyes, and TAC and Exquisite Monkey head back to the states. Just as the plane was flying through P.S. 38...

(ding!) (ding!) (ding!) (ding!) (ding!)

TAC pulls out his phone and sees that there is an amber alert on his phone, stating that there is 5 missing children in Maine. Location - Rackleff, Maine, where P.S. 38 is...

TAC: Oh no! There's no question who caused this. He first got Christina Reynolds and now five innocent children.

Exquisite Monkey: Uh ooh....

The plane lands and TAC quicky leaves the plane to go to P.S. 38, where there's large crowds of students, parents, and staff outside, and tons of smoke is coming out of P.S. 38.

TAC rushes across the field where he trips on a moving crate, where someone is screaming for help. TAC opens it and sees Christina tied up, and cuts the rope.

Christina (hugging TAC): THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'd thought I'd die of thirst in there!

TAC: I'm glad I found you, but we have a much bigger problem. What did Super do?

Christina: I don't know, he locked me in this crate the whole time.

TAC and Christina arrive at the front of the school where Principal Nichols is speaking to everyone, with many different news channels recording him.

Principal Nichols: Attention, everyone. As you guys can see, there have been a series of unpredictable events that have happened here at P.S. 38. We are trying our best to figure out who is up to all of this, and to rescue the 5 missing students and return them safely. We have determined that due to the smoke and missing students, P.S. 38 will be temporarily closed, until we find the 5 students. But this does not mean that P.S. 38 students won't be attending school. A new temporary school has just opened by one of our teachers, Mr. Oof, and him and his staff will make sure that our students continue to get the education they get. The students will start going to this school 7 days from now. Thank you.

TAC: Oh no, this is what Kelly warned me about.

Christina: What did Kelly warn you about?

TAC: She said that Super was planning to close down P.S. 38 to start a new middle school, where him and his allies would treat the students like slaves and make them talk about how "evil" our wikis are and shut them down. Then he would have power over all of Big Nate.

Christina: But Principal Nichols did say that if we find the 5 missing students then P.S. 38 would reopen, making the temporary school worthless.

TAC: Bingo, so we need to find the 5 missing students.

Christina: I'd say this is the time forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chritina suddenly changes into a detective outfit.

Christina: DETECTIVE CHRISTINA! Along with Detective Monkey!

Exquisite Monkey: OOH AHH!

TAC: Yes!

Christina: The first thing we need to do is find out who's missing!

TAC: I'm pretty sure there would be some articles on the news that would tell us, because the news was just here.

TAC opens up his phone and pulls up a local news article about the missing students. The article reveals that the missing students are...

Chapter 6: The Attack of the BNB Alt Accounts

TAC: Oh my, the missing students are Nate Wright, Dee Dee Holloway, Chad Applewhite, Jenny Jenkins, and Gina Hemphill-Toms.

Christina: Thankfully, those are all people we read about in the comic strips, so we already have some knowledge about these people.

TAC: Where do we start?

Christina: We should probably search the temporary middle school, I bet we can find something there.

TAC: How are we supposed to sneak in?

Christina: We can use Exquisite Monkey!

Exquisite Monkey: oooooooooh!

TAC: That wouldn't work, a monkey walking in would be suspicious...That's it!

TAC quickly sends a message to a user on the BNCW and 5 seconds later the user teleports right next to TAC.

GarfieldMN: Hey guys!

Christina: Garfield! It is so nice to meet you!

GarfieldMN: TAC said I'm gonna go on a stealth mission.

TAC: Yes, so you are going to walk into a temporary middle school where OofBigNate is. We are trying to find 5 missing students, Nate Wright, Dee Dee Holloway, Gina Hemphill-Toms, Jenny Jenkins, and Chad Applewhite. We think that we can find some clues in there.

GarfieldMN: So that's why I'm an orange tabby cat.

Christina: Alright, Garfield, go to the middle school!

GarfieldMN walks to the temporary middle school, which is completely made up of portable buildings connected to each other. GarfieldMN trots into the building and its nearly pitch black, but there's a door open with some weird sounds coming out of it. GarfieldMN walks in and sees two people sitting reaaally close to each other. GarfieldMN sees that its OofBigNate and OofBigGina.

