This article is in the perspective of the wiki users.

The Annoyance (name deemed by Yoda) was a period on GoComics where the users Moonman, and Bomberman for Smash were posting stupid and illogical comments to egg on and harass a few BNCW users, the main ones being ZachOWott, BigNateBaseball, and Swasimcool (Swayamplayz on gc).  

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(Pictures below will be labeled with numbers in parentheses to show order.)


Offenders (for lack of a better term)

  • Moonman - Created the original comment and continued the argument with many more comments.
  • Bomberman for Smash - Egged on the opposing people and was very rude.
  • Schadenfreude - Agreed with Moonman, but had not much to do with the conflict.


  • ALTernativeToHumans - Started the "boi" thing which led to the conflict.
  • Texas Smash - Replied to the original comment, but had nothing to do with the conflict.
  • Lannan - Said "boi" once.
  • BabyzzzYT - Also said "boi" once.

Wiki Users + Allies

  • ZachOWott - Called out Moonman for trying to get featured comment with the "boi" thing. This ended up starting the conflict.
  • BigNateBaseball - Jumped in to defend Zach, and remained to argue against Moonman's points throughout the conflict.
  • Swayamplays (Swasimcool) - Helped defend Zach, and made many good points against Moonman. A key contributor.
  • Logan Paul (Yoda) - His only comment on this thread was saying that Moonman had good points, however he is truly on the side of the wiki users and has a strong hate for Moonman and Bomberman for Smash, which he has said on discord.
  • James Bond - Although not a wiki user, he did help argue against Moonman. He made two comments with very good points.
  • ToPhu - His only comment was telling Moonman to stop arguing and spamming. However, he sadly got banned due to this incident.


The gocomics user, Moonman, left a comment on the Big Nate strip for 2/21/2020 (see right).

Then, many users started to reply with "boi".

(1) GC users replying to Moonman's comment with "boi".

ZachOWott saw this as spamming to get featured comment, and told them to stop. This was met with Moonman and Bomberman for Smash being rude and egging him on.

(2) ZachOWott's reply and Moonman and Bomberman for Smash being rude.

ZachOWott replied to these comments, and other BNCW users stepped in to defend him. These included BigNateBaseball and Swasimcool. Moonman and Bomberman continued to fight back. Sway even called Moonman the next Alex Carey.


After that, Moonman continued to reply with 10 more comments in a row, despite claiming that he wasn't trying to get featured comment and that he didn't care. His arguments rambled on and did not really make sense or help him.

(4) Moonman's 10 comments.

| | |







Then, a gc user by the name of James Bond countered Moonman's points. Moonman responded AGAIN.

(5) James Bond and Moonman.

Finally, Sway and BNB made more points against Moonman. ALTernativeToHumans, the user that started the "boi" thing, commented that it was just a joke. Moonman referred to BNB as "the baseball". Swasimcool and ZachOWott decided to stop arguing and leave the thread.

As of 12:13 PM EST (when I'm writing this), nothing else has happened. It will be updated again if something happens (on that specific comment). This page was originally created by Yoda, but updated with all of the current information by ZachOWott (talk) 17:19, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

(6) Zach and Sway decide to stop.

About an hour after Zach and Sway's comments, Moonman was back.

James Bond made a comment about Moonman's use of the word "kamikaze" which he took to be toxic. BNB then defended James Bond. Moonman continued to ramble on trying to defend himself, but his arguments just kept getting worse as he went on. ToPhu attempted to tell him to stop arguing and spamming, but he got mad at him too, saying that he had a headache and that he was going to sleep.


Edit: Today, 2/23/2020, Moonman, along with ToPhu, was banned from gocomics. Zach, Sway, and BNB, have not been banned.

Moonman was most likely banned for arguing/spamming, and for the featured comment thing, and ToPhu was probably banned for trying to get featured comment to stop Moonman. These are just predictions, they have not been confirmed to be true, but are likely to be.

Can we get an F in chat for ToPhu please? Don't spam the comments of this article, just reply to one comment or something.

Funnily enough, now that Moonman is banned, Sway's comment which mocked him is now the featured comment for the strip from 2/21/2020.

Sway's featured comment.


Later on, Moonman made a wiki account called "Moonman is gone". He apologized to the users involved in this conflict for his actions and is now forgiven. He made a profile page on the wiki and is now pretty active and is online pretty much every day. He has even gotten Discussion Mod.

ToPhu (as far as we know) has not yet made a new gc account.

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