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This is book one of the new story series created by P-dog. To understand the story you will need to know these people though. It is still being added onto, so the characters are not all devolped

  • P-dog = Patrick Byrne (little brother)
  • Henry Hudson = Henry Byrne (oldest brother)
  • Spyro = Scott Byrne (middle brother)
  • Pig Lover = Dr. Chris P. Bacon
  • Sway = Nicholas Aden
  • SBM = Pearl Aden
  • GC = Planet Callow
  • BNCW = Planet Astound
  • TrapperClicker = Pluto
  • PET = Zeus
  • BN91 = Mars

Remind Me To Set My Alarm Before Bed - 1

Patrick lay up in his bed. The sun was blazing, and the heat was insane. Patrick opened his eyes and saw a flashlight shining down on him.

“Finally! You’re awake!” Henson exclaimed.

“What’re you doing here?” Patrick said, tired.

“Look at the clock,” Henson said.

Patrick turned his head 180 degrees, and to his surprise, it was 11:26AM. “NO!” Patrick yelled. “I forgot to set my alarm!” Henson shook his head while Patrick scrambled around his room trying to find his clothes.

“You really need to remember things, little bro.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“I’m saying you have to set your alarm, dummy,” Henry laughed.


Henson walked out of the room. “Cya for lunch, Pat,” Henry told him.

Once Patrick had gotten his shower and put all of his clothes on, he trudged down the stairs. “Patrick! You’re late! Get over here right now!” His mother, Jackie Byrne, scolded. Patrick rolled his eyes and walked over to the kitchen counter, where his mother was cooking their lunch for later

“You know better than to wake up so late!”

“Sorry mom,” Josh said, annoyed

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it! This is the third this week, and it’s only Monday!” “What the…”

“Wait, no. It’s the second time you’ve done it!” Jackie turned away and shook her head.

“Excuse me, I just need some coffee.”

Patrick walked over to the table where his 2 brothers were sitting. “You’re in big trouble,” Scott chuckled. “Big time,” Henson added.

“I know. I know.” Patrick mumbled. “Lunch is ready!” Jackie Byrne announced to the brothers. She served their food, lasagna, and the three brothers dug in.

“Mm this is really good,” Scott said, chewing his food

“Don’t talk with food in your mouth,” Henson told Scott.

“Sorry,” Scott said sarcastically.

Micheal Byrne walked into the room, with a serious look on his face. “Don’t forget you guys have work in a few minutes,” Their dad said. The brothers quickly finished up their lunches and packed their bags.

“Have a great day at work!” Jackie told the boys.

“Yep ok cya.” Patrick ran out of the front door, knowing what would happen next.

“Oh, my little boys grow up so fast,” Jackie said, a little sad.

“Okay I’ma head out.” Scott walked out the front door.

“Oh my itty witty sweetie.” Jackie looked at Henson.

Henson quickly got a look of fear in his eyes. Jackie kissed him on the cheek, and Henson tried to get away. He made eye contact with his brothers, and mouthed help to them. The boys started laughing, and Jackie let go of Henson.

Patrick pointed at Henson’s cheek and laughed. Scott had a light chuckle. “You guys suck,” Henson told his brothers. They laughed even harder. “Let’s go to work," Patrick said, his laughing drifting off. “Ok,” the other boys responded.

Ancient Publications - 2

Patrick panted as he pushed the book cart.. It was a hot day on Planet Callow, not only hot, but dry. Scott walked over to Patrick. “Need any help, little bro?” he offered. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and put on his uniform. Patrick, Scott, and their brother Henson worked at A New Chapter: a bookstore owned by Nicholas Aden and his wife Pearl.

“Raaa!” Henson shouted as he pretended to stab Patrick from behind using a pencil. Patrick shrieked and gave Henson a dirty look. “Henson, I need some help,” Patrick looked at Henson.

“Sure, what do you need?” Henson replied. “Can you hold the bottom of this ladder? I need to get these books on the top shelf.”

“Ok. Make sure to be quick.”

Nicholas walked into the room. “Hey guys,” he said. “Do you need any help?” “Nah, thanks for offering though,” Henson told Nicholas.