OofBigGina: Oh LoOk At ThE kItTy!

OofBigNate: *growls*

GarfieldMN walks out of the room and immediately hear OofBigNate talk to OofBigGina.

OofBigNate: How would you like to be a queen?

OofBigGina: *gasps* YAY

OofBigNate: Well we can rule the Big Nate Universe. Even though Super's here, he's just a middle schooler here in this universe. I am the principal of this middle school. We can use Super to help us become supreme rulers.

OofBigGina: Yes, I lOvE crushing people's dreams!

OofBigNate: Lets head back out before Super hears us.

GarfieldMN quickly sprints out of the portables and comes back to the rest of the users.

TAC: So how'd it go?

GarfieldMN: You won't believe this, but OofBigNate wants to use Super so HE and OofBigGina can become rulers of the Big Nate Universe.

TAC: Now we have to deal with TWO pain-in-the-butts.

Christina: But if we still save the missing students, we can win!

TAC: So lets start finding those students!

Super: Not so fast...

Exquisite Monkey: oooAAAHHH!

Super: Thanks for informing me about OofBigNate's plan. Now I have everything I need to become dictator over Big Nate.

TAC: Where did you hide the students?

Super: I hid them on Earth.

Christina: Thanks...

Super: You guys have been trying to stop me ever since you guys found out that I was a criminal. You guys are the ones blocking my way to a better society where everyone respects me, so I can finally get some respect.

TAC: Well, if you are looking for a fight, you're out-numbered, 4 against 1.

Super: Who said I'm fighting alone?

Super pulls out a remote and turns on a switch, where a bunch of people assembled like an army magically appear on the field behind Super.

Super: Its me and ALL OF BNB's ALT ACCOUNTS!

Christina: RUN!

Super had gotten all of the BNB alt accounts and controlled them to work for him.

Everyone runs away as fast as they can as the BNB alt accounts chase TAC and the others with haste.

TAC (thinking): Wait, the rubix cube! Wooden Board said to use it when in danger!

TAC stops and tries to solve the rubix cube.


TAC: This rubix cube can save us, I just need to solve it!

Christina: But the BNB alt accounts are about to...

Christina doesn't finish what she says as all the users get trampled and beaten up by the BNB alt accounts.

Everything is black...

Too black...

TAC wakes up and sees himself in a prison cell, where there a bunch of BNB alt accounts walking around guarding the prison.

Mystery Person: Psssssssssttttt!

TAC looks up where the noise is coming from and sees a hole in the prison cell. He looks through and sees one of the missing students.

Chad: Hey, could you help me?


Chad: Do you know me?

TAC: Yeah I've read all've read your food column in the Weekly Bugle.

Chad: Oh, well could you help me?

TAC: Not sure how I'm supposed to help. All I've got is an orange jumpsuit.

Chad: Have you seen my friends?

TAC: I'm actually working with a detective named Christina Reynolds, and we were working on finding the 5 missing students so we can reopen P.S. 38, and you are one of them. But we are working on trying to find the rest of your friends.

Chad: Where is she?

TAC: I don't know. Me and her and the rest of our crew got separated when we were trying to stop the person who's behind all of this.

Chad: Wait, you know who's behind this?

TAC: Yep, he's the other student who transferred to P.S. 38 with me, Super.

Chad: I don't know him that well.

TAC: With how crazy everything with Super, we should stick together and help each other out.

Chad: Agreed. But where do we start?

TAC: We should try to bust out of this prison, then find my and your friends.

Chad: Lets try to get out of here when they call us for dinner, which by the way, the gravy meatballs are an absolute DISASTER!

TAC: Who's they?

Chad: Those guards.

Chad points to the guards roaming around the prison.

TAC: Those are the people who attacked me. Super has an army which is called the "BNB alt accounts" and he has a lot of them and they work for Super.

Chad: If we ever want a chance of breaking out, we need a diversion to make them go away.

TAC: Hmmmmmmm.

BNB Guard: Hello, inmates, its time for your dinner.

The BNB Guard unlocks the cells and makes TAC and Chad head to dinner, where there's an angry chef waiting for them.


TAC (thinking): Oh no, that's Puffa from the comment section.

Chad: *quivers*

TAC: We just came for some dinner, thank you.

