Spyroclub here! In one of the comments on the above page, I gave the idea of me creating a story of what it would be like if we actually did meet up, using a lot of people's ideas and a lot of people wanted it, so here we go! Enjoy!

The Story

SuperTalker101 sat at the coffee shop table, with a full suit and tie on, checking his watch constantly. Of course he was early, he needed to make a good impression on everyone for this meeting, but what irritated him is that no one else was early. He checked his watch again, two more hours until the actual meeting was supposed to start; he groaned and ordered more coffee. 

5 minutes before the meeting, a kid walked into the coffee shop and went to the table that everyone was supposed to meet at, and saw the 22 year old man in a suit and tie, and he rolled his eyes.

"I already know who you are," said ComicRater, sitting away from Super.

"Where is everyone? I've been waiting for nearly two hours for someone to show up." Just then the bell chimed as someone walked in and looked to their direction, he was wearing a jersey and he was clutching a baseball in his hand.

"Oh hey," said ComicRater. "I assume you're Bnb?"

"Yep, and you are...?" Bnb asked

"ComicRater," CR replied, motioning Bnb to sit next to him, which he did.

"Ahem," Super spoke up. "When you're done chit chatting, I have prepared us a full schedule and breakdown of how this meeting is going to work." Super took out a 10-page stapled document.

"Super, it's just a relaxed meeting, we don't need a plan," said Bnb while rolling his eyes. 3 minutes before the meeting, another kid, looking younger then Bnb and ComicRater entered. He ran up to them and sat down.

"Hey guys! I'm P-Dog. How is everyone? Who are you guys? When do you think everyone else will be here?" P-Dog asked.

"Wait wait wait, slow down, I'm ComicRater and this is Bnb," said ComicRater.

"Sup," said Bnb.

"And of course this is Super," ComicRater added and Super nodded curtly. P-Dog sat down with them and started bouncing in his seat. Just then another kid entered the shop, but this time he looked to be in his late teens. He sat down next to Super.

"Hey, I'm PET, who are you guys?" Again, they all introduced themselves. Now 1 minute before the meeting is supposed to start, two girls entered chatting with each other. They turned out to be Christina and Salty. They sat with each other and continued their conversation. Now the meeting time has started and a 3 kids entered the shop.

Those kids were GarfieldMN, Spyroclub and Neptune. Neptune waved at them and sat down by himself.

"Whats up guys?" asked Spyroclub, sitting with Bnb, Rater and P-Dog.

"Hey Pra-" Garfield started to say.

"DONT SAY MY NAME," P-Dog yelled. Everyone looked at him.

"I mean, uh, hey Will! Sit next to me!" Garfield went and sat next to P-Dog.

"Ahem!" yelled Super. "If I can get everyone's attention, we can't have everyone talking to each other at once, first we must formally introduce ourselves, it's in my plan, see?" asked Super, holding out a stack of papers. "I will go first. I am SuperTalker101, the most prestigious user the Big Nate Comments Wiki has seen." Everyone ignored him and started talking again, Super sighed. After that Fancy and Golden went in. Both running up to the table and jumping in their seats. Zach went up to them and they introduced themselves. They were talking for a bit. Fancy then ordered some hot chocolate and when he got it, he went to take a sip but then his hand slipped and the hot chocolate when all over his pants.

"Oh f*cking f*ck f*ck! The f*cking coffee f*cking spilled the f*ck all over my f*cking pants! F*cking sh*t!" Fancy yelled, everyone stared at him.

"Why the f*cking f*ck are you f*cking staring at me? F*ck!" Fancy continued to curse wildly, then Zach went to get some paper towels for Fancy to clean himself, which he did. Everyone slowly went back to their normal conversation, then more people entered the shop.

Two kids enetered the Coffee Shop, ToPhu and Yoda. ToPhu said hello and sat down by himself. Yoda went over to the table, took one of the knives on the table, and started hitting the knife against the table, everyone then knew who he was.

"What are you doing?" asked Christina.

"Stabbing ASMR" said Yoda, not looking up.

"I'm scared," Zach said, laughing. At that moment the bell rang as two kids stepped inside, both looking somewhat alike and walking together.

"Hey guys! I'm Pig Lover, and this is my brother ComicsCreatorz," Pig Lover said, CC waved at everyone.

"Well, that puts the argument on if he's real or not!" said BNB. ToPhu snorted.

"'Oh PLEASE. It's obviously his friend or something that's pretending to be CC," ToPhu stated.

"Nothing can prove that he is real to you, ToPhu," ComicRater piped up, annoyed. CC when to sit next to Rater and they talked, CC pulling out papers and drawing cartoons on them. Suddenly Golden went up on the table and called for everyone's attention.

"Golden, what are you-"

"Ohhhh sayyyy can you SEEEEEEE! By the dawns earlyyyyy liiiiight," Golden started.

"Please sit down," said one of the workers coming to him. Golden slumped back in his seat. After that a 14 year old waitress came over and asked if they wanted anything else.

"Hi there," said P-Dog, flexing his muscles at her. Bnb rolled his eyes at him.


"Yes, I would like another steaming hot dark coffee," said Super, taking out his wallet and giving her the money for it. She went back to the kitchen.

"Super, you ruined my chances!" P-Dog exclaimed,

"You're all children anyways," said Super, sitting back down with his coffee, taking of sip.


Another ring and two people walked in, Swayamplayz and Giantnate.

"Hey Sway!" yelled Zach, waving to him. Giantnate and Swayam went to sit with them. Everyone was talking and having a good time.

"Is that Neptune? I thought he was here?" Swayam asked, looking out the window.

"Looks like he's going to pizza with Saturn Star and FreeFlare," Yoda replied.

"You mean he's going to pizza with himself and himself?" Zach said, laughing. Then Kelly joined, sat down, tried to look towards Bnbs way, but he did not look back. Eventually she gave up and went to talk with Salty and Christina.

"I think that's everyone that was coming, well, besides Neptune who just left," said ComicRater, looking up. P-Dog and Spyroclub are cubing together. ComicRater is talking with CC and PL is with them also. Swayam, Zach and BNB are talking. Salty, Christina and Kelly are gossiping. Yoda is playing with his knife. Super is straightening his suit. ToPhu and PET are talking, and Giantnate is watching anime. But then someone else went in the shop.

"Who's that?" asks Golden.

"That's weird, everyone who was coming is here," said ComicRater, looking up. Another kid was looking right at them. GarfieldMN does something.

The kid walks to the booth and sits down at the end, goes to his phone and doesn't talk to them. They all shrug and continue with their conversations. They then take out their phones to play a game with eachother and most of them are schocked by what on their phones. They had been airdropped NSFW. The kid in the back of the booth looks up and smiles, Haloluv.

To be continued.

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