Several people have been banned from the Big Nate comment section at GoComics for a variety of reasons; here are just a few:

The List of Bannings (From Beginning to End)

Older ones

1. HEV1

Reason: Guilty by association. There were two fake accounts with the username "hev1" and one was spamming. All three users with the name "hev1" were banned (even though the real HEV1 hadn't done anything wrong, he was banned.)

2. Heatman84

Reason: For spamming wordless comments in the comment section

3. nateisprettycool (ItzNateBoi)

Reason: Unknown

4. #Audi

Reason: For spamming on his own comment twenty times to get featured.

5. Meme Squad

Reason: For cursing and making personal attacks.

6. MartySays

Reason: For posting unrelated comments and polls.

7. Boosted

Reason: MartySays second account, spamming his comments to make them featured.

8. TeddySays

Reason: For previously being banned/posting one poll that lead to angry comments.

9. Nate Wright - Official

Reason: For spamming in the comment section, featuring HEV1.

10. Nate Clone

Reason: For cursing with foul language against MartySays and his imitators and also (accidentally) creating a second account.

11. CzwerickiSays

Reason: Posting unrelated polls/previously being banned.

12. Boosted #2

Reason: Spamming in CzwerickiSays comments, featuring it.

13. Meme_Machine

Reason: For using freedom of speech. JK-Banned for accidentally Saying the wrong word*jacking* *goofing*

14. Baby Dragon

Reason: For having a huge argument with Pizza in which each point he/she made was three or four comments long (he/she got 60 replies on Most of the replies were not related to the strip (about Clash Royale and Roblox) and only a few words long. GC Moderators probably considered that to be spam.

15. Pizza

Reason: For having a huge argument with Baby Dragon in which each point he/she made was three or four comments long (Baby Dragon got 60 replies on Most of the replies were not related to the strip (about Clash Royale and Roblox) and only a few words long. This reply from Pizza got Baby Dragon featured: "lol we argued so much you got featured". Baby Dragon celebrated by saying: "our dreams came true and my comment is featured!" In conclusion, Baby Dragon is probably the same person as Pizza. Pizza returned to the comment section during the sarwesh crisis and nobody realized.

16. Calvin

Reason: For commenting "first"

17. Shikarenter

Reason: Unknown

18. MartySays [Christmas Edition]

Reason: For posting unrelated polls and being insulting.

19. Outcastsage9033

Reason: Unknown(according to alexcarey) i was banned for swearing at alexcarey (which the words were censored btw) like f**k you.

20. AlexCarey602

Reason: Swearing, making drama, arguing with people.


Reason: Apparently for being obnoxious and occasionally cursing (according to this person in the reply of the featured and for cursing **** U ALL WHO DON"T SUPPORT GOLLUM as said in Meme Machine's confession


- Involved in the Yee War and a fake "Coldnight.

23.President Snoopy

There was a fake President Snoopy that got reported so the original President Snoopy got Deleted.

24.The Great and Powerful Yee

For spamming and making a fake Gollum account.


(according to MorningRat)

I was banned because my brother thought that it would be funny to spam all of the comments with "first", even if he wasn't first. I admit it was sort of funny seeing people's reactions to it, which I guess alexcarey also found funny because he was stealing this joke for a few weeks, but since nobody responded to him he just stopped. My brother continued this for a while, and eventually stopped because he didn't want to get banned, and I actually was going to post an apology and an explanation, but it was too late; I was already banned. To answer your second question, I was not Yee.


Reason:For spamming Multiple times.

27. sarweshchandramouli

Reason: Constant profanity, spamming, disrespecting other users,

28. Henry Hudson

Reason: Disrespecting other users and name calling

29. Comedy Professional

Reason: Language

30. Kakuna

31. Clutch

Reason: Language, disrespecting other users, and posting a lot of unrelated comments.

32. 23e4wqgvg

Reason: Spamming, might have been Sarwesh returning.

33. Skidogge

Reason: Calling a commenter (Gracie) insulting names.

34. Yoda

Reason: Sang congratulations (song with racist lines)

35. An Average Highschooler

Reason: Arguing with other commenters

36. Henry Hudson (again)

Reason: Unknown Spamming the theme song seven years ago for now

37. Vader the Go comic'er

Spamming the them song many many times

38. Henry Hudson


39. Garfield Lover

Spamming his opinion on Garfield

40. superfoxtrot

Spamming the theme song 7 years ago.

41. Carson YT

Arguing and being rude

42. Mustansir

Being rude. Got unbanned. Didn’t really impact anything at all

43. Miffuwu

Starting a band to fight meowmix and being an idiot

44. Meowmix

Being rude and mean and swearing at people. Many users like mifuuwu and GasterBlaster were VERY mad at this person and mifu even posted a large comment asking the gc staff to ban Meowmix. As it turns out, Meowmix is the sister of Texas Smash, another gocomics user, and just wanted to have some fun with the other users. This did not result well for Meowmix.