Chef Puffa: Fine. You get one 1 gravy meatball for talking back at me.

TAC: Do I not get anymore food?

Chef Puffa: NOPE, that's all you get for the day!

TAC (thinking): Dang, Puffa's annoying.

Chad and TAC head to the table to sit down.

TAC: Is this the only time we are out of the cells?

Chad: No, in the morning, we get "recreational time" which is just 30 minutes being outside surrounded by giant stone walls. The only thing you get to do there is lift weights and run on a treadmill.

While Chad is talking about prison life, TAC notices a sign in the dinner room. It says "sector four."

TAC: Hey, wait, Chad, look up there, that sign says "sector four."

Chad: What does that have to do with anything?

TAC: It means that there are other sectors in this prison, which could mean that there's other cells, which also means that there could be other people in here.

Chad: Nah, I haven't seen any other inmates in here.

TAC: We have to figure out who else is here.

BNB Guard: Attention, prisoners, we have a new prisoner joining you guys.

Chad: Who?

BNB Guard: His name is Nate Wright, he'll be going in the cell right next to inmate TAC's.

Chad: Well, where is he?

BNB Guard: He's in his cell, he doesn't get fed due to the many times he has tried to break out of Sector 1's prison, so we are putting him here, which is the most secure prison and the hardest to break out, so don't get any ideas about breaking out, because its not possible.

TAC: I get to meet the one and only Nate Wright!

Chad: You know him?

TAC: I've heard a lot of things about him at school! He could help us break out.


Chad: You didn't eat your gravy meatball.

TAC: I'll take it, anything we can salvage in this prison could be useful in the future.

TAC takes the gravy meatball and stuffs it in his jumpsuit.

BNB Guard: Alright, you two, head to the showers, where we'll do a clothes-strip search to make sure you aren't hiding anything.

TAC freezes. Not about the gravy meatball but the fact that the only other thing TAC has with him is the rubix cube from Wooden Board, which he can still use when in danger.


Chad quickly takes off his jumpsuit in fear, but TAC does it slowly so the Rubix Cube stays inside the jumpsuit.

BNB Guard: Hey, what's that!?

The guard picks up the rubix cube and shows it to TAC.

BNB Guard: What do you have to say to yourself?

TAC: Super said I could keep the rubix cube but nothing else. He said I could have one luxury item.

BNB Guard: I don't buy your lies, I'm taking it!

The BNB Guard stuffs it in his pocket.


TAC: Well that went horribly.

Chad: Why is it so bad that you lost a rubix cube?

TAC: That's no ordinary rubix cube. I have no idea what it does but its supposed to protect me when I'm in danger if I solve the rubix cube.

Chad: Woah. We could've used that to escape!

TAC: There's guards surrounding us everywhere, there's no way they would allow me to have a rubix cube, so I had to keep it tucked in my jumpsuit.

TAC and Chad finish their showers and head back to their cells, where they see Nate Wright right next to TAC's cell, but Nate is...

Chapter 7: The News Report

...punching the stone wall.

Chad: You good, Nate?

Nate: Chad, you're here! I thought I was the only one, and who's with you?

TAC: I'm TAC, I am trying to figure out where the missing students of P.S. 38 are, and two are right here. What are you doing?

Nate: We can escape if we push down this stone wall.

TAC: Yeah, we can't do that. You're no football player.

Nate: wHaT dO yOu MeAn? I play tackle football.

TAC: You playing football or not doesn't change the fact that your 86 pounds.

Nate: You know my weight? What a stalker....

TAC: I'm not a stalker, its...just..I work for Calhoun for gathering up statistics.

Nate: Oh, well, could you help me push this wall down?

Chad: I actually saw a battering ram near the kitchen, we can try to get that to push down the wall.

TAC: Chad you're a genius!

Chad: But its really hard to get to the battering ram cause of the BNB guards.

Everyone hops to their beds and gets some sleep, and they wake up to this loud bang.

BNB Guard #1 (crashing a cymbal): Alright, oxygen hogs! Wake up for your recreational time!

BNB Guard #2: If you fail to comply, you will get the death penalty.

Nate: Jeez, that's an unfair death for not going outside.


