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Hi, everyone! I decided to write my own "What if the Wiki Users Met Up?" Enjoy.

Chapter 1

I walked down the cement sidewalk of the dark neighborhood. My flight to Toronto had been delayed four hours, and the sun was already setting by the time I arrived. “101 Cynic Drive,” I kept muttering to myself, making sure that I didn’t walk past the house by accident. After more walking, I eventually found the correct street. 101 Cynic Drive was the second house on the right.

I walked up the rough driveway towards an impressive mansion, noticing that the lights were on the inside. Before I could knock on the door, a puny, Indian-looking kid answered the door.

“Henry Hudson?! Is that you? Guys, Henry is here!” I didn’t need an introduction to figure out who he was—ItsP-dog. I walked inside the mansion into a vast lounge.

“Hi, Henry,” greeted an Asian kid a bit shorter than me. “I’m ToPhu, the host of this ‘meeting.’” I waved to him shyly.

“Who else is here?” I inquired. The living room alone was gargantuan, and there was fancy china everywhere. “Dang, ToPhu, I didn’t know you were rich.” ToPhu chuckled nervously and looked around strangely; it creeped me out.

“Zach, Spyroclub, Swasimcool, P-dog, Moon Man…” he started. I was happy; they were all users that I liked. “Pig Lover…” I groaned under my breath. I tried to think of a witty saying, but my mind went blank. “Anyways, Henry, you can share a room with either P-dog or Pig Lover. All of the other bedrooms are taken. I immediately ran upstairs to look for P-dog’s room. The long hallways were filled with antique furniture and pottery. The old-fashioned wallpaper and rugs gave the house a very rustic feel. As I was admiring a really smooth vase, a booming voice scared the living daylights out of me.

“Hi!” shouted the voice. I fell as I turned around—a short kid was standing there with a Rubik’s Cube T-shirt. “I’m Spyroclub.” I stood up and patted my pants; the floor extremely dusty as if nobody had cleaned the hall for years.

“Goodness, you scared me. You’re Spyroclub, I presume?” He nodded enthusiastically.

“Are you going to be sleeping in P-dog’s room? I heard only Pig Lover, and P-dog’s rooms were available.”

“Yes, obviously,” I scoffed.

“Cool! We’re going to be in adjacent rooms! P-dog’s room is right over here!” He showed me to P-dog’s room, which was at the very end of the hall. The walls were already covered by giant sports posters, and the air already reeked of sweaty socks.

“Hey, doesn’t anything seem off to you about this house? I mean, I never pictured ToPhu as a rich guy that lived in a mansion. Also, why is everything so dirty?” I wiped the wall with my finger, which covered it in grey dust.

“I don’t know. But it’s cool, right? I’ve never stayed in such an enormous place before!” Suddenly, the doorbell screeched loudly. Both Spyroclub and I covered our ears. “This house is probably ancient. Anyways, we should see who it is!” We both ran down the long hall and down the dusty, wooden stairs. Several people were already gathered around the door, chattering loudly. I pushed through them to see who it was, but I couldn’t tell.

“Why are you wearing a mask?” asked a tall kid with a deep voice. I looked over his shoulder, and indeed, the kid was wearing a mask.

“Um, hi, I’m Henry Hudson,” I greeted. “Why are you wearing a mask? The pandemic ended a few months ago.” As I finished my sentence, I realized who he was.

“I’m ComicRater,” he said from under his mask. “Aren’t you guys concerned about personal privacy? I’m not revealing my—” Before he could finish, P-dog had come over and ripped his mask off.

“Dude, we’re meeting in real life,” said another tall kid with a baseball cap on. “You can show your face, it’s not like there any pedophiles here, Rater.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Welcome, ComicRater,” said ToPhu over the crowd. “I’m ToPhu, the host! You’ll be sharing a room with Pig Lover!”

“Oh great,” I heard him whisper to himself. He slumped up the wooden staircase.

