Its spooky month again! And because of the success of the game Trick Or Treat from last year it's going to be back (and spookier than before!) This page has all of the information and rules to make sure to read it before participating! If you have participated in last year's trick or treat then you can add your name to the signup but if you have not please make sure to read the page, then say in the comments you did and I'll sign you up myself. HAVE FUN AND COLLECT THAT CANDY!!!! (Oh also when you signup I'll make your story and you can start whenever, this competition will go until October 31st, 11:59 PM Est)




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Hobbes the Dragon

Awqua( A Reader)

GARF (I’ve read everything and I signed myself up Jesus, and this counts because I read the rules and I know you are supposed to sign me up but I want too soooooo


Moon Man


Henry Hudson


Gdbbsjxk (read rules)

Palm (Palmboi)



Candy Collected

  1. Ak-Elfs (1235 pieces) [Gold medal]
  2. TheYounglings (28 pieces) [Silver medal]
  3. Moon Man (2 pieces) [Half a bronze medal]
  4. Swasimcool (2 pieces) [Other half of bronze medal]
  5. GarfieldMN (1 piece)
  6. ItsP-dog (1 piece)


You are walking down the street. You see a candy shop but have no money. What do you do

i still all of it i have a force fild and i have all powers no one can defeat me i stole all candy with is 100000 in one bag I open it to make sure it’s candy



You are a literal baseball being used in a baseball game. You have been hit and are currently in the air.

I fly though the air and out of the field and hit a kid holding a bag of candy

Unfortunately candy isn't in the bag, but money.


You find yourself in Santa's Workshop as an elf. You are among many fellow elves.

Head to Santa's office.

An elf stops you as you exit the workshop room. "Hey, you've still got toys to make. Back to work and don't leave until all of your toys are made", he says.

You notice a pamphlet on your area of the table with the toys you need to make: a toy plane, a toy soldier, and a stuffed cat named Jimmy.

I make Jimmy and trade him with a fellow elf named Zach for some candy if he has any.

Zach has 2 pieces of candy. It is now elf lunch break so he gives you one and eats the other. You are now in the elf cafeteria.

I find another elf.

The elf looks at you and says, "Hello. How are you?"

I trade him my good Zach candy for two bad candies.

He says, "Wow this candy is so much better than mine! Thanks", and hands you the two candies. "Hey, have you heard? There's actually a candy room in this place, and it's right over there." He points to a corridor. "Bring me back a few if you get any!"

I go into the room and take it ALL MWUAHAHAHHAHA.

But to your surprise, the room is empty. To top it all off, the metal door with no handles slams down behind you. Silly elf! You went into torture chamber, not the candy room! (It's ok it can be confusing, they're right next to each other.)


Ok so I'ma call for the cat Jimmy to save me with it's power.

A small cat head pokes out from the ceiling. "Myhow may I help you?"

Please get me out of here Jimmy and into the candy room. (BTW ZACH I HAVE 2 CANDIES)

Hmmmmm(eow). Well, I get that you want candy, but what if you want to get tortured LATER? Then you'll be mad that you didn't do it while you were here. *Pulls out saw*

But Jimmy I don't want to be tortured I promise. If you do this for me Zach will make me make you a brother named Oliver.

"LIAR. Oliver was born seconds before me! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The walls start closing in, but there is a little hole at the top of the room. Fortunately, you're one of the taller elves....

I go through the hole and thank Jimmy.

Then I go to the Candy Room!

I then take every candy there :).

Yay! You have all the one thousand two hundred and forty-one pieces of candy! But there's no exit to this room either, what do you do?

I call for my friends Jimmy and Oliver to make another hole.

See, what that other elf didn't tell you is that it's not just "The Candy Room," it's "The Candy Making Room." You start feeling hot. You look down and your skin is turning all different colors. Your clothes are turning into plastic wrap.

"Not good, not good" you say to yourself. Suddenly, another head pokes out, this time from the wall. It's not a cat, but the elf from before. He now has a chef hat on his head and a smirk on his face.

"Hahaha. You fell for it. Now, Mr. Elf, would you like to pay me a fee of 1238 pieces of candy, or BE a piece of candy? MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!"



I have Jimmy and Oliver distract him with their cuteness and then find a pan cause he's a chef and WHACK HIM.

