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  • I live in The Hoenn Reigon
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is A pokemon trainer
  • I am boi
  • Bio I'm a cricket fan!
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Hey It is Swayamplays or Swasimcool here. Thanks for checking out my profile and make sure to leave a good message on my message wall. I'm a fellow Pokemon trainer from the Hoenn region. If you want you can leave a message on my guestbook

I have been a bureaucrat on this wiki since March 12th 2020. Feel free to ask me any questions about the wiki. I know a lot about the history of the wiki as well. I am not great at CSS but I will try to answer your questions about it. 


I joined on October 21st 2018.

I got 1000 badge points in April 2019

I got 1000 edits on April 23rd 2019

I got mod on April 27th 2019

I got 2000 edits on July 16th 2019

I got admin on July 18th 2019

I got 3000 edits on August 29th 2019.

I got 4000 edits on January 20th 2020

I get 2000 badge points in February 2020

I became bureaucrat on March 12th 2020.

I got my 50th badge on March 17th 2020

I became the first one to get 2000 edits on articles badge on March 20th 2020.

I got my 60th badge on March 24th 2020.

I get 5000 edits on March 25th 2020.

I get the pounce badge on April 3rd 2020.

I got 3000 badge points on April 5th 2020.

I got my 69th and 70th badge on April 8th 2020.

I got caffeinated on April 13th 2020.

I got 6000 edits on April 25th 2020.

I became the first one to get 3000 edits on articles badge on May 23th 2020.

I got 7000 edits on June 7th 2020.

I got 80 badges on July 2nd 2020.

I got 8000 edits on July 4th 2020.

I got 4000 Badge points on July 4th 2020.

I got 90 badges on August 1st 2020.

I became the first user to get 100 badges on August 5th 2020.

I became the first user to get 9000 edits on August 6th 2020.

I became the first user to get 5000 badge points on August 6th 2020.

I got 10000 edits on August 31st 2020.


  • I have created 52 pages on this wiki. Heres a list -
  • I created the first ever competition on this wiki which was the Summer cup. It also is the most commented page
  • I created the partner program.
  • I updated rules and added the discord integrator template to the front page.
  • I have 5 lucky edits
  • I made the most commented page.
  • I exposed PET and CheezDoodle for abusing alts.
  • I added more badges.
  • I'm a co author of the Comments Ninjas.
  • I own the rights to the popular "Joe Moraliste" series.
  • I have the most edits on the wiki.
  • I have the most badge points on the wiki
  • I have the highest streak on the wiki of 168 days.
  • I have the most main edits on the wiki.
  • I added most of the retired users on the staff template.
  • I have created four forum boards.
  • I added the ArticleRatings feature.
  • I added the YoutubeModal feature.
  • I added the YoutubePlayer feature.
  • I added the Ogg Player feaure.
  • I added the ModernProfile feature.
  • I won  Best Wiki Editor AND Best Admin at the 2020 Summer BNCW Awards.


This user was voted as a winner for one of the categories in the BNCS 2020 Awards by ZachOWott, BNB, and Swasimcool!

Won: Best Wiki Editor AND Best Admin

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