“Rater!” shouted ToPhu. “When you’re done unpacking, come downstairs! I ordered some pizza!” I assumed that ComicRater was the last person to arrive. It felt good that I wasn’t the last one. I went over to the dining room and sat down in a large, wooden chair. The dining table was the size of a redwood tree, it was huge! I looked out the window and saw the pizza delivery man pull up the driveway. I plugged my ears before he could ring the screeching doorbell. ToPhu answered the door and paid the delivery man. He came back to the dining room with a stack of pizza boxes. “Enjoy!” I took three slices of pepperoni pizza and sat down. P-dog sat down next to me.”

“I can’t believe Pig Lover is here! Like, who would invite him!” I nodded in agreement as I munched on a piece of pepperoni. I saw a blond kid with glasses give us a dirty look. He stood up.

“Look, ToPhu invited me, so I came! If you guys have a problem with that, then leave! According to Canadian law…” He droned on and on. I almost lost my appetite, hearing his never-ending rant.

“Oh great, the pig runs wild,” P-dog whispered to me. I chuckled as I tried to ignore PL. He finally stopped talking after I finished my last slice. “Any dessert?” asked P-dog loudly. I looked over at his plate; there were at least five uneaten pizza crusts. I was surprised how much a skinny kid like P-dog could eat.

“There isn’t any dessert, sorry,” said ToPhu. “But, instead of dessert, we should try to get to know each other,” he said. “Let’s take turns, introducing ourselves. I’m ToPhu, I’m from Canada, and I like tofu. Who’s next?” I raised my hand. “Yes, Henry?” He pointed at me like a kindergarten teacher would.

“Hi, everybody, I’m Henry Hudson,” I started. “Why are we in such an old mansion? It’s so dusty as if nobody’s been here for centuries.” With my napkin, I wiped a vase on the dining table to prove my point.

“I’m still trying to eat, Henry,” hissed Spyroclub. As he finished, another Indian kid came down who was much taller than P-dog.

“Oooh! Pizza! Don’t mind if I do!” Everyone blankly stared at him as he began to eat.

“Dinner was almost an hour ago, where were you?” asked Pig Lover.

“I tend to eat late,” responded the kid with a mouthful of cheese pizza. “I’m Swasimcool, by the way.”

“Hi, Swayam. Anyways, let’s continue by introducing ourselves. Who’s next?” The kid with the baseball cap raised his hand.

“I’m Bignatebaseball, everyone, hi.”

“Hi, everyone,” said the tall kid with a deep voice. I’m ZachOWott.”

“Did you bring Jimmy?” asked several people at once. They began bombarding Zach with questions about his cat. Eventually, everyone went upstairs into their rooms. I decided to explore the house a bit. There were a lot of empty places around the house, all filled with cobwebs. It was almost as if the house was haunted…

Chapter 2

“Hey, Henry,” said P-dog as he flexed his muscles in front of the mirror.

“What,” I responded. My voice was muffled by the shirt I was holding on my nose. The smell was unbearable; how could someone turn a room so malodorous in one day?!

“Have you noticed that we haven’t seen ComicsCreatorz anywhere? He must not exist! This is great proof!” I finally decided to look at the muscular baby-child. He was right! We hadn’t seen ComicsCreatorz anywhere. P-dog and I looked at each other sinisterly. He put on his T-shirt, and we both bolted to the room next to ours.

“Ah, ha! Where is ComicsCreatorz? Oh, right, he doesn’t exist!” I mocked. P-dog laughed with me.

“He actually did come. Stop jumping to conclusions,” retorted Pig Lover. ComicRater rolled his eyes and put his pillow over his head.

“Where is he? Neither P-dog nor I have seen him!” I said while pretending to look for him.

“I actually don’t know. We were actually the first ones to arrive, but then ComicsCreatorz suddenly disappeared.”

“Yeah, right,” chuckled P-dog. “How come you’re sharing a room with ComicRater, then?