Jimmy has decided to instead be violent and not cute, so he pops out of the ceiling again with his saw and lunges at the Chef Elf. He blocks and they start having a swordfight with a saw and a spatula. This has taken a bit of time, so one of your legs has turned into a lollipop stick at this point. You start to hobble toward the exit but drop a few candies along the way. NO TIME TO PICK THEM UP GO GO GO

I escape

I cut the lollipop off and try to produce a few candies from how big my leg is!

Unfortunately, the leg was only the STICK. No candies can be produced and now you are disabled :/

However, the toy train has stopped near you!

Where would you like to go next?: Reindeer Stalls Torture Chamber Mail Room

Mail Room cause kids bribe Santa with candy to get on the good list. (IK cause i'm an elf irl)

Notice: 3 pieces of candy have been revoked for saying 'uwu' 3 times. Back to the story:

The train driver takes you to the Mail Room where you get off and are given crutches (ironically made of more lollipop sticks). You walk into the mail room.

Oop sry abt that

Ok so I find a mail that looks really fat. And open it.

Jimmy was in the mail.

Jimmy! Yay!

Ok so I take Jimmy pics and sell them for 5 candies each on ebay! Or more depends on the bid.

The only buyer is Jimmy and he buys two.

Yay 10 candies!

I show them to my elf friend Zach who's busy does he want any??

"No thank you" says Zach.

Anything else you would like to do in the mail room?


uh I guess I'ma look for candy in there or ask Jimmy to help me out.

You ask Jimmy to help you look for candy. He looks around nervously, his cheeks look bigger than normal. Then he runs away. There is no more candy in this room.

I ask Jimmy to share some with me and I'll make him any item he wants.

Jimmy wants you to make him a button that reverts the fandom UCP update IN REAL LIFE!


"If it was IRL, it would turn the wiki back to normal" says Jimmy. "Nice try, ELF!" He runs away with his candy.

I dmed it to you.

Jimmy doesn't have access to my dms :/

He's on discord.

It turns out that Jimmy only had one piece of candy anyway, but here ya go!


I take a genuine pic of Santa and sell it on Ebay for 100 candy pieces.


Ella tiene ojos marrones y cabello negro.You are in social studies behind Nate. "IF YOU CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION, I'LL GIVE YOU A PIECE OF CANDY" bellows Mrs. Godfrey. "What?! But you said you don't bribe students!" Nate says, walking to her desk. She is distracted.

I yank Nate's shirt so he stops talking.

"SIT DOWN NATE" yells Mrs. Godfrey. "Hiiiiiii Gina, my favorite student. Anyway, the question! When was the battle of Tippecanoe?"


You are in a giant hayfield when you see a house far away. You don't know who you are or why you came to be in this field.


You are a youngling with your 30 brothers and 30 sisters, you live in a mansion and are 8 years old. You are in your bedroom right now when the sun rises.

I get ready to trick or treat, putting on my Jedi costume. I also decide to trick or treat with my older brother because he’s cool.

Unfortunately your older brother is in jail so this is not possible unless you find a way to make it be.

Lmao I’ll ask my 14 other older brothers

The second oldest is going on a date, the 3 oldest after that claim to be "too old for Halloween" but the 10 come with you!

Hooray! I walk out of the house with my ten other older brothers and down the street of mansions.

Do you go to the first mansion or keep walking?

I ask my brothers’ opinion on it

The eldest of the bunch (16) claims its the spookiest house of them all, owned by a real witch! The second eldest (15) says that's a lie. The rest aren't listening but throwing rocks at eachother.

Jesus Christ rocks? I decide to knock on the door there and gesture the rest of my brothers to follow me.

The guy there gives you and all of the brothers bibles, says "God be with you" and closed the door.

That was weird. Anyways, I ask for the bibles from my brothere.

They are too busy praying with the bibles to notice you speaking.

lmao I pray with them and after I see them stop praying, I ask for the bibles from my brothers.

You collect all the bibles. Your brothers are now holy.

Hooray! Do bibles count as candy? I walk to the next door.

They do not. The next house someone comes out with a bowl of candy, then sees no one is wearing costumes and closes the door because you guys are not worthy of the candy without costumes.

I decide to trade in the Bible’s for the candy.

Your brothers don't allow you to trade them.

I suggest that we all mug the dude for all his candy. Strength in numbers

Your brothers are holy and don't allow such violent actions.

Spyro you suck. I go to the next house

The house is heavily decorated with blowups and decorations.

I knock on the door along with my other brothers

The person there gives you all giant Hershey chocolate bars! You get 10 candies from all your brothers getting one, but he would've given everyone one extra if you guys had costumes on. Maybe put on costumes?