TAC, Chad, Nate, and the BNB guards start walking to the recreation room where BNB Guard #2 does something strange, he whispers to TAC.

BNB Guard #2 (whispering): TAC, its me, the real Bignatebaseball, I can help you get out of here! Just follow my lead.

Everyone makes it outside where the rain is pouring and BNB Guard #2 makes his move.

BNB Guard #2: Hey, BNB Guard, Super asks you to move to Sector 3 for the rest of today, FALL OUT!

BNB Guard #1 quickly leaves to Sector 3 as Bignatebaseball uses his keys to break everyone out of the prison.

Bignatebaseball: What are you guys waiting for, lets head out!

Everyone runs for about 2 miles straight to avoid getting caught by the guards.

Chad: *gasping for air* THAT WAS THE WORST THING I'VE EVER DONE!

TAC: Just be grateful we got you out of prison...BNB, why did you come?

BNB: Christina contacted me and said that she wanted me to find you.

TAC: Where is Christina?

BNB: She was in another "Superprison" on the other side of town, where she is still trapped with Exquisite Monkey and GarfieldMN, so we need to go and rescue her.

TAC: Lets return these 2 back to Rackleff, Maine. Anything else you need to share, BNB?

BNB: Actually, I just remembered, Christina said that she's confirmed that she is the only one at the prison she's in, and that there's only one other superprison in town, the one you guys were in. So 3 of the students are most likely outside of Rackleff.

TAC: Okay...that just gave me an idea, you go break Christina out of the prison, and I'll return these two back to Rackleff, and then I'll go somewhere where Kelly says we can get more info about SuperTalker.

BNB: Will do, TAC! Oh, and I retrieved this for you.

BNB tosses the rubix cube that the one BNB guard stole.

TAC: Thanks!

BNB heads to the other side of town to help Christina and the others, while TAC, Chad, and Nate head to Nate's home.

TAC: Well, you're here Nate.

Nate: Thank you so much for helping me, good luck.

Nate rings the doorbell and Marty opens the door, is in shock, and gives Nate a huge hug.

Marty (crying): I thought of you everyday.

Ellen then walks out the door.

Ellen: Dang it.

Chad: Classic Ellen.

Marty: I don't know who you are, but thank you so much for finding my son. Thank you.

TAC: It was a pleasure getting to know him. For know, I have to return Chad to his family.

TAC and Chad walk now to Chad's house where Chad sees his grandma on the front porch smoking a cigarette.

Chad (sniffling): GRANDMA!

Chad's grandma: Oh, its you.

Chad: Have you not known that I've been missing for the past few days?

Chad's grandma: *scoffs* I don't like your silly little tales, Chaddy. Head back inside.

TAC: Well I think I'm good.

TAC's walking out and starts walking over to where TAC thinks he can find more info, Waterloo University, when all of a sudden...

Reporter: Hey, are you TAC?

TAC: Yes, I am.

Reporter: I heard that you found 2 of the 5 missing students at P.S. 38! With that, Good Day Rackleff wants to invite you to come to their panel so they can talk to you about the P.S. case. So come hop on in our news van!

TAC comes in with the reporter and sits on the couch in the news van where there are a few people working with the news team as the reporter serves TAC.

Reporter: Frozen custard?

TAC: No thanks, its really cold today cause of all the rain.

Reporter: Then what about hot chocolate?

TAC takes the mug of hot chocolate and takes a sip.

Eventually they arrive at the news station where TAC takes his hot chocolate and heads inside where he eventually comes to the panel room where all the news anchors are.

Employee #1: TAC's here! Switch to the side panel.

Employee #2: TAC, head to the side panel, where the black woman in the white dress is.

TAC quickly sits down on the panel, sets down his hot chocolate, and starts to talk to the other woman on the panel.

Marissa (to the camera): Welcome, my name is Marissa Warner, and today we have a special guest, the guy who has found 2 out of the 5 missing P.S. 38 students, please welcome TAC!

TAC: Thank you its a pleasure to be here.

Marissa: So TAC, give us a summary of what's been happening and how you were able to find 2 of the missing students.

TAC: So after the students went missing and the smoke was coming out of P.S. 38, I wanted to do something to help find the missing students so these middle school students can go back to school.

Marissa: mmhm!