“My brother’s sharing a room with Moon Man. Ask him if you want. You can also ask ToPhu; he saw him earlier.” P-dog and I both laughed hysterically.

“Alright, we will.” We both walked out of the room, laughing. “Oh, what happened now? Was he kidnapped? Duh!” I mocked. We found Moon Man’s room, which was at the other end of the hall.

“Hey, Moon Man,” I said, knocking on the doors.

“Hi! Come in!” We both stepped into the room. Sure enough, he was alone.

“Where’s your roommate?” I asked. I tried to hold in my laugh.

“ComicsCreatorz?” he started; my smile fell off my face. “I don’t know, actually. He disappeared around two hours before lunch.”

“Lies!” shouted P-dog. I just noticed how smelly his breath was. “I was here three hours before lunch! How come I didn’t see him?”

“He went exploring around the house, P-dog. It’s a freaking mansion, it would make sense that he got lost.”

“Lost for five hours?” I snickered. “Oh wait, I think I know where he is! He’s inside Pig Lover’s body! Oh wait, he is Pig Lover!” P-dog and I started cracking up. “You’re a riot, Moon Man!” We bumped into ToPhu as we went back into the dark hallway.

“Hey, ToPhu, did you hear Pig Lover’s new excuse about ComicsCreatorz? It’s so stupid!” chuckled P-dog.

“What excuse? I saw him this afternoon.” Again, the smile was wiped right off of my face. “I’m not sure where he went, though. I was actually just about to see if he returned to his room.” Now, if ToPhu said that ComicsCreatorz is real, then he’s probably real. Neither P-dog nor I said anything as we slumped back into our room. I was so bummed that I didn’t even notice the stench.

“Do you think Pig Lover bribed ToPhu to say that?” asked P-dog optimistically. I shook my head in dismay. I changed into my pajamas and lay in my sleeping bed. “It’s only 8 o’clock,” said P-dog. I looked around the room, but I couldn’t find a clock. I slumped into the hallway and saw the grandfather clock. Indeed, it was only 8 o’clock.

“Alright, what do you want to do?” I groaned as I walked back into the room.

“We should watch a movie.” P-dog took out his phone and opened Netflix. I was exhausted, so I decided to go along with whatever P-dog chose. We ended up watching The Conjuring for the rest of the long night.

Chapter 3

I woke up to the screeching doorbell. “Ugh, that doorbell is so annoying, right?” I groaned. Nobody responded, and I realized that P-dog had left the room. “He probably went out for a walk or something,” I thought to myself.

Disappointment filled me when I found out that breakfast wasn’t ready. ToPhu had just finished making the pancake mix. “Hey, ToPhu, have you seen P-dog this morning? He wasn’t there when I woke up.”

“No, I haven’t. Have you seen ComicsCreatorz?” I shook my head as I went into the kitchen and started eating a large apple.

“Who was at the door?”

“Christina Reynolds and TheYounglings. Both of their flights were canceled due to bad weather. They’re probably going to have to sleep in the living room; there aren’t any more bedrooms available.”

“Say, about ComicsCreatorz, are you sure that you’re not bluffing me? It seems suspicious that he apparently arrived before me, but he isn’t here now.”

“Henry, I promise that ComicsCreatorz was here. I don’t know where he is! I hope that he’s okay, though.” It still seemed like ToPhu was pulling my leg.

“Guys, have any of you seen Bignatebaseball this morning?” asked Zach as he entered the kitchen. “Oh, Henry, what happened to your face?” I was confused, what happened to my face?

“Goodness, Henry, I didn’t even notice!” exclaimed ToPhu. “Your forehead is swollen. I put my hand to my head, and it hurt. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, my forehead was swollen. When I went back to the kitchen, Moon Man and ComicRater were there. Neither of them had seen P-dog nor Bignatebaseball.

“They probably went out for an early morning workout or something,” assured Moon Man. “They are both athletes, after all.”