I do have a costume! It’s a Jedi one, and I said it in my first response lol

Oh, I guess he just thought you were an actual jedi so he assumed you didn't have a costume on.

Well, I say that we’re all actual kids, not Jedi

He understands now and gives you extra candies. You now have 20 candies!

I thank him greatly, and say “God be with you”

Your brothers take a break to pray and you see someone mugging an old woman.

I tell my brothers to pray for her, and then I go roundhouse kick the robber person

You are 8 so the kick does nothing and he pushes you aside.

I ask my brothers to help me

They don't believe in violence so they politely ask the mugger to stop mugging.

What does the mugger say

The mugger agrees because you guys were so polite and gives the lady her wallet back and turns himself in to the police.

What the heck lol. Anyways, I make sure the old lady is ok, then I start walking to the next house

The old lady gives you a Hershey kiss in thanks. You now have 21 candies! The next house looks normal with a few decorations on the outside.

I bow in thanks to the lady, then proceed to the next house

The person opens the door and shows you all a bowl with EVERY CANDY inside! You can all only pick one, which candy do you choose?

I ask for the candy with the golden ticket inside. Y’know, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

They are confused.

I ask for his most valuable candy

All the candies are worth one candy, but he gives you a candy made of solid gold.

I will have that.

Epic, next house?

Yes please

The next house has a bowl of lots of candy and a sign that says "TAKE 2, LEAVE THE REST"

I take 2 and leave the rest.

You are up to 23 candies now. Next house?

Yep, next house

You walked into a small house neighborhood. The next house is very egged and when you come Marty comes out with a bowl of broccoli bites.

I say “mmm tasty!” and ask if I can have 5

Marty is delighted and gives you 10 more.

I thank him and move onto the next house. Do these count as candy?

Marty does, game doesn't

aw. Nest house

You go to a nest house, where the birds are!

Lol only you would take that seriously spyro. I knock on it lmao

You knock it too hard and the nest falls, the birds are now attacking you.

I don’t fight back, but pray for my safety

It doesn't work, you are bleeding now.

dammit spyro I hate u

I run to an ACTUAL house

The birds are following you, you are struck down and they are pecking at you harshly. You fall asleep and wake up in a hospitable with a doctor who hasn't noticed you waked up and is writing something on a clipboard.

wow im so glad i wake up in a hospitable environment

i ask the doctor what happened

5 candies dropped from the sky because you said that. The doctor says he saw you bleeding on the grass and came to help.

I thank him and give him a bible. I then ask if I’m ok to go trick or treating again, because they we’re just some scratches and I already got bandaged up.

He says yes but suddenly a helicopter lands and someone comes out saying they need you to go on a top secret mission.

I agree to it, and ask if I can bring anyone with me.

You can!

I take the eldest of my trick or treat group with me.

Unfortunately he is dead, some bad stuff happened while you were gone.

what the heck lol. Who is the oldest sibling still alive from my group?

The second eldest is still alive but grieving for the eldest at the moment. Maybe he can in a bit when he's over it!

Yeah, I’ll wait until he’s done.

He seems to have gotten over it and comes with you!

We go on the secret mission

He asks if you can clean his knife since he got blood on it.

I agree. I pull out a cloth from my pocket and polish his knife.

Do you know why he got blood on it?

He was cutting stuff when he had a nosebleed and it dropped all over his knife. What a shame.

He laughs and says, "Want to know how your brother died, just like the same fate you will end up?" he asked, grabbing the knife and brandishing it.

I say no thanks


wow nice

"AND NOW, I SHALL KILL YOU FOR NO REASON BUT EPICNESS IN YOUR STORY, HAHHAHAAH," he grabs his knife and lunges towards you.

I block it with my solid gold candy bar

The knife goes into the gold and gets stuck there. "I'LLL KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS THEN," he screams and knocks you down and starts punching you.

I stuff a broccoli bite into his mouth to poison him

Where do you obtain the broccoli bite?

Marty gave them to me, remember?

He is poisoned and falls down, suddenly someone comes in and sees him dropped on the floor, unconscious with you standing on top of him. He goes to call the police.

Hobbes the Dragon

You are a dragon set to guard a castle. You see a crowd of knights coming to attack the castle carrying swords.

I fly up and breath fire on all the knights and kill them all

Oh yeah, forgot to mention but you are kinda sick so you can't breathe that hard.