45. Texas Smash

Texas Smash, the sibling of Meowmix, was also banned soon after her. Texas Smash was a nice user and never did anything wrong, so the banning must have resulted from the admins being convinced that they were the alt account of Meowmix. (Or an IP ban) more info

Texas Smash was actually banned, but returned under an alt.

Update: Turns out Texas Smash and Meowmix are the same person.

46. Ultimate comic robot

Spamming a lot during the Meowmix crisis (idk what its called)

47. CrossDoggo

Said STFU got unbanned pretty quick though

Got banned again for an unknown reason but got unbanned

48. Syobon (aka Henry Hudson/Woofmix)

Henry had the great idea to troll the comment section by changing his Woofmix account to Syobon and copying everyone's comments. He later got banned. :/ Check Henry's blog posts for more info! (Before getting banned, he renamed himself to "Retired Syobon".)

Henry's Blog Posts: 1 2 3 4

49. Teddy Square Root Ortiz

He was bothering everyone by saying "Trump 2020" and got banned.

50. BigTeddy86

The "Trump 2020" thing as well. Probably an alt account of Teddy Square Root Ortiz.

51. Moonman

This is GasterBlaster's second account. He was banned after he was trying to get featured to get featured comment a lot and arguing with ZachOWott, Swasimcool, and BigNateBaseball in The Annoyance.

(according to moonman) hey people (long story short) i didnt mean to try and get featured comment and i admit maybe i replied too much but i apologize to everyone for reacting the way i did and hope i could be forgiven,i hope tophu isnt banned because of me so yeah i got banned, goodbye.

52. ToPhu

ToPhu was banned along with Moonman. The wiki gang were attempting to get ToPhu to spam to get featured comment to stop Moonman, which resulted in them both getting banned.

53. Swayamplayz

Someone was impersonating him and saying inappropriate words, but he is unbanned now.

54. Carson YT


(He doesn't get an explanation this time lol)

55. FreeFlare

For saying some stuff

56. ShibaInUwU


Being a furry - Yoda

57. Foster Samel's

Swearing and being political.

58. BigBoi

Did would you rather aka polls(might be the reason)

he returned as SmallBoi a couple of weeks later

59. SunMan

Banned for unknown reasons.

He returned shortly after as CometMan.

60. GoldenGlory4Life

Unknown Reasons.

61. ItsP-dog

Unknown Reasons

62. Lssj8520

This commenter was banned probably for his over the top comments against pollers. There are multiple ghost pings of him on the strip for 4/17/2020.

63. Big Nate Comix

Making polls and spamming.

64. Llama

Arguing, making fun of people, spamming, polling, creating alts, and saying every swear known to man.

65. Anthony Whiteley (Student)

Saying first.

66. Pigmcginnyrig

Polling and language.



68. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Being political.(He came back. Not political now.)

and quite annoying

69. (Nice): Juan Rodriguez

Saying first and swearing

70. acommentor


71. Carson YT


72. Marty Says F*** YOU

Trolling and language

73. Soobway is better than subway


74. Llama


75.  A guy with a very long name who is awesome


76. judec5

Self-promoting and arguing

77. Block Maniac

Unknown reasons

78. Wayoungbloodii

Self promoting and just being an idiot


Making users feel uncomfortable

80. Salty Byleth Main

Existing .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

81. ItsP-dog

Dank (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

82. Fuzz


83. The Mandalorian

Arguing with baby yoda

84. Gumball's Gumballs

Suggestive comments and disrespecting our Lord and Savior, Lincoln Pierce

85. 101


86. Armpit Splash

Spamming, posting irrevelant comments, polling, disrespecting other users

87. ItsP-dog

Seriously GC Mods have no life. Banning innocent people is happy fun time for them :P

88. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jesus)

I didn't do anything! Is that so? -_-

What can get you banned

Any of these can get you banned:

  • Cursing
  • Spamming
  • Posting irrelevant comments
  • Disrespecting other users
  • Creating fake accounts and stuff like that
  • Insulting people
  • Making comments GC doesn't like.
  • Making people look bad.
  • Posting long speeches
  • Impersonation
  • Trolling
  • Generally being mean
  • Arguing too much
  • Being political
  • Existing meanly
  • Saying First
  • Posting empty comments
  • Being Underage (Below 13)
  • Posting attention seeking comments
  • Advertising
  • Getting banned (Most Common Reason)
  • Being Political
  • Impersonation
  • Posting pornography

How banning works

When you are banned, your account DOES NOT GET DELETED. You can still login and read comics/comment while logged in but your comments/replies/likes won't appear to the rest of the GC community.

Extra things that happen when banned: you will make 5 new accounts but none of them work, you cry and pull your hair out but nobody came to help you because they cant see our cries for help (well they need to be verified accounts).

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