I am counting down the users with the most edits but that have never gotten mod or any staff position. I'm not counting Darth Revean since he is an alt of yoda, ItsYaBoiP-Dog since he is an alt of P-Dog, DarthPigeous since he is the alt of PigLoverGoComics and FancyPantsFan because he is the alt of REDACTED

1. TheYounglings - 2717 edits

This is a gen 4 user who almost got mod. He is most known for being married to Christina Reynolds. (However the couple broke up a few months later.) However he does not edit much anymore and spends his time on discussions.

2. I am a spacepuppy - 2522 edits

This user vandilized quite a lot and that might be one of the reasons why he was never mod. He also was inactive most of his time but he did edit a lot and after summer, he was pretty respected. However he never really ran for a mod position.

3. ComicComet - 2515 edits

He edited a lot during October and November 2019 and reached around 2000 edits in that time. He is pretty active but took a break in 2020 but came back shortly after that. He never ran for a mod position. He hasnt edited since April though but is active on the comment section.

4. Just nate from gc - 1885 edits

This is a new user who just joined and he may get mod in the future. He has not yet ran for any positions though.

5. MintCrepe - 1771 edits

This user joined the wiki in Early Summer of 2019. He edited a lot and carried his team through the Summer Cup. His team did lose but he still edited during fall of 2019. He became less active and ran for mod in October 2019 but lost to ComicsCreatorz. He left during the "Leavings" in December 2019. After leaving, he publicly critized the wiki time and time again.

6. CheezDoodle51 - 1675 edits

He left in June 2019. He got 1675 edits in only three months before leaving. He was a good editor but got into some drama.

7. Christina Reynolds - 1425 edits

This is a new user who has gotten involved in some drama. They also may get mod in the future as they have a strong following.

8. OutCastSage9033YT - 1346 edits

This is an old user who visits the wiki from time to time. He almost got mod in 2018 but sadly did not.

9. HappyTheApple - 1331 edits

He ran for mod in October 2020, but sadly did not win. He may get mod in the future,

10. Meme Machine 1.0 - 1267 edits

This user almost got admin in 2018 but sadly did not. He left in mid 2018 but visited the wiki on its three year anniversary.

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