“What about ComicsCreatorz?” asked Pig Lover. “He hasn’t answered his phone.” He sounded worried. Suddenly, I began to think that ComicsCreatorz wasn’t a hoax after all. Maybe, there was more to the story.

“Moon Man, Henry slept in the same room as P-dog last night. This morning, he has a meatball-sized bruise on his forehead! Coincidence? I think not!” yelled Zach. Spyroclub and Swasimcool came downstairs together; both of them looked worried.

“There’s a bloody handprint on our door!” shouted Swasimcool. Spyroclub nodded nervously. Everyone began to run up the stairs, so I followed them. They were all gathered in Spyroclub’s room; sure enough, there was a bloody handprint on the door.

“Alright, whoever’s doing this has to stop!” yelled ToPhu. “Seriously? A bloody handprint? I doubt this is even real blood!” At that moment, only one possible scenario made sense to me.

“ToPhu, how do we know that you’re not pulling these tricks?” I asked. “After all, you were the one that invited us to this creepy mansion! Is this even your house? It doesn’t seem like it!” Everyone began to take my side. It was the only case that made any sense.

“Guys, look, I’m not doing this, okay?” chuckled ToPhu. He began backing up towards the wall. “Look, we’ll figure this out together!”

“We should call the police,” suggested Pig Lover. ComicRater and Swasimcool seemed to like that idea. I also thought it was a good suggestion. After all, I didn’t come here to get murdered or whatever.

Suddenly, the lights went out. There was only a faint light coming through the window curtains.

“NO!” shouted a deep, booming voice. The lights turned back on. At that moment, everyone panicked. Nobody knew who to trust, and nobody knew what was going on. The only thing I could think about was the voice—it was too deep to be a human voice. Where did it come from? Who did it come from? And most importantly: why didn’t it want us to call the police?

Chapter 4

When I went back downstairs, I had expected the pancakes to be burnt. ToPhu didn’t bother taking them off the gas when he ran upstairs. However, Christina was in the kitchen, finishing breakfast. Besides the pancakes, she also made scrambled eggs and bacon. The food was delicious.

“So, what was going on upstairs?” she asked. TheYounglings, who was sitting across from me, gave me a weird look. I swallowed my eggs before answering the question.

“ComicsCreatorz, Bignatebaseball, and P-dog all went missing. Then, we found a bloody handprint on Swasimcool’s door.”

“And, what about that voice?” I hesitated. I didn’t realize the voice was that loud. If it could have been heard downstairs and upstairs, then the voice couldn’t have come from one of us. I needed to inform everyone else.

“I have to go!” Without waiting for a response, I ran up the stairs. “Thanks for making breakfast, Christina! I hopped up the stairs two at a time until I reached Zach’s room. That’s where everyone was arguing. “Guys!” I shouted. “Christina and TheYounglings were downstairs when we heard the voice. They heard it too! There’s no way that any of us could’ve said it. It must be coming from somewhere else in the house!” Everyone seemed to understand my logic. They stopped arguing and decided to come up with a plan.

“When I was exploring yesterday, I found the third floor!” exclaimed Zach. “It’s mainly for storage, which means it’s perfect for someone to hide in!”

“Yes, someone must be up there!” shouted ComicRater. “We have to go and investigate!”

“But—” I started. “We have to stick together. To make sure that none of us is doing anything, we have to all stay together in one group.” Everyone agreed with my idea. TheYounglings and Christina came upstairs, and we headed towards the staircase.

“Look!” shouted Spyroclub. There were footprints everywhere on the dusty steps.

“I only went up there once, meaning that I only made two sets of footprints. There are way more than two!” We went up the stairs in a single file. ComicRater brought a wooden broom handle that he found for self-defense. Christina brought a stainless-steel skillet from the kitchen. Suddenly, I had a fantastic idea.

“Guys! We should split up into pairs to search around the floor. It’s way too big for us to all stick together.” Everyone liked my idea. “I’ll go with ToPhu.” I trusted ToPhu the least. I had a feeling that this mansion wasn’t even his house; there weren’t any photos of him anywhere. There was an odd number of us, so I had Moon Man join ToPhu and I.

