The Anti-BNCW Operation of 2020 is an event which SuperTalker101, an exiled and globally banned user who was one of the most controversial users in BNCW history, made a plan to pay 10,000 in Dank Memer Coins to the person who found the wiki users on his server in order to remove all wiki users.

This plan was agreed upon for a lot of users that Super had on his Discord server, as 10,000 in Dank Memer Coins would be very beneficial to the users on the server

The plan was leaked two days after the plan was put into action and Super was exposed, the plan is still ongoing, although it is unknown whether Super will continue his plan.

The Start

On July 3rd, 2020, SuperTalker made a ping to all of his users on his Discord server to tell that he devised a plan to exterminate all wiki users on his Discord server. Below is the plan that SuperTalker101 had created.

Due to some very important recent events, I may be putting into action this operation. I recommend you do this to because of those users as specified act like 10-year-old barbarians. ;)

Operation Anti-BNCW/BNW

Operation Anti-BNCW/BNW is a 3 stage deployed server protection operation designed to maintain the integrity of the discord server. The 3 stages of the operation help make sure that all necessary precautions can be taken in a safe and orderly manner, which prevents mistakes and ensures the organization of this operation.


The objective of Operation Anti-BNCW/BNW is to remove all users associated with the FANDOM Networks Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki and the Big Nate Wiki. It can be deployed at any time as does not need a reason to do so.

Stage One

Stage One is to identify the users of the FANDOM wikis previously specified. All users who identify the users will be given 10k in Dank Memer coins. The more users you find, the more you shall receive.

Stage Two

Stage Two involves the eradication of all users which were identified. The staff shall then commence a 'sweeping' which will carefully scan through members to make sure no users are still here.

Stage Three

Stage Three involves preventing further users from accessing. This involved ensuring that the users were banned instead of kicking, and blocking any other users known to be part of the wikis specified.

This was approved by a lot of members on Super's Discord community.


SuperTalker101's plan was found out by Pig Lover, who discovered the plan and decided to reveal it to the BNCW community.


Super has changed Operation BNCW/BNW to Operation BNW. If you are only on BNCW and not on the BNW, you are fine. But if you’re in the BNW, good luck.

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