Welcome to Ask Doctor Nate!

So basically I was pressing random on GC and I found the Infamous Doctor Love arc which I ABSOLUTELY ENJOYED. So right now I present you with: Ask Doctor Nate ! Where you ask random questions and I try my best to answer it as NATE as possible!

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I've even made a lil' parody of jacksfilms YIAY outro (or PewDiePie's LWIAY or Davie504 SDAIAY whatever you watch)

Leave your questions in the page below

and I'll answer them in tomorrow's episode of YANY


Question 1:

To Doctor Nate,

My heart throbs over this girl named Jenny. Unfortunately her and Artur are together. How do I break them up and get Jenny to know I like her? There's also this weird spiky-haired kid who also likes her. What's his name, Nick? Nathan? Whatever, I just need to also eliminate the competition.

From, Anxious

Answer 1:

Dear Anxious,

Join me today down in the dark alleyway at exactly 1 pm. We'll be discussing plans on how to jolt down their relationship.

From, Doctor Nae

Question 2:

To Doctor Nate

There was a person in the hallways that told me you secretly have a crush on kim.

Is it true?

From Random person

Answer 2:

Dear Random person

How did you kn- I mean, nope. My heart has always been throbbing for Jenny.

From Doctor Nate

Question 3:

Dear Doctor Nate

I will tell kim and the whole school.

From Random person

Answer 3:

To Random Person

I-I-I dont actually have a crush on Kim

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