The three of us decided to explore the rooms. I was genuinely scared as I pushed open the first door. After the cloud of dust vanished, I saw that the room was empty. At least, I thought it was empty. Moon Man found a rusty hammer behind the door. ToPhu picked it up and then dropped it. It smelled dreadful.

We went into the next room, which was a bathroom. “The sink’s wet!” exclaimed Moon Man. I touched the faucet, and it was, in fact, wet. The strange thing was the bathroom was the only place in the house without a speck of dust. Besides the rust, the bathroom was immaculate.  Suddenly, we heard a screeching scream. ToPhu, Moon Man, and I all ran to find where it came from. Pig Lover was kneeling behind a box, and ComicRater was utterly petrified. I looked over Pig Lover’s shoulder. There, lying on the ground, was a boy that looked like Pig Lover, but older.

It was ComicsCreatorz. He was dead.

Chapter 5

Christina tried to comfort Pig Lover as he cried. I didn’t know what to say; I can’t say what it’s like to lose a brother. ComicsCreatorz head had been smashed, and there was blood everywhere.

“Oh no,” cried Zach as he paced back and forth. “We have to call the police now! Screw the voice! Someone was murdered! We don’t even know if P-dog and Bignatebaseball are alive!”

“Guys, you have to come to take a look at this,” said Moon Man as he came out of a room.

“Not now, Moon Man,” I said.

“Yes, now!” he shouted. Everybody gave him a dirty look. “I get that ComicsCreatorz is dead, but…”

“You didn’t even know him!” roared Pig Lover as he sobbed. “My brother is dead!” TheYounglings went over to the room Moon Man was in to see what was up. I decided to go too. What I saw truly shocked me. On the walls, there was a message written in blood:


Suddenly, this wiki meet-up felt like a horror movie. There was a murderer on the loose, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

“Remember that hammer?” Moon Man whispered to me. I nodded, realizing what Moon Man was trying to tell me. “That was probably the murder weapon; the murderer washed the hammer off in the sink. The scent of brains lingered on the hammer, so that’s why it smelled!”

I looked over, and Zach was on his phone, dialing buttons. “No!” I shouted. I ran over and tackled Zach. “We can’t call the police!”

“Why not?” asked ComicRater. I simply pointed into the room where the message was written. Christina came over to see; she shrieked as soon as she saw it.

“Call the police, and you will never see BNB again,” read Christina as she shook frantically.

“What?” asked Spyroclub.

“The message, it— it’s written in blood!” Spyroclub and Swasimcool paced over to the room. The message on the wall petrified them both.

“We can’t listen to that message! We have to call the police!” exclaimed Zach. “If we don’t, the murderer is going to kill us all! We’re sitting ducks here!”

“I agree with Zach,” said TheYounglings. “I mean, P-dog’s probably already been killed! He wasn’t included in the message!” A chill went down my spine as I realized that TheYounglings was probably right. P-dog wasn’t mentioned on the message, so, was he dead?

“Me too,” sniffed Pig Lover. “That murderer is probably armed; we don’t stand a chance against him.”

“We can’t let Bignatebaseball die!” shouted Swasimcool. Everyone argued over whether or not to call the police. I had no idea whom to side with. On the one hand, I wanted everyone else to live. On the other hand, I didn’t wish for Bignatebaseball to die.

“Guys!” shouted Christina over the quarreling crowd. “GUYS!” Everyone looked at her. “Where’s ToPhu?” We all looked around and realized that he had disappeared.

“He was just with us earlier!” cried Moon Man. At that point, I knew that ToPhu had something to do with the murder. There was no way that the murderer could have picked him off without us noticing. I also knew that there was no way that ToPhu was stupid enough to wander off by himself. I climbed on a dusty box to get everybody’s attention.

