Welcome to the BN Trivia Contest!
This contest is event 5 in the BNCW Summer Games 2020
Hosted by ItsP-dog :D

Info and Rules

Host: ItsP-dog

Dates: July 3rd - July 17th

Event: This contest is to test your brain! You will be in teams of 2, which means there are 9 teams, because there are 18 players. There will be 15 questions in a google form, and the team with the most points will win. I will put the teams down below, and when the date starts, I will put the link to the form. I won't be playing :p


Team 1: ZachOWott and GiantNate91

Team 2: Henry Hudson GC and GarfieldMN

Team 3: HappyTheApple and Salty Byleth Main

Team 4: Moon Man and Swasimcool

Team 5: ComicRater and Yoda

Team 6: IWSHTFAU and TheYounglings

Team 7: Spyroclub and Bignatebaseball

Team 8: EddieAndReady88 and TheAmazingCrafter

Team 9: LKTornado360 and SunnyPuppo

Good Luck!

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