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My first ever story! Don't be shy to fix my grammar mistakes. I'm super bad with grammar so I'm sorry if my story makes no sense. A introduction to the story would be that there’s a new kid and there’s something deeper in his overall meaning.

Chapter 1

Nate walks out the door of his house to walk to school. To Nate this was a average day but he did not know what would unravel in the weeks to come. He entered the building with his best friends, Francis and Teddy. All of them sped into Mrs. Godfrey’s room so they weren’t late.

Nate: Teddy do you know what is for lunch today?

Teddy: I think it’s mystery meat.

Nate: Yikes.

Mrs. Godfrey: Today is a special day, we have a new student.

The class has a mixture of surprise and curiosity.

Mrs. Godfrey: He is a student from Northwood Middle school.

Everybody looks at the new student in the back row. He looks like he is looking for something. His head is flinching around the classroom looks at all the students carful if they would hurt him. The only person bothered by this is Chad and he is shaking uncontrollably.

Chapter 2

At lunch Nate, Teddy, Francis, and Chad were sitting at their lunch table. Chad was trying to say something but he just could not get the words out. His face was very pale and he looked like he just ate a jar a rancid mayonnaise.

Nate: What’s wrong Chad did you eat some of this mystery meat?

(Nate chuckles). Chad started to say something, at first it sounded like gibberish then slowly and steady he start to make sense. Chad: Fire...nobody...get out.

Nate: What are you saying Chad you sound think a lunatic.

Chad finally could put those words into a sentence. Chad: The new kid is not normal, when I heard that school I knew that he was not normal, his last school burned on weird circumstances and he was the only one who got out.

All except chad: WHAT! Chad: Ya the only reason I know this is my friend went to that school but he was sick that day. Teddy: No way your lying. Chad: Ok if you don’t believe me come to my house after school.

Chapter 3

The gang were all going go Chads house. Nobody even believed that Chad had anything useful to say about the new kid because the kid did nothing unusual.

Nate: I think the Chad is just playing with us there is no way that he is actually telling the truth.

Dee Dee: I don’t think. He doesn’t ever lie so its not likely that he will just be like “Ha ha get pranked”.

Nate: You got me there.

Francis: Chad is so unpredictable that I don’t really know if he’s lying. Like that one time he didn’t shave.

Teddy: And that still haunts my nightmares.

They finally arrived to Chads house. All of them wanted to find out what chad was talking about. There was a car that was not Chads grandma’s car. That made them more curious to see who owned the car. Even though they wanted to go in, none of them were willing to knock on the door. Nobody moved for a second then Nate started to go to the door. Nate ran the door bell.

Chad: I thought you guys were going to be out there all day!

The whole gang walks into Chads house. It smelled like mothballs and Icy Hot™. His grandma was sleeping on the couch without any insight that Chad had his friends over. Chad and his friends went up into his room where the saw a kid with a black hoodie on and grey pants. He was studying one of the posters on chads wall. He looked like a 6th grader but with longer hair. He could have been a 7th grader but they couldn’t tell. He turned around slowly. He looked at chad and said “ Hey buddy”.

Nate: “ What’s your name”?

Unknown: “Jack”

Nate: “That’s a cool name”.

Chad: “They came to here to hear about you know what”.

Jack: “Ah I see. Well I guess I will get on with the story.” “It was any day as normal. I got up from bed, brushed my teeth, and got dressed.” “I thought it was a normal day”. "I went out of my house with all of my things for school." "When I got to my classroom my teacher said that we had a new student." "At the start of the day I was very skeptical about the new guy but he didn't do anything interesting for the first 5 days."

Nate: "Do you think the new kid will be normal the first five days?"

Jack: "Probably."

Francis: "Interesting."


Nate: “Yeah Dee Dee isn’t wrong this is a little creepy.”

Teddy: “How do you know he burned down the school.”

Jack: “I know because from what I have heard he poured gasoline all over the school. Then he made the gasoline trail to the main door. Then he just lit a match and burn the whole school to rubble.”

Chad: “Tell them what the weirdest thing of all was.”

Jack: “He disappeared without a trace. Even his family. They just vanished into thin air.”

Chapter 4

Nate: “No way. There has to be a trace.”

Jack: “Nope the police looked everywhere and the didn’t find anything.”

Francis: “There must be a reasonable answer.”

Jack: “There isn’t any. Look all I’m saying is to watch out for this guy.”

Chad: “We will.”

The whole gang filed out of Chad’s room with freight and concern on their faces. They could neither predict or imagine what their future with have in store for them. Nate got home and sat on his bed thinking about his day. He was registering his brain after the story that Jack told them. Nate just could not believe that the kid just disappeared into nothingness. Francis was in the rooms with Nate brainstorming about what they should do in the days to come.

Francis: “What should we do?”

Nate: “I really don’t know.”

Francis: “There isn’t any reasonable reason for this happening. It all leads back to him.”

Nate: “I guess you are right.”

Francis goes home and Nate is lying in bed. Nate really just doesn’t know how to deal with this problem. He still wasn’t really convinced that Jack was telling the truth. He went to bed worried about tomorrow.

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