“I know that ToPhu had something to do with the murder,” I started. Everyone stared at me, blankly. “ToPhu wouldn’t just wander off; he’s not stupid. Plus, the murderer couldn’t have picked him off without us seeing. I know that he didn’t murder ComicsCreatorz, but what if he’s helping the person who did? What if he invited us all here for somebody else to murder us?”

“But who?” asked Christina.

“Think about those who have disappeared. Bignatebaseball, ComicsCreatorz, and P-dog. Who hates all of them?”

“Super!” shouted several people at once.

“It has to be Super!” exclaimed Spyroclub. “He’s friends with ToPhu! He hates Bignatebaseball, ComicsCreatorz, and P-dog the most…” I stopped listening at that point. Spyroclub was right; it had to be Super. What scared me was that Super was coming for me next. I was going to be murdered next.

Chapter 6

A sudden scream got us all on our feet. It sounded like it came from the second floor. I grabbed a crowbar that I found before following the others downstairs.

The hall looked normal, there wasn’t anything off-putting. TheYounglings kicked my door open first. A few of us went inside, but everything was the same. Spyroclub, Pig Lover, and Swasimcool came out of Pig Lover’s room—everything was the same there too. We checked all of the rooms, there wasn’t anything suspicious in any of them. They all looked the same as they did before we left.

“Are you sure that the scream came from the second floor?” asked Christina. I was sure that it did, so were Moon Man and Zach.

“Look!” shouted Pig Lover. He pointed to a broken window by the stairwell. We all ran to the window and looked down. ToPhu lay on the brick path to the backyard. He was dead.

“Super must have killed him!” shouted Swasimcool. He began pacing back and forth. “He must be nearby!” Swasimcool grabbed one of the vases from the hallway as a weapon.

“We have to escape now!” yelled ComicRater. Without thinking, we all ran downstairs and toward the main entrance.

“The door’s blocked!” cried TheYounglings. The door had been heavily boarded up with wooden planks. I quickly grabbed my crowbar and began pulling on the boards. Spyroclub came over with a wrench and tried to help me.

We high-fived after we removed the first board from the door. Just as we removed the second board, the chandelier above snapped. Spyroclub and I tried to run, but we were too slow. It fell on my legs, and I was stuck. Spyroclub’s legs had also been caught.

“Augh,” I groaned in pain; I’m pretty sure my left leg was broken. Everyone ran over to pull the chandelier off, but then, the power went out. However, it wasn’t completely dark outside.

The police had arrived, and the room filled with red and blue flashing lights. They broke through the window and escorted each of us out. Then, the cops sent in a squad of armed troops. I was rushed to the hospital because of my leg.

I left the hospital in the evening with a big cast on my left leg. Everyone was there. Our flights back home weren’t for another four days, so we decided to get hotel rooms. On the car ride home, Spyroclub filled me in on everything.

Apparently, there were three murderers in the house. All of them were working for Super; he still hasn’t been caught. ToPhu’s death was a suicide. Super had kidnapped his sister and threatened to kill her if he didn’t follow the plan. After he saw ComicsCreatorz’s dead body, he couldn’t bear everyone getting killed because of him. He ran to the attic and freed Bignatebaseball, and then he jumped out the second-floor window.

“So, Bignatebaseball is safe?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Spyroclub. “He’s at the hospital. He was injured pretty bad. However, we don’t know about P-dog. The cops haven’t found him yet.”

It was 7o’clock by the time we reached the hotel. Swasimcool had ordered takeout from a local Chinese restaurant. After dinner, everyone gathered in Moon Man’s room to watch a movie. 

“Hey, guys,” started ComicRater. “I’m getting a video call from a private number.”

“Decline it,” I hissed. I was trying to pay attention to the movie.

“The number just threatened me. ‘Answer the call or else.’” He got another call; this time, he answered it. “Um, guys, you have to look at this.” Moon Man paused the movie, and everybody gathered around ComicRater.