TAC: Through some investigation with the detective I'm working with, Christina Reynolds, she and I found out the person behind all of this is a person from Canada who went to college in Waterloo University, SuperTalker101.

Marissa: If he's a 6th grader, then how come he went to a university?

TAC: He and I are both not in this universe. We are from the real world universe, and he came here to the Big Nate Universe to control it.

Marissa: This is groundbreaking, to hear that you can travel between different universes! But that's not what we are here to talk about, we are here to talk about the missing students.

TAC: Right, so my crew and I tried to to stop SuperTalker101 and his goons, but unfortunately, he did beat us, and we all went unconscious. When I woke up, I found myself to be in a prison with Chad Applewhite, one of the missing students. So Super has secret prisons that he's been using to entrap innocent people. One of the other missing students, Nate Wright was there, too. Detective Christina Reynolds contacted one of our friends to disguise himself as a guard so he can bust us out of there, and we successfully escaped. I then returned the kids to their parents, and that's what I've done so far.

Marissa: What are you planning to do next?

TAC: I'm planning to investigate Waterloo University in Canada, since SuperTalker101 went to college there and got a bachelor's degree in computer science, we think we can find some professors who knew him and get more information about him.

Marissa: Well thank you for coming TAC, it was a pleasure! We better send you back to Rackleff Maine where you can continue your investigations!

They start playing the commercials and everyone gets up and takes a quick break as TAC heads out of the news station and back outside, where he sees Christina Reynolds, BNB, and Exquisite Monkey are standing there.

TAC: You guys made it out!

Christina Reynolds: We may have made it out. But we just saw you on the news, we could be into some big trouble.

TAC: What do you mean?

Christina Reynolds: Remember that mug you and the news anchor had?

TAC: Yeah?

Christina Reynolds: Well, if you look at the logo of the mug, you'll see that is says...

Chapter 8: The Final Apocalypse

Christina: SuperTalker101...

TAC: Wait I'm confused that was the official news station for Rackleff?

Christina: TAC, Rackleff is a small town, there is no news station here. Super lured you in to reveal your plans, like I saw it and now I know exactly what you're doing next. Which is why we can't go to Waterloo University. Super's probably trapped it.

TAC: Well, we can continue our investigations here.

During the conversation, a giant earthquake begins to happen, and a weirdly shaped building starts to appear from the news station.


The building soars high into the sky with the infamous thunderclouds, and it has a giant sign which says...

Christina: "Supershmirtz Evil Incorporated."

Super (at the top balcony): HAHAHAHAH! TheAmazingCrafter, once again you are trying to stop my plans, which is why you must be eliminated! That is why I created, the Terminator-inator! With this baby, I can terminate any FANDOM user or Big Nate character and turn them into BNB alts that work for me!

The three remaining students, Dee Dee, Jenny, and Gina are trapped up at the top of the balcony.

Super points the Terminator-inator at the sky and shoots all the thunderclouds and the clouds become terminated. Lightning strikes on GarfieldMN.

Christina: *gasp*

GarfieldMN: Help....m..e...Lots of me!

GarfieldMN turns into GarfieldBNB and touches Exquisite Monkey.

Exquisite Monkey: OOOOOOOHHHHH.......Lots of me!

Exquisite Monkey turns into Exquisite BNB.

TAC: Its a BNBpocalypse!

Christina: We need to seek shelter now!

TAC and Christina run into a small grocery store and board the door so none of the BNB alts can get in.

Christina: What do we do!? We just lost Garfield and Exquisite Monkey!

Suddenly someone taps on TAC.

OofBigGina: Whatcha doin'?

TAC: I swear the amount of Phineas and Ferb references here is uncanny.


Christina: I think that's the least of our worries OofBigGina.


Christina: What?

TAC, Christina, and OofBigGina walk out the emergency exit and see someone coming out of the sunbeam from the clouds, a girl that looks familiar that is holding a rubix cube.

Kelly: Forgot something, TAC?

TAC: Kelly!

Kelly solves the rubix cube and it starts to shine and it becomes so bright that no one can see. Once things clear up, sparkles fill up all around and form in multiple clusters on the ground.

Christina: This is beautiful!

The cluster of sparkles start forming into people and animals and once they all finish they reveal to all be users of the BNW and BNCW.

