The Positive Elixir Trade or PET poll botting was an event that occurred during the bureaucrat election of 2019 between Swasimcool and Positive Elixir Trade. In March of 2020, however, three users found that PET had used alternate accounts to vote in his favor during the vote.

Discussion Posts regarding the event.

It started when Bignatebaseball, Swasimcool, and ZachOWott collaborated on an investigation to see how PET cheated during the vote. They found that PET had used 4 alt accounts to bot the vote, 5 more were found later.

Positive Elixir Trade's Defense

PET's main excuse was that he had annulled the votes of the alt accounts and still won genuinely.

Henry Hudson's Point of View

With PET Against PET Neutral
PET Swasimcool chemicalchaos
7o'clock Bignatebaseball GN91
GG4L Henry Hudson
LordNour ZachOWott
GarfieldMN HarryPotterExpert101 (councilor)

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