The call was being made from a really dark room. Suddenly, the lights were turned on. P-dog was chained against the wall, and there was someone else in the room. He was holding a long knife, and he pretended to slit P-dog’s throat. Then, the call ended, and ComicRater received another text.


Chapter 7

It was late at night, and the neighborhood was pitch black. It was almost as if it was abandoned.  “Are you guys sure about this?” whispered Moon Man as we all approached the mansion doors. Everyone nodded except for me. I honestly was scared or entering the double doors of the mansion again. We all ducked under the police tape surrounding the yard and opened the creaking doors.

“Don’t turn on the lights,” insisted ComicRater. “Nobody can know that we’re here.” This time, we all stayed together in one group. Who knew how many men Super had hired to guard the mansion? 

“Ew!” shouted Christina in a gross tone. She was staring at the ground disgustedly, and we all looked down. On the marbled floor, there was an arrow drawn in blood. It pointed to a large wooden door.

“What’s behind here?” whispered Swasimcool. Nobody knew what was behind the door; I didn’t even remember it being there. Spyroclub tried turning the handle, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Move,” said TheYounglings quietly. He took a metal wire that he found and began picking the lock. “It’s not working.”

“Guys,” I started. “I don’t think it even leads to a room. I don’t even remember this door being here!”

“Then, why is the bloody arrow pointing to it?” asked Zach. Everyone was now perplexed.

“Maybe it’s a distraction?” suggested Pig Lover. Spyroclub began kicking the door, but again, it didn’t even move an inch. Swasimcool started to look around the area, searching for clues. Moon Man and Zach argued with Pig Lover over what was going on.

Suddenly, there was a loud creak that sounded very close. It seemed as if only I noticed it, everyone else was busy searching for clues. I looked above the door; there was an air vent. I quickly grabbed a tall stool from the kitchen and placed it in front of the door. Everybody gave me a weird look. I stood on the chair and opened the vent. What I saw made me scream and fall off the chair.

“What is it, Henry?” asked Christina. Zach stood on the stool after me, and he fell off too after looking inside.

“It’s P-dog!” he cried. “It’s his corpse!” Zach was correct; inside the vent, was P-dog’s dead body. He had slashes all everywhere, and the vent walls were splattered with blood. Everybody pushed one another as they tried to stand on the stool and see for themselves.

“That lying ass!” shouted ComicRater angrily. “You said you wouldn’t kill P-dog if we came to the mansion!” he cried, expecting a response.

Suddenly, there was a really loud hammering coming from the entrance. TheYounglings and Swasimcool ran over to see what was going on. Spyroclub and I followed them in curiosity.

There were two men dressed in black outfits, each with a hood on. They were hammering the doors shut with wooden boards. We began to back up, but then a third man came out of the dining room. He took out his knife and began to approach us.

Just as he began to run towards us, Christina hit him on the head with an iron skillet from the kitchen. He thumped onto the ground. The other two men stopped boarding up the doors and turned around. They each brandished a large, hunting knife.

“Run!” shouted Christina. Everybody bolted up the stairs without looking back. The rest of the group followed as they realized what was going on. We all didn’t stop climbing until we reached the attic, which was still smeared in grey dust.

“Let’s split up and hide!” whispered Moon Man sharply. Without waiting for an answer, he ran and hid behind a box. Everyone else went in separate directions to protect as well. I hid inside the bathroom, where we found the hammer and ducked in the rusty bathtub. Again, it was somehow wet.

I heard a loud scream come from outside. I didn’t know whether to see what was going on or to stay hidden. That scream was followed by another series of screams.

“I have to help them,” I mumbled to myself. I tried climbing out of the tub, but I slipped and bumped into the painting on the wall. It was an enormous-sized painting, and it covered up a significant portion of the wooden wall. Before the painting went back into place, I noticed that some light came from behind it. “What?” I muttered. I tilted it again so I could see what was behind it. There was a hidden room behind the painting! The hole in the wall behind it was large enough for a person to fit through. Not thinking clearly, I decided to climb through the hole. There was a desk, and at the desk, a person was sitting there. He was wearing a suit.