Kelly: Voila!

OofBigGina: I LIKE THIS!!

Whoops6: Big Nate users! This is our time to protect the one thing that has brought so many of us together! We will not give up Big Nate to a Canadian criminal!

Users: YEAH!

Super: BNB alts, attack!

The two sides charge at each other and users immediately start turning into BNB alts.

Whoops6: What is this!?

TAC: Any user near me come my way!

TAC and a few users run off and jump into the sewer for protection.

TAC: I'm glad you guys made it out safely!

The users that made it out safely were ComicRater, ComicCreatorz, and ComicComet.

TAC: Well I guess we got all the "comic" users.

ComicComet: Why is there so many BNB's and why are user being turned into them.

TAC: Super, or "supershmirtz," has a device called the "Terminator-inator" that terminates a user and turns them into a BNB alt account. So there will be users that get terminated. When it comes to pandemics and apocalypses like these there will have to be sacrifices made to do the right thing.

ComicCreatorz: *sniff* So touching.

TAC: AnYwAyS, I've got a plan. We need to head to the top of the Supershmirtz tower and terminate Super before he terminates anybody else.

ComicRater: How do we get up there?

TAC: Well we can sneak through the sewer system to get there without using the streets, and then we have to break through a window or something like that and then work from there.

As everyone was talking bubbles starts appearing on the sewer river and out pops 2 BNB alt accounts!

ComicComet: Run!

Everyone starts dashing through the sewer system and towards the Supershmirtz tower. Everyone makes it safely.

TAC: Okay we made it to the front entrance, and there's a passcode. We have to guess what the passcode is.

As the 4 users think, someone walks up and kicks the windows down with her high heel.

Christina: Easy as pie.

Christina walks in as the rest of the people follow her.

Christina: We made it to the stairs. Its going to be a long climb up.

About half way through a bunch of BNB alt accounts come from both sides.

ComicCreatorz: We're trapped! We are all gonna DIE!

TAC: We are not gonna die! We just have to get crafty about how we are gonna...


The super loud shriek causes all the BNB alt accounts to plug their ears and close their eyes.


Almost everybody squeezes through the BNB alts without touching them. Almost everybody...

Christina: *gasp* My foot touched a BNB al......LOTS OF ME!

TAC: NO! Christina! We have to save her!

ComicRater: Lets go, like you said sacrifices have to be made.

The 4 users make it up to the top where they find out where the shrieking noise is coming from!

ComicComet: Why is this not a surprise?


Super: You stupid piece of ****! You've been nothing but annoying OofBigGina!

Super grabs OofBigGina and tosses her out of the balcony where a giant "oof" sound happens when she lands of the ground.

Super: Well TAC you've continued to remain very persistent. But this is the final duel. One side will win.

TAC: Good will always win, evil always lo...

Christina: What the heck, lets just get this over with!

Christina runs to the Terminator-inator and shoots Super who gets terminated.

ComicRater: ....oh.......WE DID IT!

All the users except TAC ccelebrate as TAC notices something on the Terminator-inator.

TAC: "Reverse"...

Christina: You're free Dee Dee, Gina, and Jenny! P.S. 38 has officially reopened!

TAC: Hey guys come here. This machine has a reverse button. We could save all the terminated users and people! But it has a warning. It says "To provide the energy needed to determinate anyone who had been terminated, one person must terminate themselves. The person who will be terminated must hit the reverse button."

ComicComet: Okay, we need to methodically think of the best solu...

TAC presses the button. He starts to fade.

Christina: TAC! You've done so much for all of us and the Big Nate Wiki!? Why did you push the button!?

TAC: My time is done. I've done so much since March 15, 2018 for the betterment of you guys and the Big Nate Wiki. As much as I'd love to stay, I'm done. A sacrifice has to be made so the next generation of users can thrive. So if sacrifice is the moral of the story, I am the sacrifice. Thank you guys so much!

ComicCreatorz: No, thank you. You've influenced so many of us for the better. You're a great person.

TAC: And even though Super got me terminated, I'm glad I went out serving. I hope you guys remember me and my legacy. Thank you. Goodbye.

The last of TAC's body fades away. Big Nate is safe once more.

The End


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