I fly away to a village and trick or treat there

You fly there and accidentally crush the entire village. There are many screams and buildings collapsing.

I try to save people from being hurt or killed


by grabbing the buildings and setting them down so nobody gets crushed by them

You are very strongly and accidentally crush the buildings when you grab them, killing everyone inside!

what the frick, I walk very carefully to another village and trick or treat there (and do NOT say I crush that village)

Do you go to the giant or normal village.

the giant village

Nice you don't crush any of the houses? You see a bunch of houses each with a different color, which color do you choose?

The red one


You are working for an ice cream shop and you work on minimum wage. There is a crowd of kids coming, all screaming.

I Manage To Make Them All Go In To Two Lines, Get My Assistant, And She Handles One Line And I Handle The Other.

They are getting impatient and wrestling each other in the lines.

I Call Child Protection Services And They Give All Of Them Ice Cream And Say Stop Or Go To Juvie.

Child protection services says the kids are just playin around, like kids! They go away and one of the kids is strangled and dies.

I Call The Police And The Kids Are Taken To Court.


You are in Antarctica with no other humans, but you are with lots of penguins who know you and live with you. You see a giant snow avalanche happening on a mountain with lots of penguins on it.

Aww! Poor penguins! Do a signal to have penguins evacuate the area. Then, survey the area to make sure no one was hurt.

The penguins are able to get off unharmed! They give you a big fish they caught as thanks.

I trade the fish for money, then use it for candy

Where do you trade the fish for money, as I said no humans are here.

Visitors. I sneak on their ship to the human land. I mean, there are people who visit Antarctica.

There aren't any humans here, just penguins and fish.

Then I make fish candy myself

How do you go about doing that?

Get a knife, cut it up, freeze dry the fish and boom candy

Ayy you get one candy!

Ok... what now

Some penguins ask you to go swimming with them.

Let’s go swimming and catch more fish!

The water is ice cold and you are freezing in there.

Crap. What other activities are there? Also, I told the penguins to get animals for candy and dinner

You are too cold to move and you are slowly drifting into the water, hyperthymia, some penguins jump in and try to lift you up but they don't have hands so they cannot. A bunch of other penguins come, eventually the entire place full of penguins and they are able to put you up on the ice. They give you a blanket but you are still freezing cold.

I didn’t ask to swim. I asked to do another activity and tell the penguins to get animals for food and candy.

You did ask to swim before, and when you changed your mind you weren't able to get out because of how cold the water is and that happened.

Now I see. So uh, I guess I’ll stay in bed and and tell the penguins to get fishes for me

They do not leave your side because they are scared you will freeze to death, they are by you giving body heat.

Ok... let’s just skip to the next day when I’m healthy again. Then the penguins will give 5 fishes as a reward!

Unfortuately the penguins only give 4 fishes as a reward, now they ask you if you want to go mountain sledding!

sure. And 4 pieces of candy :)

You go mountain sledding and its very steep, nearly straight down, do you want to go down it?



You are a fish in the depths of the ocean. You are with a school of fish and there is a shark coming towards your school, but the others haven't noticed.

Kill the shark for candys

Moon Man

You are on the moon. You are a man. None of the astronauts brought candy, you'll have to go

I remember seeing one of my crewmates eat candy so I kill him and extract it.

The candy is all mushed up, but you are able to put together two pieces. Unfortunately, that was the only person on the moon that knows how the spaceship works


You are a mudkip. You see some other mudkips by a pond. What do you do?

I go over to them.

They stop talking and go into a formation when they see you. It appears that you are their leader.

I tell them to go find me a ton of candy.

They disperse in different directions in search of candy. They will return in 3 turns. | Around you is a pond and some trees. What do you do?

I go to the lake to find some candy.

You peer into the lake. At the bottom is a few pieces of candy that someone must have dropped. However, there are large birds nearby that probably want to eat you. Do you dive in for the candy?

I use the pokemon move "rock tomb" on the birds and dive in for the candy.

The birds die and you go into the lake, it is very deep and at you bottom, you retrieve the candy but are starting to need oxygen.

I use rock tomb on the ground so that I get blasted to the top of the water.

You get out of the lake and see an ancient duck looking at you. It looks very wise and knowing.

I say hello to it.


You are a dog in the land of pee! There are lots of other dogs there and lots of pee!

I see a dog with candy in his mouth so I take it out

It is pee candy! Congrats, one candy!

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