Chapter 8

It didn’t take a genius to figure out who was sitting at that table. The man got out of the chair and looked at me.

“Hello, Henry Hudson,” he greeted coldly.

“How do you know which user I am?” I responded in the same cold tone the man used.

“I know everything about all of you!” he chuckled as he straightened his tie. Yep, he was definitely SuperTalker101. “I have been observing all of you for several months. And, now, my revenge plan has worked perfectly!”

Another scream came from outside. “Why are you doing this?” I asked sharply. “What did we do to you?”

“Everything!” he hissed. “I was expelled from Waterloo University after posting the inappropriate content. I had such an amazing job offer that was refuted because of it. You all ruined my life!”

I laughed. “So, you did post the pornographic images. I’ll ask again: what did we do to you? All of that you brought upon yourself.” He slammed his fist on the table and walked in front of me. He was a lot shorter than I expected.

“You!” he roared. “You betrayed me to the others! I confided in you! I told you everything I did, but you betrayed me! Because of you, my life is ruined! It’s all your fault!” I snickered as I began wandering around the room. SuperTalker101 was obnoxious, but I had many questions. For some reason, he didn’t seem to want to hurt me.

“Why didn’t you kill me first?” I asked. Super laughed like a sociopath.

“I wanted to save the best for last, of course! Now, I’m just waiting for you to be the last!” I couldn’t just let everyone die; I had to help, somehow. I went to the corner and picked up a large stone. “What do you plan on doing with that?” Super snickered. He took out a knife and approached me.

I walked over to the side of the room and threw the rock out of the secret entrance. It hit the bathroom mirror, which made it shatter loudly. Super gave me a confused look. Then, I went to the corner and picked up another stone.

“You think you can defeat me? You’re more foolish than I expected!” he hollered. I slowly approached Super with the rock. When he was about 15 feet away from me, I threw the rock at him. He dodged it swiftly. “Your aim is poor.” I tried to grab another stone, but Super dashed at me and chased me away from the corner. “Going somewhere?”

“I can’t believe you didn’t call all of us yourself!” I shouted, trying to distract him. “You had to hire a bunch of cronies, didn’t you? The truth is, you’re way too big of a coward to kill us. I bet you can’t kill me!” He ran towards me with the knife and slashed it at me. I dodged it, but then he tripped me, and I fell. He crouched and held the gleaming knife at my throat.

“Any last words, trai—” started Super, but before he could finish his sentence, a knife had pierced his throat, sending blood splattering all over me. Super’s body was pulled off of me, and I saw that Zach and Christina were standing there. They had saved me.

“Thanks, guys,” I said as they helped me up. “Where are the others?” Zach and Christina both looked down at the blood-covered floor.

“Pig Lover and Moon Man are dead,” started Zach. “The police arrived before the bad guys could kill any more of us.”

“We saw the rock that you threw into the bathroom,” chimed Christina. That put a smile on my bloody face. The three of us left the room and into the attic, where the police were investigating. They swarmed through the secret door as we went downstairs.

A big white ambulance was outside. ComicRater, Swasimcool, and TheYounglings were apparently severely injured. Spyroclub had been cut on the arm.

“Thanks for saving my life,” I said as I sat down on the front porch.

“Anytime,” replied Zach.

“So, Super, huh?” chuckled Christina. “I can’t believe somebody went that far to get revenge on a group of teenagers.”

“That’s SuperTalker101 for you,” snickered Zach. Two officers carried a body bag outside; Super’s jacket sleeve was hanging out.

“I don’t think we’re ever doing a wiki meet-up again,” I groaned.

“The wiki lost some great people,” said Zach. “ToPhu, P-dog, ComicsCreatorz, Moon Man, even Pig Lover!” A sheriff approached us and commanded us to come with him. We all stared out of the police car window as we drove away from the wealthy, dark neighborhood.


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