“Okay,” Nicholas said as he walked over to his desk, where he was storing many books, mostly from the 17th century. He sat down, and started to work. Patrick noticed a book with a brown cover, and no title. It looked really old.

Patrick walked over to Scott, who was putting some books on shelves. Suddenly, they heard a huge boom. It came from the north west side of the book store. Nicholas got up, and started mumbling under his breath. “No, no no. Impossible. How’d he find me here?”

There was another boom, and the roof started to crumble. Patrick looked at Henson, who was trembling.

A third boom came, louder than the others.

Scott started to run around, panicking. He pulled out his Rubik's cube to relieve his stress.

Patrick scanned the room, trying to find something to protect him. Nicholas was nowhere to be found. Pearl, well, he didn’t know where Pearl was. He frantically searched, and found a table. The roof was collapsing. “Scoot! Henson! Follow me now!” Scott and Henson nodded. They got up, and followed Patrick to the table. More parts of the roof fell down on them.

Patrick heard a scream. A chunk of the ceiling had fallen on Henson’s leg, and he couldn’t get up.

The Secrets of Aden - 3

Nicholas ran out the front entrance of the bookstore. He needed to get to the north west side of the building, but there was some construction going on. Work sites were littered all over the road. Open man-holes, exposed pipes, the usual stuff you'd see in a worksite. Nicholas shook his head. The only path to that part of the building was to go over the roof.

Nicholas sighed, and looked around the construction site. He found a ladder, and he leaned it against the side of the bookstore. He climbed up it, and onto the roof. Nicholas started to sprint, but was stopped. Before him stood a clay figure, maybe 12 feet tall. Nicholas racked his brain in order to remember what this creature was.</font>

It hit him. It was a CrossDoggo. No, no, no. This isn’t possible. Nicholas thought. The last of these creatures were seen in the 15 century! How are they here now? Nicholas was utterly confused.

He shook away his thoughts. He started to channel his energy, his aura into a laser on the palm of his hand. He willed it to fire, and it did. The lazer blasted the CrossDoggo to bits, and sent the pieces flying. Unfortunately, two more climbed onto the roof.

Nicholas decided he needed to use a bit more power. He again, started to focus his energy, but this time into a gauntlet on his right hand. He channeled some more of his aura into the soles of his feet. He started to fly off the ground.

Nicholas knew he needed to act fast. If he took too long to kill the CrossDoggo’s, more would come. Nicholas flew head on to meet the monsters.

>He shaped his hand into a fist, and then he uppercutted the first giant. The CrossDoggo fell over, and dissolved into ashes. Nicholas then kicked the second creature in its private part, and he also dissolved into ashes. Nicholas breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“Good job, Nicholas,” a voice said. Nicholas spun around.

Before him stood Dr. Chris P Bacon.

Escaping Death - 4

Pearl was reading the daily newspaper: Canyon Courier, when she felt a deep boom run through her. She looked up, but did not see anything. She ignored it.


The glass of green tea spilled. Pearl scowled as it dripped off the table and onto her skirt. Pearl stood up, then heard a scream. She immediately recognized the voice: Henson. She threw down her newspaper and ran towards the cry of pain.

Pearl sprinted down the hall into the main library area. She scanned the room, and got a glimpse of Patrick running towards Henson. “Henson! Are you ok?” Patrick shouted, worried. Henson moaned in pain. “M-my leg,” he groaned.

Pearl ran up to the brothers. “Is everyone alright?” She asked. She quickly noticed Henson buried under the pile of rubble, and understood what happened. She looked at the boys. “Do you know what you are going to do?” She asked. Scott looked at Patrick. They knew what they both would do. The brothers nodded at one another. Slowly, they reached their hands under a huge chuck of roof, and lifted it up. The brothers repeated the process until all of the debris was off of Henson.

The brothers lifted up Henson, whom slowly stood up. He grasped his leg with his sweaty hands; Henson's face was as pale as ever. Pearl ran into the kitchen, grabbed some water, and handed it to Henson. “Thanks,” Henson said, relieved. “You guys saved my life. I could have died.” “Well, you didn’t.” Patrick said happily.

Pearl was happy too. But, she had a serious look on her face.

They had to go help Nicholas.
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